3 Big Milestones This Week

Big Milestones

It’s been an absolutely crazy week, with some big milestones, for my top trading challenge students and I, as the Bitcoin plays have made us all a good chunk of change and I congratulate SO many of you on making $500, $1,000, $even $5,000-$35,000 in a day…here’s a new video lesson I just posted of this student who I previously wrote about HERE as he outlined how he made nearly $10,000 in one day the other day…and mind you this is a guy who had just $4,000 to his name less than a year ago so he’s come VERY far VERY fast:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

And in case you haven’t seen my previous video with Roland, watch this video below too because not only is it so cool how well he’s done thanks to his hard work and studying, it’s even cooler that a.) his dad is a value investor who tried to steer him away from this strategy and b.) he didn’t follow my rules at first and on one big trade, where he could’ve banked substantially, he didn’t make anything, but learned an incredible lesson which you can learn from too:

So, the big milestones I’m talking about with Roland and my other top trading challenge students is that over 500 of students made $1,000 or more in the past week and when I’m back from Bali in a few days I’ll get more exact numbers, but I don’t think we’ve ever had this many students profiting this much so the studying is paying off guys!

Milestone #2 is the reason why I’m in Bali in the first place, my charity just opened our newest school here in partnership with The Bali Children’s Project in honor of my 2nd Millionaire trading challenge student Tim Grittani, who joined me on this charity trip with his awesome wife Donna!

I’ll have so many more pictures and videos shortly, but it’s been an incredible few days, hanging with them and meeting so many kids and their families and I can’t thank The Bali Children’s Project enough for all their hard work and effort which is paying off nicely…and I also have a cool little surprise to announce with them shortly, so stay tuned 🙂

My biggest charity donation so far of $1 million went to Pencils Of Promise to build 20 schools in Ghana, Laos and Cambodia, but my donations to The Bali Children’s Project have now built 6 schools and 1 library, so I gotta get my numbers up.  I love this charity and these people so much, I can’t encourage you enough to visit http://balichildrensproject.org to learn more about the awesome work they’re doing that changes the lives of so many children, families and really entire communities here in Bali.

Now building a school is nice, but it’s been a long time coming for the Tim Grittani School to open, nearly a year of planning and construction, but even longer is his journey to multi-millionaire from starting with just $1,500 of his own money, roughly 6 years ago, to now closing in on $5 million in profits.

Be sure to watch this long but great interview I did with him a few months ago, as we reviewed all the top lessons from his journey so far:

But, I’m SO proud to announce that, in the past week, Tim Grittani has surpassed me in trading profits with now $4.70 million compared to my $4.68 million, so the student becomes the teacher, which many of you already knew was going to happen, if you’ve seen this great guide that he created that proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he’s a better trader than me.

You can see all of his trades here, except for the last few that put him over the top, including a solid $30,000+ win the other day on a Bitcoin-related stock.  We haven’t had great wifi here in Indonesia as trading challenge students learn the other day when we tried giving a live trading webinar that was a faillllllll (sorry, but we had to try!)

I have to go write my watchlist for tomorrow while I am in a good spot for wifi right now, but please do leave a comment below congratulating Tim Grittani on such an awesome journey and achievement, I know this guy wants to surpass me too and that’s a good thing because I don’t want you copying my trades or my strategies exactly, I want you using my journey and strategies and lessons to shorten your learning curve and slingshot past me in profits as I REALLY don’t mind when my students do better than me…on the contrary, it makes me so very proud and I want to see MORE students doing this!

And, as I readily admit, I’m not the best trader in the world, despite making millions of dollars, I definitely have issues that hold me back, but those same deficiencies allow me to be an even better teacher, so don’t feel too bad for me, I get to do what I love while traveling everywhere and helping so many great communities all over the world.  II’m truly living the dream.  As many of you noticed, I have a t-shirt of that I wear quite often, like when I flew from Australia where I gave my TEDx Talk (it’ll be posted shortly, don’t worry, I won’t hold it back from you) a few days ago:

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  1. Eric

    Congrats to both of you and Roland too … This is proof that even if you start on the wrong track at first , you can quickly turn things around. When you do, you will see how much time was wasted on the wrong track. You might feel guilty you didn’t cut losses and follow the rules sooner. Even though people tell you the correct way to trade, sometimes it takes learning the hard way before you wake up and realize, that in 6 months, you can make up for years of doing everything wrong

  2. Ian McCaskill

    Huge Congrats to all of you!! Very inspirational! Continued success to the all team and students! Thank you for being so dedicated to each and everyone of us! 👊

  3. Roland II

    Congratulations Tim Grittany for catching up to Tim. Keep up with the charity work.. Blessings to you two.

  4. Paul

    Hello Tim
    Thanks for your charity work in Ghana. I’m originally from Ghana and I got accepted into your challenge program a couple of weeks ago. I have not started active trading as I just completed a 10 internship program this weekend.
    I promise to work hard and contribute to the Ghanaian cause.
    Congrats to Tim G. and Rolland. Awesome guys!

  5. Barbara

    I am so proud of you guys!!!! I am proud of all the students who have been studying and gaining profits. I can’t wait to be along side you guys in a few months. Livin the dream! Amen!!

  6. Lance Wing

    Congrats to Roland (great trading), Tim G. and Tim S. on the new school and the Charity and of course the incredible trading also. You guys are great teachers also. I’m mighty glad to be learning from the Sykes team.

  7. Anonymous

    Congrats to Tim S and Tim G! Both living legends and I look forward to working and learning from you both over the next year! Amazing what can be achieved with dedication and persistence!

    I’m getting stuck in and once i’m ready to open up my IB account and do my first penny stock trade i’ll let you guys know!

    Many congratulations and thanks !

    Romulus Trading


    Congratulations to both of you Tim G and Tim S, for your great mentorship and kindness. Blessings. הללויה!

  9. tomfinn92

    Congratulations, Tim Sykes, on opening yet another school, and congratulations, Tim Grittani, on surpassing your mentor in trading profits. Well done to both of you!

  10. Asmita

    First of all My heartiest congrats to you guys for Bali charity project. It is very nice of you guys to take time and do such amazing work, GOD bless you guys and thanks for inspirational video lesson.

  11. Fred Becker

    Congrat! to both Tim’s. You both are definitely an inspiration on what you teach us all, but also the great efforts you help giving other children in educational needs! Keep up the great work!

  12. Razvan

    Congrats all of you guys, it’s amazing what u guys are doing and can’t wait to join the challenge hopefully this year !

  13. Travis McReynolds

    I always tell you how massively gigantically huge of an inspiration you are, and it doesn’t seem to do justice. Tim Sykes you are a model for this world. Plain and simple.

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