2014 Review & 2015 Predictions


What a year 2014 has been…and below are my predictions for 2015.

The US stock market indices are hitting all-time highs, I had a record trading profit year (nearly $900,000 in profits, every trade detailed here yes I show my losses too) and my trading challenge students had a record trading year with more and more of them earning five and six-figure this year. If you’re just getting started, check out Penny Stocks 101.

The biggest thing for me this year was exposure thanks to the news spreading about my 2 official millionaire trading challenge students thanks to this CNN feature article and FOX interviews:

Not to mention my speech at Harvard University quickly going viral:

I’ve been in catch up mode ever since as I’ve been overwhelmed with new students wanting to learn (start here with these free video lessons)

Still 70% off here at http://howtomakemillions.com during the pre-sale for just the next 72 hours, I just released the first 11.5 hours of my ‘How To Make Millions’ charity DVD (all profits from the sale of this DVD will be donated to charity and we’ve raised $110,000 s far during the pre-sale!) which is my way of summarizing all of the lessons I’ve learned over 15 years and including lessons from 5 of the most successful other traders I know. This is by far my most comprehensive DVD and I’m really happy just getting all the info out there and not taking a dime off of it…it’s a good trend for the future! (hint hint).

I NEEDED desperately to make this DVD to answer far too many questions from everyone hitting me up daily and I love the early feedback so far:

I have been enjoying the How To Make Millions @timothysykes more quality work and you should be proud

Hey Tim, I know you probably get a million emails a day, but I just wanted to take a minute out of my day to let you know that the “How to Make Millions” DVD is great so far. I’ve been following you on and off the last couple years, and this is by the far the best I have seen you teach. I’ve learned so much already that I didn’t know, and I’m only on disc 2 about 30 min in. Great job Tim!! Thanks for your time. –B. Franks

11:56AMShayneL → timothysykes : Thank you for releasing the first part of the how to make millions dvd! DVD #2 especially helped the strategy finally click in my mind! I will most definitely use the info on my future trades.

The more people that watch this comprehensive DVD the happier I will be since it outlines EXACTLY how to find the best stocks, how to plan a trade beforehand with proper position sizing, risk management, and risk/reward – and contrary to what too many people think, a successful trade has only a little to do with whether or not you’re right about the stock, true success comes down to proper planning, discipline and execution.

There will ALWAYS be plenty of potential trades in the stock market, the question is will you be prepared to truly capitalize and profit on them?

With the markets on fire pretty much all throughout the year, that led to plays galore and I capitalized nicely on two $70,000ish profits HERE and HERE on both the long and short side all within a few days of each other.

More importantly, this was my 1st year ever where I didn’t have ANY big losses even though I did lose $10,000 HERE and $16,000 HERE breaking my rules (study all the rules here http://tim.ly/thebestrules ) as I am still prone to do (I’m only human).

And who can forget such incredible sector crazes like the marijuana stocks, Ebola stocks and police camera/equipment stocks all of which contributed to making 2014 so great…go see the 1-year charts of junk like MDBX, GRNH, PHOT, ISNS, DGLY, APT, VII, VSR, IBIO, LAKE and see if you notice any similarities to what I outlined EXACTLY HERE

Heading into 2015, anyone who has doubted the staying power of this bull market has been crushed and I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve replied to saying just go with the trend until it’s over (aka I made my first $800,000 buying breakouts in the 1999-2000 bubble market, which a lot of people did, but I kept all of my profits during the last 8 months of 2000 into 2002 because when the market changed so did…I didn’t try to anticipate any market change, just didn’t buy much during the bear market since I didn’t see the breakouts I previously had…thus forcing me to learn short selling and make my 2nd million!)

The bad news is I see more arrogant newbies than ever who are fully unprepared for adapting to new markets and even worse, the easy money made in 2014 makes people think it will always be this easy so there’s no need for discipline or to learn trading rules (WRONG!)

In the past year, we’ve seen countless penny stock promoters and financial websites come and go in terms of influence (kinda like what we’ll see in terms of traders making money when the market environment inevitably changed). The beginning of the year started with Seeking Alpha being a powerhouse stock influencer and now each new Seeking Alpha article matters little as they somehow screwed up their relationship with the almighty Yahoo! Finance.

The most consistent penny stock promoter has become StockTips.com and while they were difficult and choppy to buy on the way up, their last two pumps, ALKM and ECRY, have each crashed 50%+ insider of 2 hours on day 13 of the pumps and my top trading challenge students banked on both, making six figures in just a few hours. So yes, penny stock pump short selling predictability is at an all-time high.

Of course it’s just as frustrating as always to find shares to short and more people than ever have the wrong broker as they ignore this list of the best brokers for short selling but the good news in a few days I’ll be sharing a new broker I found to have shares to short of many pumps, not necessarily stocks under $1/share but a lot of the stocks that have become Supernovas in the $3-10/share range.

Most importantly, I’m excited for 2015 to be a year of giving back as I’ve had such an incredible adventure trading and now teaching – I’ll be doubling down on creating more millionaire trading challenge students with new tools and releases like this (new version coming in the next few weeks, its taken us months to build!) and my charity DVD here (remember it’s 70% off here for just 72 more hours) – is just the beginning of the Timothy Sykes Foundation and I hope to raise $2 million in 2015 so I can make more kids, and all those who haven’t been as fortunate as me, smile like this:

2015 will be another record year for my top trading challenge students and I no matter what happens in the markets because we’re prepared, we’re adaptable and we will capitalize on whatever new hot sectors pop up, on both the long and short side.

I fully predict to see more great emails like this from trading challenge students:

casey copy

Are you that prepared? If not, definitely apply here and let me help you…don’t come whining to me later on after you’ve missed the next hot sector, you should always prioritize and invest in your financial education now as opposed to later or else you waste money and opportunity which I absolutely hate!

As for my predictions on popular stocks like Facebook, twitter, Alibaba and the GDP, the economy, interest rates, China, Russia, the US Dollar, the Ruble, oil, gold, and every other guessing game where you have no edge whatsoever since you’re competing agains the smartest and richest people in the world, not to mention algorithms that you can’t predict, I abstain. If you think ANY of that shit matters, then go look up to your ugly-baling right-35%-to-45%-of-the-time TV stock-picking guru and join the 80-90% of losing traders and 96% of professional money managers who fail to beat the major indices year in year out…you’re all fools who love to gamble and prefer “action” over being disciplined and choosing high-odds trading setups with little competition from anyone other than poor, degenerate, desperate penny stock traders like my top trading challenge students and I do…that’s why we’re able to pull off exponential gains in our account when nobody else can…because the odds are in our favor on EVERY TRADE and if we’re disciplined, we let the odds do their thing and we get rich.

I’m excited to see more people in 2015 realize this and when you do, definitely apply here and I’ll un-brainwash you and change your life.

Happy New Year to all, let’s make 2015 an even better year than 2014!