8 Lessons From My $8,900 In Profits Today**

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My $8,900 In Profits Today

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8900 profits today

I had solid profits today of trading, making roughly in 1 hour what most doctors and lawyers make in a month…just think about that for a second, especially since I’m sitting in a villa across the world in Bali, Indonesia as my charity just opened a new school in honor of my 2nd Millionaire trading challenge student:

This was the grand opening of the Tim Grittani School in #bali #indonesia last week and I am so grateful for the hard work of the @balichildrensproject and thanks again to @timgrittani and @donnagrittani for attending along with @ariannyceleste @brittneypalmer @vitalyzdtv @jessicakillings @brendanforbes @everchanginghorizon @briavalencia @thatstyleguru @kevineassa @mariowilltakeyouto and all the incredible children and families who we met too, a truly amazing day which is why I love building schools with my charity @thetimothysykesfoundation and we’re just getting started now with 35 schools built/in development! 📸@liverichmedia #throwbackthursday #ilovemyjob #charity #givingback #knowledgeispower #schooltime #knowledgeispower #studyhard #thechildrenareourfuture #balichildrensproject #thetimothysykesfoundation #edjewcation

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…while I’ve also been playing with monkeys:

…and celebrating some of my upcoming Millionaire trading challenge students and their milestones too:

…and now I’ve made $20,000+ the past few weeks since I got to Indonesia, which is a longer-than-expected trip for me since I’ll be having my 2nd TEDx Talk in just a few days as I got invited while I was out here out of the blue (from what I hear they saw my charity school opening video and wanted me to talk about local charity work so I’m MORE than honored to!)**

…so long story short, it’s been a VERY interesting few weeks for me!

Here’s a quick video showcasing my gains today:

And here are the top 8 related lessons I can think of off the top of my head:

1. When I use the hashtag #workfromanywhere on my social media posts, its not just a cute tagline that sounds good, I don’t just preach it, I live my life by it and if you are not fully impressed by my making now $20,000+ in trading profits, while showing every step of the way too, trading on terrible wifi with a 12-hour time difference, then I don’t know what to tell you because this is a miracle job that I’m doing over here!

2. My GoPro profits might’ve been quick this morning, but I’ve had the stock for 2 weeks, see in my video lesson here a few days ago why I was so positive about it at $9ish and in the high $8s (which is thankfully why I added to my position earlier this week)

3. This is EXACTLY why I have a longer-term newsletter here, it’s good for multi-week/multi-month positions and some patterns like this earnings winner pattern take time to play out and GoPro is a PERFECT example.

4. GoPro was my main winner today, but I also made $1,000+ on this classic morning pattern even though I was wrong about how the stock would bounce (video lesson coming on that tomorrow so stay tuned everyone!)

5. Notice me referencing the same patterns over and over and over and over and there aren’t that many patterns I look for…earlier this morning I posted this video lesson on how I’ve missed a few trades this week, but I wasn’t going to let it get me down as I knew there would always be more plays, it was just a waiting game…little did I know the next plays would happen so quickly, but that’s the beauty of being prepared, whether the next hot play is 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days away from happening, I’m ALWAYS prepared, even if I’m trading at nearly midnight which is what time it is here in Indonesia as I write this post!

6. I NEVER knew I was going to be so right on GoPro, if you watch that video lesson I did from a few days ago, you’ll hear me say I might even have to cut losses since the stock was going against me, but I stuck with my thesis and averaged down — mind you I wouldn’t average down on a short-term position, but this was a longer term play which is why my longer term newsletter is different since the rules by which I trade are different — and ultimately was rewarded nicely after holding for roughly 2 weeks.

7. There are SO many ways to make money in penny stocks, short vs long, short-term vs long-term and everything in between…early in my teaching career I was very narrow-minded (much like many of these short sellers who think every penny stock is a fraud and going to zero so you should never buy them (even though terrible fundamentals plays like DRYS have been known to triple or even octuple within a few hours/days), now I’m VERY open to all the possibilities and I’m glad I have many part-time trading students in my longer term newsletter, there’s literally something for everyone!

8. Work hard and study hard and be prepared…there’s no magic formula for success in the stock market, but the one thing all my top Millionaire trading challenge students and I have in common is we go to the max in our preparation every day so if we do slip up or miss a trade, at least we were on the right track and vow to do better next time…too many newbies just want to play whatever is hot that day without regard to studying the past and backtesting different patterns. So don’t be a newbie and study the past as it really is key to your future!

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  1. jarwanto

    hi, I’m from jogja Indonesia, want to meet you. i”m always watch your video on youtube n read your blog thanks for sharing your knowledge. by the way i’m trading forex online. althouh You trade stock, your content very helpfull and motive me

  2. Eric

    Long term strategy can be useful too .. Even though its a different mindset, slower less volatile stocks can create good opportunities .. Higher priced stocks have been working well too. As Tim Bohen proves with STT pro service … Different strategies yet similar results .. Take your time and be patient, abd follow the process correctly. The receipe falls into place when all the ingredients are there. Before experimenting just follow the experts .. You aren’t alone on this journey

  3. will kiser

    This is wkiser I signed up for your help I looked at the videos of your successful students I read your entire post today All I see is everyone patting themselves on the back and making tons of money When do the real lessons begin?

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