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5 Cool Benefits About Being 100% REAL

As trading challenge students have learned, my patterns and my profits are 100% real and predictable…even when I don’t trade them perfectly…as you can see from BVSN’s PERFECT 2-day collapse the past 2 days and my students $10,000+ in profits off that drop and my hugely screwed up, but still $3,000ish in profits on trades HERE and HERE and HERE (gimme a break I’m trading from shitty internet in Venice, Italy…see which hotel I’m at later in the post!)

bvsn beginning of the end

(the numbers refer to points explained in my 15-hour PennyStocking Framework DVD Study Guide)

…and with that realness comes some VERY cool things…

1. When I posted about how one of my trading challenge students made 10x his money in one day on a VERY common pattern of a promoted stock, I got some doubters who said stuff like:

“Ok, whatever, I’ll consider him a good trader once I see a constant repeat of this type of wins.”

I responded:

OK well he just made another 40% yesterday: http://profit.ly/1Mmp7s?aff=12 same exact pattern so dismiss him/me all you want, he’s already done this serval times so whether u believe us or not, we’ll just keep profiting…thats the col thing about being 100% real 🙂

(not to mention you can see on Profitly trades HERE and HERE and HERE with the exact same pattern)

Download a PDF version of this post.

Ahhhh the beauty of full transparency and my teaching a reliable stock market pattern/inefficiency

2. When someone lies about you in a blog post and you have screenshots, old blog posts they themselves have written but somehow forgot and a host of facts to prove them wrong, it’s better than just good PR for me…it’s GREAT PR for me…because I get to expose that person for the liar and incompetent “investor/CEO” they are and the real, transparent person I am (blog post coming…unlike them, I research my posts fully so they take more time, but I have the benefit of being 100% right while they just make inaccurate assumptions and open themselves up to getting sued (which I have yet to be despite 5,000+ blog posts, much of them exposes on crappy companies/people)…probly why their companies continue losing money/failing while mine make millions of dollars per year and I’ll probly have to sue them again…and they’ll have to settle again)

3. Ah yes, I do make millions of dollars per year…$300k+/year from trading and the rest from educating…even while travelling all around the world as you can see in videos like these (more videos/ lifestyle details coming another website I’ve had in development for nearly a year…relaxxxxxx, good things take time.)

…and as I type this from a beautiful little inn Ca Marie Adele with the single best caprese salad in the world in Venice, Italy…get excited for my upcoming webiste Upsellonomics.com and see my most recent interview on how to make millions blogging HERE

4. I can do seemingly crazy things like this…as I’m ALL about education and have some siiiiiick video lessons on this for my trading challenge students only of course.

5. Because I’m right the vast majority of the time on penny stock promotions and I rub people’s noses in it hardcore, there’s some hate out there on the Interweb for me…but the people that hate me are poor and lazy and unwilling to do anything about it by actually learning so their hate doesn’t really matter to me…they take pride in spreading their hate because they think it hurts me, but again, my ace is that I’m 100% real as is my thousands of students’ success….as someone who takes pride in exposing corrupt companies/individuals, here’s a free tip: when you try to expose someone, make sure they’re actually doing something wrong…otherwise it just helps them…as it does me :)….read posts HERE and HERE for examples (and I’ve got hundreds of them, literally) so my haters are actually my best marketers…as tons of people come to my site hating me, but then I change their opinion with solid video lessons like these and right call, right call, dead on expose after dead on expose…my haters, they don’t mean to give me new customers, but they don’t understand internet marketing like I do (again see Upsellonomics) so they don’t even want an affiliate cut and their messages of hate spread far faster than any of my real testimonials do (welcome to the internet, people don’t believe anything at first anyway so at least I get the chance to prove myself…which I continuously do as I’m still #1 ranked out of 60,000+ trader on Covestor…see the charts HERE), so thank you lazy, poor and ignorant people…if you had only researched a bit more you could see you could join my affiliate program here and I’d have to pay you 30% commissions for your help in marketing me…but you don’t want it…this is why it’s SO much fun to watch you get more riled up…the angrier you get and the more you “spread the hate”, the more business I do when people realize I’m real and the haters are wrong, so gratzie, gratzie, gratzie!

Blog post coming tomorrow refuting some lies posted about me…2,000 words so far and I’m not even close to being done

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Matt

    Tim your blog posts would have so much more credibility if they weren’t an advertisement. Seriously, I have to scroll through sooooooo much marketing material before I can actually get to the blog topic. Btw, stop slamming stock promoters… They keep you in business. The least you could do is shut your mouth and show some respect.

  2. Anonymous

    i love how everyone thinks i want cedibility….i dont give a shit what u think, u’ll red my stuff because u want to make $ and i’m good at that, so take it as i post it and you’re welcome

  3. Matt

    Someone who runs a website called “Transparent Investment Management” doesn’t want credibility? Your a good trader Tim, we get it. You don’t need to tell us every time you send an email. Btw, I don’t profit from penny stocks the way you do…

  4. Anonymous

    i dont want credibility, i define credibility, no bs whatsoever…i do things my way, open and honest and yes i’m gonna promote products i think u should use, youre welcome

  5. Chris Finley

    THE funniest “blog post” I’ve ever read. Why don’t you come down to the CME, where we make in one MONTH, what you make in one YEAR. You’re a disgrace to the capital markets. Get a grip.

  6. Jmcguire

    I was thinking about signing up until I watched the Miami video, I hope that was a joke trying to lure people in.

  7. Jmcguire

    Sorry for the hate, as a young college student the video is a complete turn off to joining your site, it may work well for attracting more paying members but would you have joined a site with a video like this when you started investing?  You have convinced me to research and learn as much as possible so thank you for that!

  8. Marc

    You know Chris the small cap traders read things such as your statment from people like you and just only wish there were more TIm’s out there.  Because we could use a less of people like you.  I know this falls of deaf ears becasue it would require traits you personality lacks for you to begin to understand what Tim and his honesty mean to small cap traders.  I would explain what I mean by that but your intellect prevents your understanding words with more than 4 letters in them, so why waste my time.  I see you did learn the word capital and markets so youre doing very well for someone with you limits.  😀

  9. Marc

    Sorry my edit didn’t get on my clip board for some reason and I ended up pasting the rough draft by mistake.  Here’s the final edit I meant to paste.You know Chris the small cap traders read things such as your statment from people like you and wish there were more Tim’s out there.  Because we could use a lot less people like you posting in the blogs.  I know this falls of deaf ears because it would require traits you personality lacks for you to begin to understand what Tim and his honesty mean to small cap traders.  I would explain what I mean by that but your intellect prevents your understanding words with more than 4 letters in them, so why waste my time.  I see you did learn the word capital and markets so you’re doing very well for someone with your limits.  😀

  10. Chris Finley

    Who are you to judge me off of a mere comment? If you actually knew me, I guarantee you’d retrospect on your words. In my career, I have trained many traders in Chicago and New York out of my spare time. FOR. FREE. All who are well capitalized and some who happen to be head traders within derivatives powerhouses. They are all able to support their families and contribute to society much better than your leader Sykes EVER could. Don’t you understand? You are being subjected by Sykes to learn to trade one SMALL playing field out of the many instruments in which RISK is actually DEFINED. All awhile making in one year, what your leader Sykes makes in one year. I stand by that 100%. Mention “Stop-Loss” at the CME and you’ll make the best of days. That’s a crock of sh*t. You are limiting your trading skills and learning phase by following this inconsistent approach. In trading, if you drink the kool-aid, you have already shown your flags. Trading is a skill obtained by many years of apprenticeship. The only reason you contribute to Sykes is because he has successfully won your emotions. BIG No-No. With that said, I wish you all the success in your learning.


  11. Mac Book

    Hey Tim , I love reading your stuff, you are my hero in trading, but you have this one guy that tries to sell your course for you in Seattle and his name is Doug, what a wierdo he is !!!!!

  12. Mac Book

    Hey Tim , I love the Miami Porn star blonde chick video by the way !!!! You are a real Rock Star trader !!!!  Great Video !!!!

  13. Chris Finley


    You initiated the first step to a successful career in TRADING and in BUSINESS. I say both because they are one in the same. Trading is a business and you must treat it no different. Keep away from those who are apathetic towards your goals and dreams. Kudos to you my friend.


  14. Anonymous

    i could care less what i make, i’ve already made my millions and i’ll continue doing so, its about education u moron…i’ve taught thousands of people now in just a few years, the number will keep growing while u and the industry fatten yourselves..you’re welcome for the enlightenment

  15. Anonymous

    yah u’ve taught a few dozen, maybe a few hundred people, my model is much more scalable…i’m getting people into finance who never knew they could, sya you’re welcome and move on you piece of shit 

  16. Chris Finley

    When you’ve made people into traders and then traders into not only financially free, but also better products of society, I will regard your perspective of the markets. Until then, good luck.

  17. Bdtimm

    Hey…I just spoke to Doug a few days ago. I really like him and found him to be nice and quite helpful actually. You should think kinder thoughts and you’ll go farther in life.

  18. JJ

    Lol this is funny down there a derivatives trader hating on you. I trade derivatives contracts and my trading group all made fun of me for opening up a small account last week to try out this penny stock trading for fun. In my opinion, who cares what people trade. I think this idea is awesome and I’m starting with just $500 for fun to see how much I can turn it into. I don’t see why hating is necessary.

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