Lessons From My 20+ Year Trading Journey {VIDEO}

Key Takeaways

  • I sit down with Dan Pipitone from TradeZero again and share 2 essential factors for better trading…
  • How I adapted in trading and life to find meaning beyond money.
  • Think you’ve got what it takes to succeed? Find out what sets winners apart…

I took a massive $500,000 loss early in my career. It scarred me — but also taught me important lessons. And, ultimately, it made me a better trader. Learn from my 20+ years of trading in the video below.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Public shame bruised my ego, but see how I turned big losses into big lessons.
  • Traders think a hot market makes trading easier — here’s why they’re dead wrong…
  • Don’t trade for quick money. Strive for something bigger instead…
  • Learn my #1 trading rule and how it can put you ahead of most traders who lose.
  • You have to adapt in life, just like in trading. Discover what inspired me to stop focusing on my profit and loss rates.
  • Learn the trait that sets successful traders apart from those who give up.
  • This industry is full of fakes and liars. Find out how my different approach has made me a better trader.

Learn all that and more from my 20+ years of experience in the video now:

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