20 Videos On The Stocks To Buy (How To Spot & Buy Breakouts)

I previously gave you this list of the 30 best video lessons on penny stock trading, but it’s a bull market and you need to learn how to buy breakouts now more than ever. So here are 20 great video lessons I’ve done regarding buying breakouts:

All you trading challenge students, watch these ALL this weekend, that’s gonna be your homework…the rest of you are too lazy so watch them all in the next few weeks please:

1. Video Lesson #7: The Single Most Reliable Trading Setup

2. Video Lesson #21: Consolidation Versus Topping Price Action

3. Video Lesson #169: Ye Olde Secondary Breakout Pattern189

4. Video Lesson #203 & #204: The Market, The Market, There She Blows! (10 Minutes)

5. Video Lesson #251: This Is A Pattern To Buy Not Short

6. Video Lessons #274-276: When To Sell An Overnight Position (15-Minutes)

7. Video Watchlist / Lesson #301: Now This Is A Pattern To Buy

8. Video Watchlist / Lessons #316-318: It’s The Pattern That’s Made Me Millions, Learn It Already!

9. Video Lessons #379-381: A PERFECT Earnings Breakout, How To Spot It & Why I Hate The West Coast

10. Video Watchlist/Lessons #435-437: EXACTLY What I Look For: Earnings Winners, Contract Winners & Pump & Dumps, Busy Week

11. Video Watchlist/Lessons #503-505: Respecting Key Levels & Price Action On One Long & One Short

12. Video Lessons #545-547: A Crazy Day Where I Made $5k As Did One Of My Students

13. Video Lesson #557-559: The Right & Wrong Way To Buy Breakouts

14. Video Lessons #632, 633: A Recipe For A Short Squeeze/Buy Setup

15. Video Lesson #688-690: How I Predicted The $NTE $AAPL Related 33% Spike

16. Video Lessons #725, 726: How I’ve Made $15k In 3 Days With Some PERFECT Patterns

17. Video Lessons #733-735: Key Indicators Used To Buy & Spot Multi-Day Runners

18. Video Lessons #760-762: A Superb Speculative Trade

19. Video Lessons #770, 771: Is This The Next Great $DDD $SSYS $ONVO 3D Printing Stock?

20. Video Lessons #775-777: How I Predicted $AVTC’s 20% Spike Today & What I Did Right & Wrong

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