Thank You…As You Are 1 Of The 7 Things I Am Most Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from my family, the Profitly family and I! Celebrate by taking advantage of our Thanksgiving sales HERE and HERE which end on November 30th so don’t delay.

Download this PDF of the 7 things I am most thankful for.

1. Family, friends, loved ones…no matter what you do or achieve in life, it’s those closest to you, those who are with you in the good times & bad, that matter most…my fiancee, my family and the Profitly family & I wish you and your family the happiest Thanksgiving possible, we’re grateful for the entire journey and thank you for sharing this with us!

2. I LOVE TEACHING! Making money in the stock market, or money anywhere, wherever the greatest untapped opportunity exists (like HERE for example) is great, but teachings others to profit and provide for their family is something I NEVER expected to be so much fun and fulfilling.

3. Getting help teaching from other millionaire traders…I’ve been working 18 hours days for too long, I’m SO thankful for these guys helping out now:

Paul, Matt & I hope you enjoy our Answerstock episode below, we managed to get all 3 millionaire traders together and we had a great time filming this!


4. My first 2 millionaire trading challenge students who have shared SO MUCH of their personal journeys and now also help mentor other trading challenge students, making our community the strongest community of traders in the world…it’s not just about the $, it’s about helping others to succeed too and cutting through wayyyyyyyyyyy too much misinformation

These are my first 2 Millionaire Trading Challenge students & the cool thing is they now both give webinars to other Trading Challenge students as our #StockTrading community is strong & all the most successful #StockTraders give back & help others learn too, even if you're starting from scratch the way we did just a few years ago! If you want to learn leave a comment below & go apply using the link in my bio & my team & I will teach you…oh yes, I'm not just a one man teacher, my team is the ONLY place you'll find multiple #SelfMadeMillionaires like @paulscolardi @wolfmillionaire teaching & creating millionaires like @triforcetrader and Michael Goode & Tim Grittani are teachers too! #FullCircle #PayItForward #ILoveTeaching #ProudTeacher #BestVacations #MadWhips #ThisTheLife #TheGoodLife #DailyMotivation #DailyInspiration #DreamLife #EdJewCation

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5. The stock market and its endless lessons and opportunities…thanks to the most recent crazy stocks like KaloBios Pharmaceuticals Inc (KBIO), eFuture Information Technology Inc. (EFUT) and AEterna Zentaris Inc. (USA) (AEZS), investors and traders have a ton to learn about, both good and bad, and opportunities to bank rather exceptional profits, think one-year salaries in one day like this great student of mine, if you learn to play the volatility while managing risk/your emotions.

6. The incredible world we live in…go out and explore and experience its beauty and wonder like I have…get inspired by my travels, you should be doing this too!

I'm looking EVERYWHERE for my next millionaire Trading Challenge student not just because I love creating millionaires, but because I need more help teaching & mentoring…some people don't realize it but my first 2 millionaire students Michael G and Tim G both give webinars to other Trading Challenge students as they love giving back to the community which is now 78,000 traders strong…I'm so grateful for their help as I'm overworked trying to answer everyone's questions while I live the life every #TravelAddict dreams of. Today I'm in #CaboSanLucas and I'm focusing on relaxing, but I want to know who out there wants to be my next millionaire student and is willing to put in the time & effort to actually achieve it? #ILoveTeaching #ILoveMexico #TravelAwesome #BestVacations #DreamJob #DreamLife #ThisTheLife #Jewlaxation

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7. FREEDOM…too many people don’t take advantage of the incredible freedom we have where we FINALLY are in a place in history where the poorest person can rise up to become the most successful and powerful leader if you want it bad enough and are wiling to work hard enough to achieve your dreams. At no point in prior history has this been possible, and thanks to political and societal stability, more or less world peace, and most importantly, the Internet, which has democratized quality and life-changing information and allows for ANYONE with a local library card or smartphone to self-educate and become self-sufficient and enjoy the perks of financial freedom as a result of enough hard work and study…sorry, there goes the Philosophy major in me, but this is our time to shine!

I cannot wait to unveil Wolf Millionaire next week where my partner Anthony Carbone who has over 12 million followers now on instagram and I show you how to make money on instagram…the stock market is NOT the only place you can make solid money, but too few people want to put in the time and effort to study and learn the ins & outs and find profit opportunities.

So, while you’re spending times with friends and family, understand the weekends and holidays are GREAT times to get ahead with your studies…read and memorize this free guide on and take advantage of our blowout Thanksgiving sales HERE and HERE and learn from those who have risen up from nothing and truly made it all within a few years…too many of you live the 9-5/paying-back-school-loans-mortgage-debt/you-hate-your-boss enslaved lives…I spend my life trying to show you there’s another way and that way is the path of freedom via hard work!

I’m thankful for so much more in my life, I could go on & on…but I am going to go spend time with my family now so I wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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