$7,000 In Subscriber Gains & Six Hot Penny Stocks To Watch

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 12:30am so they could be prepared for today’s trading!

Friday’s LiveStock was one of the best EVER, check it out HERE

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Check out THIS video of me on 20/20

TIM trading account—now stands at $62,496, no trades Friday, no positions, now up $4,600ish in June or 8%, up 46% n 2009 and up 403% in the last 20 months, up from my original $12,415 November 1, 2007.

Longer Term Account $51,358, no trades, no positions, up $1,358 since May 1st inception

I didn’t trade Friday (no truly perfect setup) but I love that TIMalert subscribers used my nightly watchlist to really bank on ZZ, CAST and JAZZ, two usual PennyStocking suspects…$7,000+ in subscriber gains:

Thanks to you and your proprietary system, and
TIMalerts, I just made about $2900 on ZZ!

In CAST 6.91 out @ 7.21, $400 profit! Total profit $1515 for the week!

Long CAST at $6.96 and out at $7.09 for a small $88 gain

In CAST at 6.71 and out at 7.09 = $173 gain. Thanks Tim.

Short JAZZ at ~$3.75, covered at ~$3.55 for ~$300 in profits.

made $1300 on TSTR subscribers on the chat r up 10000+

Tim, bought $CAST $6.75 avg. out at $7.07. Profit of +$600 in a few minutes at the open. Thx.

anyway, thanks TIM for the recommendation. just worried about holding over wkend. Realized profit of $150.

Covered JAZZ at 3.50 for $ 375 profit. Thanks Adam!

Correction, covered my JAZZ short at $3.49 for a $500 profit.
-Adam N.

CAST and CEUA are both Chinese education plays breaking out…CAST many TIMalert subscribers bought the market open Friday due to my morning watchlist and profited a bit by its intraday uptrend…CEUA is a CAST wannabe, still only a Bulletin Board stock…I like the CAST breakout, even though it is getting ahead of itself…CEUA is just a scummy Chinese company, they hired RedChip to be their investor relations so I’m sure this runup is due to their pumping and making the comparison to CAST…silly game, silly pumpers, respect RedChip’s power for now, they have pumped ZAGG up nicely…I’ll sit back on these and watch since they’re neither are perfect charts now.

GNXO might’ve paid $2 million to be pumped, but the stock hasn’t traded…I’ll watch and hope for HYHY/KYUS (old hardcopy mailing pumps), but it looks like a waste of millions here….sad

MIPI had a great morning panic on Friday from $7 to $6, waaay too quick for an alert, then while it was basically flat for the day, it uptrended ever so slightly…this is just the first down day in the pattern so technically it’s a potential short, but there’s huuuuge support in the high $5s and low $6s so I’m not sure how much downside there is for the next few days…my guess is it’ll be choppy, no thanks, next!

LFBG surged 400% to 7 cents/share on news Walmart has approved a test for their video games…hmmmm, sketchyyyyy…reminds of CAFE/now ENLU getting approved, which turned out to be bogus…hilariously absurd comments like “According to a recent CNBC News report, even though we are in a recession, computer game sales continue to soar” in their press release make me even more doubtful…not that it matter, I ain’t shorting a 7 cent/share stock, already dropped from 14 cents/share…I’d love to see more fluffy press releases to get the price higher to make it worth shorting a la SPNG

JAZZ continues fading a bit after its multiple spikes…not exactly my kind of price action since its news based and the stock won’t crack below support…still a potential short since they gave up on several drugs on Friday due to not having enough money…now that’s the kind of news I want to short! (thought it would actually drop more, and inspire me to short….but maybe the negativity is priced in, hence me not shorting it)