Apple’s Head of Security Indicted in Alleged Bribery Scheme

The Chief Security Officer for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Thomas Moyer, has been indicted by the San Jose District Attorney’s office.

Earlier today in a press conference, District Attorney Jeff Rosen announced charges against Moyer.

Multiple high-ranking law enforcement officers were indicted as well. The DA alleged that Santa Clara County Undersheriff Rick Sung illegally withheld four concealed firearm permits from the Apple security team.

Rosen alleged that Sung withheld the permits in order to extract 200 iPads for the sheriff’s department. The iPads are valued near $70,000.

This wasn’t the first time Sung allegedly pulled a stunt like this, either. The indictment included charges for another bribery involving an insurance agent seeking a concealed carry permit. This bribe was for luxury box seats to a San Jose Sharks game in February 2019.

The DA has drawn a firm line in the sand with the indictments — not only indicting those allegedly extorting the bribes but also those who allegedly complied.

If found guilty, all the parties indicted could face jail time.

Moyer has been with Apple for about 15 years. In a statement, his attorney said Moyer “did nothing wrong and has acted with the highest integrity throughout his career.”

At writing, Apple has not commented. Its stock is down about 2.5% today.

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