Are We Headed For A Financial Catastrophe (A New Take On A Hugely Important Topic)


…why there’s soooooooooooooooo many opinions and guesses about interesting stocks and how XYZ investment will benefit from XYZ economic policy and how ABC investment is going to be hurt by increased blah blah blah?

I can’t help but wonder why all of these financial commentators and Wall Street talking heads and traders posting on message boards and “experts” selling newsletters don’t talk about the money they or their subscribers make from all this guessing!

I mean, isn’t finance about making money?

I certainly did not get into this joke of an industry to debate points and opinions on whether some stock or option or mutual fund is going to go up or down, I got into this joke of an industry (and it took me nearly a decade to recognize what a joke it truly is) to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

And despite my crazy path (see it all HERE), that’s EXACTLY what I’m doing for myself (you can see all my income HERE) and that of my instructional DVD students/TIMalert subscribers as you can read about HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (and I’ve got dozens more posts just like those basically every day TIMalert subscribers make between $5,000-$20,000 (on average)).

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. If you read or subscribe to ANY premium newsletter, don’t just ask for their trading/investment records to be made public DEMAND it or else they’ll lose your subscription…and if they refuse, you have the right to spit in their lying faces!

2. DEMAND that they stop claiming to be an expert at anything other than cowardice and/or fraud until they show that their noise-making is worth your precious time…because you have a feeling that they’re ideas aren’t making people money, they’re losing…just like the vast majority of traders do…

3. Contact the FTC HERE and report any finance person not reporting their income and that of their subscribers and/or clients for FRAUD and manipulative marketing.

4. Sleep well at night that you’re making the world a better place.

Because as much as these cowards and frauds want to whine about privacy being their right; without FULL financial transparency, it’s just a matter of time until we have the next Madoff on our hands and next time, it won’t just be your money lost, considering the leverage and tactics employed these days, we’re talking potential economic meltdown.

Many years from now as you sit cold in your cave, without electricity, how are you gonna explain to your kids that you did nothing to try to prevent the catastrophe. It’s time to act or these finance freaks will ruin us all.

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