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9 Traits Of Successful People

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What’s the secret to success? The answer will differ depending on who you ask. Some say that it takes hard work and dedication.  Others attribute it to luck. But, if you ask me, the true “secret” is that there is no secret.  Success is more the result of cultivating specific traits in your personal and professional life.

If you look at a variety of successful people, even in different fields, you’ll find that they have certain traits in common. By developing these traits in your own daily life, you can help advance your own success.

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…but becoming truly successful and financially free takes a lot of time and hard work.  It’s not easy, but it is possible with the right attitude, mindset and perseverance.  If you don’t believe me, be sure to read “A Key Trait You Need To Become A Millionaire” and these key attributes, too:

1. A deep respect for the past. Successful people treat the past as one of their great teachers. Yes, they learn from their own past mistakes and successes as a means to move forward in an educated way. But, they also learn from the mistakes and successes of the others who came before them.

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Learning lessons from the past allows you to make constructive use of events that have transpired, rather than living in the past and rehashing it over and over.

Respect the past as a teacher and learn from it. Learn your lesson and then move on. Holding onto mistakes–or even successes–from the past can keep you from moving forward. And, it holds you back from attaining success.


2. They’re in control. “I just have bad luck.” That’s something that you’re likely to hear from someone who is not successful. Not only are they wrong, but they’ve just given a good indication as to why they are not successful.

Luck really has little to do with true and lasting success. Becoming successful as the result of luck is something that can happen, but it’s not something that you can necessarily work towards as a guarantee. This is something that I truly try to instill in my millionaire students.

Truly successful people know that they are in control of their own success. They know that with time, targeted effort and positive work, they will attain success. They know that any success that they reach is the result of their own work–and any failures are the result of their mistakes. Ownership is key here.

3. Priorities in order. A common trait of successful people is that they have their priorities in order. As a businessperson, this means focusing on the things that are making you money and / or contributing to your business’s success.

Take a long, hard look at what is really bolstering your business. Is it dedicating an hour to studying the market each day? Is it improving your knowledge of penny stocks? Or, is time on social media bringing you more clients? Look at what is working and prioritize in keeping with your priorities.

4. They celebrate the successes of others. It’s a small-minded, but all too common belief: there’s only so much success in the world, so I’ve got to grab it. If someone else is successful, that means there’s less for me. This type of thinking will only hold you back and alienate you from others.

The fact is, there is plenty of success–and money–to go around. Successful people know this and are happy to celebrate the successes of others. They learn from the success of others and try to adopt and emulate the practices of those who are more successful than them. Be happy for the success of others: it will inspire you to keep becoming better.

5. They surround themselves with successful people. This trait works in tandem with the previous one. Truly successful people make a concerted effort to surround themselves with successful people. Actually, more often than not, they try to surround themselves with people who are even more successful than they, themselves are.

No, this isn’t so that they can torture themselves by seeing how much greater success others have attained. It is so that they can learn from the successes of others and emulate parts of their methods into their own work. While you don’t want to copy someone’s methods exactly, there’s always something that you can learn and incorporate into your own work. Surrounding yourself with super successful people can be a powerful motivator.


6. A commitment to self improvement. Those individuals who have a true and earnest drive to succeed are deeply committed to self improvement. Successful people do not rest on their laurels.

Some of the ways they stay sharp? They keep on learning their trade. They read all that they can, to increase their knowledge. But, most of all, they are ready and willing to admit that they don’t know it all, but that they want to keep on increasing their knowledge every day. This humbleness and commitment to making yourself better will show in your business success.

7. Gratitude. An attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing. Successful people don’t take their success for granted. They appreciate that a education, good health and the ability to self-start are true gifts. This doesn’t mean that these things are only available to a privileged few, but it does mean that it can take time and effort to cultivate these things. They appreciate the good things that have come as the result of their hard work.


8. They delay gratification. A common trait among successful people? Delayed gratification.

For example, it’s not at all unusual to see millionaires living well below their means. This isn’t because they’re scared it’s all going to go away or because they are greedy. It’s because they have longer vision than just blowing their latest paycheck on the coolest new car. They see the money that they make as an opportunity to improve their position and make bigger and better investments in their business. Over time, this means that they can buy the cool new car, but it doesn’t empty out their bank account. Successful people have the vision to delay gratification for the endurance of their business.

9. They keep at it. You’ll never see a truly successful entrepreneur saying, “that’s good enough; I quit.” Successful people maintain a high standard and always want to keep on doing good work.

What they do may evolve and they may work in a different field or change how they work, but they never give up. They roll with successes and failures and they keep doing the work that they’re doing.

Success is far from a matter of luck. It’s a matter of carefully developing good habits and working hard on a daily basis to improve yourself and your business. By taking the time to cultivate these successful traits, you’ll be well on your way to advancing in your personal and business life.

What traits of success can you relate to? What do you have? How hard are you willing to work on getting better and achieving your goals?

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  1. mel

    GREAT ARTICLE….IT MAKES YOU THINK OR SAY (when making a,decision move or complaining) a rich or successful person wouldn’t do that…they’ll DO THIS. (YOU’RE reminder)

  2. Arindam Bortamuly

    Very good read.
    Yes definitely, these qualities attribute a person who is successful.
    The goals we make, keep on changing with time.
    Main thing is the vision which we see in ourselves and consistently work for it.

  3. The Trader

    Tim what books have YOU read recently that were not specifically related to stocks that gave you good insight/strategy which was then monetized? ie picking up key information in an unrelated niche which gave you deeper/wider consciousness of a situation?? This could be information that allowed you to spot a sector nearing material movement ahead of 99.7% of others

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