Penny Stock Excess: $58,000+ In Profits & 17 Hot Stocks To Watch

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at midnight this morning (the daily video watchlist of the 2 best stocks were sent to PennyStocking Silver Subscribers):

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Thinkorswim Trading Account: $132,158, made $6.4k buying DEAR, left $7k in profits on the table as the stock was simply outstanding, this account is up 29% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and up 964% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $207,493, up $1k on my ROHI overnight short, account is up 80% since Nov. 2009 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $182,742, made $3.3k shorting POSC, up 22% since May 2009 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $60,473, account is up 21% since Nov. 2009 start

Wow, today was a $58,500ish profit day ($10,500ish day for me) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

Unrealized gain on BGBR of $7000, Gain of $5000 DCTH

Up about $1700 on DEAR
-david fiddler

DEAR $500 profit. Please Tim. Find shares like this that we can go long on

$1200 profit on Dear…in at 3.5 sold 4.7

+115 on ANTF,NXWI

+190 DEAR. Left a TON of profit on the table. Oh well.

+300 on DEAR bought 3.70 sold 3.93

covered ANTF @ 3.15.. +700

+730 on FTBK. Thanks Reaper for the alert!

I did, +800 shorting DEAD jackle style

DEAR profit $1100

+500 DEAR

+2869 holding STSA o/n
-scott w.

I made 650 on POSC
Cory d.

Made $200 on POSC

POSC +788

Tim, I was short 12k shares of POSC. +$850

i made 300 on it 2 days ago

i’m out of ROHI covered at $3.20 for +$378

I made ~$10k shorting MSEH, thank you.

+ 1900 FTBK

+1436 FTBK…traded scared could have made more

$1300 on DEAR

+360 realized, +95 unrealized on ROHI

+655 BGBR long on gap after first day of pump
+3100 BGBR short from 1.38 to .98
+615 POSC short .24 to .163

+155 on DEAR. Bad entry and bad exit, but still squeezed out a profit

+$190 on DEAR (terrible entry and exit), 1k ROHI short @ 3.15 unrealized.

+576 on DEAR, +500 GTN

decent $600 gain within minutes, closed position a little early.

+549 shorting BGBR from 1.30

AspenBio Pharma, Inc. (APPY) I am hearing some subscribers shorted, not sure why, the chart is straight up and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon…shorting these vertical spikes in bull markets can be hazardous to your account health and your losses make me look bad, even if I warned against it…potential short, but only after things calm down, especially volume must fade….until then, shorts deserve all the losses they get and more for they are an embarassment to my strategy.

ARCA biopharma, Inc. (ABIO) had a weakkkk second day spike…far too many more interesting plays that know how to surge over multiple days to waste my time with this failure of a short squeezer…that is what happens after a company raises money, it loses all will to get their stock up even more…don’t want to do anything suspicious…after all, they got the money, that’s all they wanted, no play now.

Positron Corp. (POSC) I was right, BiomedReports was wrong…there was no buyout or partnership announced on Monday and the stock dropped 40% in the hour after the lackluster press release. went into full spin mode and said there will be something major announced on May 5th, which helped the stock bounce to finish down only 20% on the day, but the press release itself didn’t insinuate anything major so you have to wonder why didn’t POSC put it in the PR, why rely on BiomedReports for this kind of “unofficial” statement…strange, questionable, I’m out for $3.3k profit on a measly $9k investment, potential reshort, ideally after the company hypes itself up more with more press releases, I really don’t like shorting stocks trading this low, I was just in it to see the Thursday and Friday hyping being proven wrong….congrats to everyone else short shorted, still just the first down day so probable further downside

Ante4, Inc. (ANTF) I considered shorting, like ROHI, but it didn’t close weakly in the last hour and it’s got technical support right under the area in which in closed…potential short, just not sure how much downside is actually in this since its runup is somewhat questionable.

Rotech Healthcare Inc. (ROHI) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Dearborn Bancorp Inc. (DEAR), Crescent Banking Co. (CSNT)
Pacific Capital Bancorp (PCBC), Midwest Banc Holdings, Inc. (MBHI), Eurobancshares Inc (EUBK), Frontier Financial Corporation (FTBK) are all for TIMalert subscribers oly!

TiVo Inc. (TIVO), Sonic Solutions (SNIC) and IMAX Corporation (IMAX) are all breaking out above multi-month levels…new media is hot, these are the leaders, TIVO is the most boring, SNIC is the smallest company and IMAX is the leader…all are potential buys for swing traders, I doubt I will trade them, but they are on my watchlist since the charts are so strong.

Big Bear Mining Corp. (BGBR) dropped 20% to under $1/share…inevitable and probly more downside too…just sad I couldn’t find any shares to short…gimmes like this don’t happen often, looks like has been away for too long, not as much of a following anymore, let this be a lesson to all you wannabe stock promoters out there!

Encorium Group Inc. (ENCO) has seemingly lost the will to spike will volume fading to embarrassing levels, this could really start to plummet unless they announce some news…careful of spikes, but this is back to a potential short…it’s a pendulum people, learn to play both sides.

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