20 Habits Of The Rich & Successful

So you want to be rich…just like me so you can have amazing cars like this:

…and so you can go to places like this:

…and be like this trading challenge student of mine too right?

…and be like this guy:

Well, there are several distinct habits that separate the rich from the poor. Think waking up a 7am is early enough?

Think again.

Want to spend your time watching reality TV rather than reading a book?

Ha, good luck with that.

Download this checklist of 20 habits of the rich & successful.

Here is a breakdown of the habits of the wealthy vs. the poor, according to a recent study by social media marketing company NowSourcing.

Keep in mind that the study also said there 31,680,000 millionaires and 1,426 billionaires (in 2013 U.S. dollars). Women make up 10% of the multimillionaire population worldwide (we need to step up ladies)!

You will notice that I have many of these habits.

81% of the rich have a to-do-list; 9% of the poor do.

44% of the rich wake up 3 hours before work; 3% of the poor do.

88% of the rich read 30 minutes or more each day; 2% of the poor do.

76% of the rich exercise aerobically 4 days a week; 23% of the poor do.

70% make their children volunteer for 10 or more hours every month; 3% of the poor do

65% of the rich watch 1 hour or less of TV a day; 24% of the poor do

10% of the rich watch reality TV; 77% of the poor do

80% of the rich focus on accomplishing a specific goal; 12% of the poor do

79% of the rich network 5 hours or more each month; 16% of the poor do

6% of the rich say what’s on their mind; 69% of the poor do

74% of the rich teach good daily success habits to their children; 1% of the poor do

84% of the rich believe good habits create opportunity luck; 4% of the poor do

76% of the rich believe bad habits create detrimental luck; 9% of the poor do

Where do most of the millionaires live?

Tokyo 461,000 millionaires
NYC has 389,000 millionaires
London has 281,000 millionaires
Paris has 219,000 millionaires
Frankfurt has 217,000 millionaires
Beijing has 213,000 millionaires
Osaka has 190,000 millionaires
Hong Kong has 187,000 millionaires
Shanghai has 166,000 millionaires

Were you born poor and think there is no way you can climb the ladder to the millionaire list?

There is hope, 68% of the 2013 Forbes 400 billionaire list are considered self-made billionaires.

What are some of the other habits that they have?

They are big calorie counters

Another study found that most wealthy people limit alcoholic consumption and keep junk food snacks to just 300 calories per day.

The person that conducted the study, CPA Tom Corley, said “Wealthy people are healthy people. To wealthy people being healthy is about making more money. If they’re healthy they have fewer sick days, they’re exercising, they have more energy, they maintain health their entire lives so they can work longer careers.”

For five years Corley studied the routines of the rich and the poor, tracking more than 200 activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty.

They also get things done right away rather than putting them off. The rich are goal-oriented and like accomplishing things.

According to Corley, roughly 67% of the wealthy put their goals into writing, while only 17% of the poor make this a habit.

Approximately 81% of the wealthy he researched maintain a daily to-do list, while less than 1% of the poor create such lists.

“The daily to-do list is one of the tools the wealthy use to avoid procrastination, accomplish their goals and maintain control over their day,” Corley said. The group Corley identified as wealthy set a goal of accomplishing 70–80% of the tasks on their daily to-do list. “Wealthy people understand that you cannot become wealthy if you procrastinate.”


3 reasons:

1. To-do lists give the wealthy control over their day.
2. These lists help accomplish an individual’s short-term and long-term goals.
3. Lastly, following a to-do list helps deter procrastination.

And lastly, here are some things they DON’T do.

  • They don’t retire when everyone else does. While the average American will stop working around the age of 61, the wealthy don’t plan on retiring until they are at least 70 years old. Lower-income groups—and even those considered “affluent”—plan to retire much younger. When asked “At what age do you expect to retire?” nearly one-third of those with annual earnings of $750,000 or more answered “over 70.” 15% of them say they never plan to retire. 6% of those making under $100,000 a year plan to retire after 70, and the same percentage say they never plan to retire. Most plan to retire by 65.
  • They don’t ignore job offers for lateral moves as long as there is further opportunity to move up.
  • They don’t buy when they can rent if they are going to be living in a place for less than 5 years.
  • They don’t just accept the first offer they see when shopping, they compare.

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  1. asd

    “They don’t buy when they can rent”.. Well now a days its actually cheaper to buy than to rent. Though if the person does plan on leaving after 5 years that makes sense.

    Good article overall
    i hope everyone who reads it understands that a to-do list is mandatory if you want to be successful.

  2. Tom G

    Well I have all of these habits and I hope continuing like this with time I’ll get there like other self-made people. Lots of people call me sad/boring because I blow off doing things or watching reality tv because I would rather read/watch my video lessons. Hopefully I have the last laugh later on…

  3. Hoa Nguyen

    This seems to be a different kind of post from you Tim. I like it. Need more like this. This is the kind of stuff i usually read on other money oriented sites. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Birgit

    Nice post Tim. Indeed you need a certain mental attitude and healthy lifestyle to persist. The way you teach and the knowledge you share is inspiring. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Belgium

  5. M4K

    Great list. My to-do list is currently getting through all your videos. I may not be the smartest person on the planet, but I am determined. Just thankful I found your program. Currently in your silver program and a bit overwhelmed at all the learning material you have, but thankful.

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