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9 Cheap Penny Stocks To Watch & $4,300 In Profits On Them & More

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 1am EST this morning:

You have 9 days to snag one or more of my new DVDs covering how to dig through SEC filings, use Level 2 quotes to get the best executions & trades, condensing 100 hours of LiveStock in 10 hours and of course my 15+ hour Vegas seminar was filmed and it comes with a 160 page instruction manual. See all the details HERE

And you know I’m gonna push them hard because these DVDs cover the questions I get most asked about…not only that, I NAILED NXTH’s reasons for doing a pump & dump in my seminar and you guys need to learn to do that yourselves if you understand SEC filings.

The 10 day limit is to get those of you who really want to learn special access to followup webinars on each topic…basically separating the men from the boys…which one are you?

TIM trading account—now stands at $88,780, no trades or positions yesterday…this account is up 12% in October, up 109% in 2009 and up 615% in the last 23 months

Download a PDF version of 9 cheap penny stocks to watch.

Longer Term Account $164,663, no trades yesterday, no positions, 100% cash, account is up 20% since May 1st, 2009 inception…you can auto-trade this account by chatting with Covestor here

$4,300 in gains for TIMalert subscribers:

in SKTO yesterday @0.955, out today @0.655… +$600

Just received pennystocking 1 and deux, and fundamentals. I appreciate the fast shipping and am enjoying the dvds right now Ive made $2000 so far from your TIMalerts since 2 months ago and plan on making much more by learning the material you just sent me

Made $960 on SKOT shorted @ .96 covered at .68.

Bought 6000 shares VG 1.55 sold 1.62 up $420

I made $290 shorting RODM from Friday and selling today.

China Technology Development Group Corporation (CTDC) is an oldie but goodie (Vegas seminar & those who purchase TIMfundamentals Part Deux will know what I mean), up from $2 to $5 on hype-ish press releases in the past month…thi company has always stunk and probly always will…forget about me being too tough on companies, this has spiked 12 times in 3 years, never holding ANY of them for more than a few weeks…on the contrary, I want this to surge as much as possible, it’s gonna be great fun shorting this when it fails for the 13th time, ALFSS, potential short.

Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG) was downtrending sooo nicely the past few weeks, but for the umpteenth time, it held and spiked when it couldn’t breach $1.40…up 20 cents/share to the $1.60s…pretty amazing technical support there now, potential buy on any dips, although this could be yet another fakeout…no way will I short this thing until it truly cracks support

San West Inc (SNWT) dropped 30%+ to $1.05ish one day after their dividend date…proving what a total crock this runup has been…blatant pump & dump…my girlfriend Daleela had the guts to short some at $1.20, nice risk/reward…this stock probly gets crushed the next few days too, potential short, ALFSS

American Lithium Minerals Inc (AMLM) the bell tolled for thee, dropping a fully predictable 18%, the first of what will probly be many down days as this pump reveals itself to be a dump…good promoters to lock up all the shares to short, ALFSS, frustrating I know, but it costs $0 to check every day and odds of success are probly 70-80% for short sellers

ATLANTIC WIND & SOLAR, Inc. (AWSL) has flatlined in the mid $2s…nice $2+/share profit from its highs, now it could go either way…I’d love to see another paid pump…their Switzerland-based PR company has been rumored to be emailing concerned investors blaming the drop on naked shorts (it was easily borrowable at Thinkorswim), ignoring the paid pump & dump part of the equation and if this message board post is to be believed, they admit to their HQ being a UPS Box and their employees working from home….shaddddddy, potential buy if they wise up and give PennyStockChaser.com more shares to pull off another pump & dump

SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO) was the pump & dump that tanked 35% today, very few shares to short, Michael Goode took some and then stupidly wasted them, profiting less than $100…Michael, why oh why would you EVER cover this stock on its first down day? Everyone blame Michael for wasting the shares, he shoulda split his shares with 1,500+ TIMalert subscribers and we woulda made them count…good thing he’s still up $93,000+ on my strategy or else I’d really ride him for his impatience…no play now, the easy money is gone and it was wasted by one of my best students who had this to say about my TIMtactics DVD

Dynamic Response Group, Inc. (DRGZ) tanked 23% and there were no shares to short for me, grrrrrr, what a waste of a pump & dump…frustrating, but I gotta be strong, gotta keep pushing on, cause there’s always gonna be another pump & dump mountain, always gonna be an uphill battle…

Lightwave Logic, Inc. (LWLG) had its first down day today, I considered shorting, but it’s not a true pump & dump and its already dropped 15%, much of it probly due to the weak overall market, maybe another 10-20% of downside, but this is a real company so it’s not as predictable…potential short, ideally on any bounce.

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group Inc. (RODM) is now down to $4.17, when these things fall, they fall hard…my apologies for my utter lack of confidence in myself…I’m nailing these plays 90%+ of the time, the least I can do is hold for a few days and be proven right once again…congrats to the dozen or so TIMalert subscribers who held on…once it cracks true support at $5, it’s like a Disney water ride where it goes straight down…mmmm, I love shady companies frying!

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