8 Stocks With Far Less Potential Than The Groupon IPO - Timothy Sykes

8 Stocks With Far Less Potential Than The Groupon IPO

15 confessions since I’ve been in Russia

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $193,415, this account was up 56% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and is now up 1,458% since 11/07 start

Total Account Balance: $756,000ish up 26% in 2011 so far, up 57% in 2010

Yesterday was a $6,000ish profit day for subscribers and I (no trades for me):

Too many trades lately, go look on Profit.ly to see how everyone’s doing and definitely get an account there ASAP as in July we’ll be moving all alerts to Profitly’s new reliable real-time alert service Profiding

Easylink Solutions Corp. (ESYL), Mariposa Resources Ltd (LEXG), Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN) are all still potential shorts, several subscribers banked on JAMN and ESYL, both easily shortable at you know which broker…LEXG is holding up better for now, but I look forward to reshorting when the price action is right as all of these are GTZ (good-til-zero)

Glu Mobile Inc. (GLUU) truly broke out to he high 5s before fading to the low 5s by the end of the day yesterday…great pattern, terrible company, hot sector, bad market…lots of conflicting variables, potential buy though still, ideally on a big dip.

Zagg Inc (ZAGG) is like GLUU in that its breaking out nicely, but its even choppier as it re-tested old resistance, now support at 10.50ish so this is another one to potentially buy on dips, but be careful if one of those dips is due to negative news.

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THE BRAINY BRANDS (TBBC) has now tanked roughly 30% in the 2 days since I sold at $1.60ish down to $1ish…promoters are blaming my sell which somehow triggered the 2-day slide…zzzzz, if the promoters had come through with the mailing, everyone would be happy, blame them for their incompetence and now their lies…anyone who believes my little 20k sell order nearly 72 hours is responsible for such a collapse deserves to live in cardboard boxes…potential bounce play, but this is looking more and more like similar failed pump AVVC so no play.

Westinghouse Solar Inc (WEST) dropped nearly 20% yesterday from the get go, you had to be super quick to off a short and as you know I’m rarely ever super quick…no play now, it got the consolidation I was looking for.

SINO FOREST CORP (SNOFF) everyone loves shorting these Muddy Waters plays but they drop too quickly for me ever to get comfortable…congrats tot hose who banked, gotta know what strategy works best and worst for you…perhaps when Profiding is ready in a few weeks for a newsletter-wide rollout I can start doing some of these faster movers.

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