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$7,000+ In Profits On 9 Cheap Stocks Under $10

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 2AM EST because nobody works harder than me:

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Thinkorswim-Based Account: $99,985, no trades/no positions, account up 11% in November, up 135% in 2009 and up 705% in the last 2 years

New SogoTrade Account: started on 11/24/09: $111,470, no positions, no trades, account is down $3,530 since 11/11/09 inception

Conservative Auto-Trade Account: $178,344, no positions, no trades…account is up 30% since 05/01/09 start

Aggressive Auto-Trade Account: $59,350, profited approximately $4,000 on GRO, account is up 18% since 11/11/09 start

$7,500 in daily profits between the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

Finally covered my DRAM short from last Weds. Shorted 2k at $4.47 on Weds, then doubled up on Friday for another 2k at $4.40. Just covered the entire lot at $3.50 for a $3,700 profit!
-Adam N.

$525 profit on Seed long. Bot yesterday 750 @13.23, sold premarket @13.94. Currently it’s at 14.20 premarket.

Up $130 on the first trade…about 2.5%.

+$450ish on GSIT, textbook to a T boredom trade,

forgot to mention, +480 in WWPW on 2k shares over 2 days

sold PNX +310 before it rolled over.

Plus 225.00 on QLTI. KBX loss 170.00.

+560 on GRO

bought CLWT on mid day breakout over $3.70, but it fell apart the last hour so covered for a gain of $100.

Covered 700 GSIT @ 4.8 for $294 profit. Don’t want to carry the overnight risk

+142 GRO short, small postion on TIMalert, in at 5.55, covered at 5.38ish

+$50 on GRO

+110 GRO 3.47 to 3.58

Hemispherx BioPharma, Inc (HEB) is going to get wrecked today, already down nearly 50% afterhours last night…this CEO is finally getting called out on all his BS positivity he’s been spewing for months when the FDA just ripped his application apart…I wrote back in June what a carcass of a company this is (I need more patience), not very difficult to spot, just assume the worst of every penny stock up exponentially…funny thing is this guy managed to raise tens of millions of dollars before this collapse…learn from those institutional investors’ mistakes as they will soon be jobless, rightly so for being so naïve…this is a potential short as it could be out of business rather soon, the risk is more hype so I doubt I will short a 50 centshare stock.

Santarus, Inc. (SNTS) ahs already surged from 4.30 to 5.80 afterhours on FDA approval of their heartburn drug…very positive news, this one could run to the 6s or 7s, potential buy, gotta wait and see how the trend and volume are shaping up…I will not just blindly buy like most penny stock jackals, Id prefer to wait for an afternoon breakout like SEED above 12.50 the other day.

Pacific Ethanol Inc (PEIX) has surged from 40 cents/share to $1/share and its ALWAYS been a good short ons pikes…not sure why it’s up, but it’s definitely a potential short when the volume fades and the prper fading pattern sets up…I hope it keeps going to give me more downside when the inevitable drop comes!

Agria Corp. (GRO) and Origin Agritech Limited (SEED) both disappointed me as I thought we might get a serious morning spike out of both of them…SEED actually did turn out to be a good buy from my mistaken alert at 13.20 as it surged to the mid 4s before fading late day (potential short today for sure…this is looking tired) and GRO was up to 3.70 premarket, but volume and price were weak from the market open so I sold all at 3.60 rather quickly when it became clear there’d be no great morning spike…GRO is still a potential buy as it held 3.50 well, but it’ll probly take some very positive news to spike this now with SEED probably fading.

Euro Tech Holdings Co. Ltd. (CLWT) if this didn’t collapse 15%+ in the last hour fro the low 4s to the mid 3s, I’d say this would be my #1 potential short…as it is, it’s not in no man’s land with plenty of technical support in the low 3s…sure, sure, it’s still a potential short, but after the quick drop, it’s not as exciting/tepting.

Netlist, Inc. (NLST) and Dataram Corporation (DRAM) both dropped a bit on the day, but they are down much off their recent highs so the downside is limited short-term now…congrats to the TIMalert subscribers who had the patience to hold for several days, I love hearing about people like Adam N. covering DRAM for $3,5000 profits and some NLST short sellers profiting $1+/share after a week…risky to hold so long due to the risk of buy ins, but solid gains…NLST is still a potential short, DRAM is probly gonna be choppy so no play there for me.

GSI Technology, Inc. (GSIT) spiked nicely in the morning from 4.5 to 6, making me regret my GRO buy as THIS was the one I coulda woulda shoulda bought for the big overnight gap/morning spike…too late, lesson learned…nice afternoon fade from 5.5 to 4.8 means this is a potential short, especially if it can give us one last spike to short into…volume already fading.

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