A Great Guest Post From An Honest Crook aka The Million Dollar Pattern Has Never Been Better - Timothy Sykes

A Great Guest Post From An Honest Crook aka The Million Dollar Pattern Has Never Been Better

I love guest posts and the one below is one of my favorite, comparable to this one from a trader who makes over $1 million each year.

As PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers and Penny Stock Millionaire saw from this post the other day featuring over $200,000 in trading profits and as you can see from this tweet:

2 of my students found shares of $UTOG to short & the rumors say the profits of http://bit.ly/hNQDUB and http://bit.ly/dFbz7y are $40,000+less than a minute ago via web

…some subscribers of my 4 newsletters have been truly banking profits lately…yup, yet again it’s this pattern that I’ve catalogued nearly a dozen times as you can see in this post and I’ve detailed at length in PennyStocking Part Deux, TIMfundamentals Part Deux and The New Rules Of PennyStocking:

Penny Stock Pump And Dump

Penny Stock Pump And Dump


And while most of us were singing:

…one of the guys who did find shares to short and profited solidly wrote me this great email about his trading on Uniontown Energy Inc (UTOG), check it out (in the coming days, I’ll be announcing 2 new online discount brokers in addition to Interactive Brokers who I have found have pretty good borrows to short stocks like this)

Hi Tim,

The past few weeks have proved to be my most successful and profitable trading weeks since I became your student as a Silver subscriber early last year. I have booked profits of $7500+ shorting the blatant pumps SPLM and UTOG. Finding shares to short of these “joke of companies” is a bitch but they are out there and I will continue to profit from your strategy and I’m sure all of your subscribers can do the same if they work as hard as I have.

Sentry Petroleum Ltd (SPLM) (dropped down to $2.55 on Friday, it was a Penny Stock Millionaire longer term short at $3.45) became a prime short as you noted in several of your watchlists. I watched this ticker like a hawk for weeks and knew the inevitable fall was imminent in early March. I’m proud to say I shorted at the top ($3.60) and covered near the bottom ($2.20) of this pos (http://profit.ly/1MmKFy) and I couldnt have done it without all of your guidance from Pennystocking Part Deux and your Pennystocking Silver newsletter.

UTOG was another inevitable crash waiting to happen as you clearly explained in this Pennystocking Silver video. I profited over $2k on this blatant pump (http://profit.ly/1MmKU1 and http://profit.ly/1MmKTz). The first down day appeared to be in place on March 24th but the promoters faked out all the shorts. Thanks to your “trade-like-a-castrated-choirboy teachings”, I was out quickly when the stock failed to break $2 convincingly and proceeded to run back up to $2.40. I again profited nicely the next day (March 25th) and shorted the 1.87 break and covered into the nice “afternoon fade” which you brilliantly cover over and over in PennyStocking Part Deux.

Thanks again for all your guidance and support – as I mentioned at your 3rd Annual Pennystocking Conference on November 14-15 2010, my goal is to become your best student and I will continue to learn from all the valuable lessons you have provided me over the last year.


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Hey Everyone,

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  1. Mr X

    50 cents will stop promoting HNHI sometime in april.. im a big fan of Tim but i can’t afford to join his programs, these damn pump&dumpers almost left me broke,, i have to save up to have decent broker for shorting,,then will join in Tim’s programs,,

  2. Marauder

    Hey Tim

    I see that you shorted PRAN. Why did u decide to do that since this company was not promoted through a pump and dump !? They posted some research results, which, if proven successful, could be hugely positive news ….

  3. Nterani

    I was watching UTOG and read their supposedly SEC filing statement on MarketWatch. What a joke. I wish I knew how to short. I would have made a bundle. This stock will go down to .0001 in no time. But before it does. Millions will be lost by investors and owner will win like bandits. I think they should be jailed instead. THEY ADMIT THEY HAVE NO FUNDS TO CONTINUE THEIR BUSINESS, YET THEY ARE SELLING THEIR STOCKS THROUGH PUMP AND DUMP. They issued 900,000,000( yes 900 billion) shares at .001. How can this happen when company admits they have no funds to continue the business? Dadio007

  4. Marauder

    thanks but no thanks … I am not going to pay that ridiculous amount when all I am doing is exchanging point of views where we can teach each other … 2 way street my boy.

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  6. Anonymous

    then dont pay, if u think $50 is a ridiculous amount u shouldnt be trading my stocks anyway…I am DISGUSTED by those who think i have enough time to work for them for free…look at my track record bitch, let me know next time u go into a top rated steakhouse and they give u a free $50 steak, it doesnt happen, i accept your apology

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  8. BryceK

    $50 is a lot? Wow. Good reply Tim. Besides, I am pretty sure Tim doesn’t need Marauders advice.

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  10. Simon_behr

    Tim, how many subscribers do you have? Do you make more trading or through website subscriptions/advertising.  Just curious

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