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How To Become A Millionaire Quickly

Ever since I turned $12,415 and turned it into $1.65 million in 4 years (fully audited) as detailed in my bestselling book “An American Hedge Fund” (which you can download for free HERE for a limited time), people have accused me of being a scam.

No matter the academic data in articles like this and my showing EVERY single trade it took to go from thousands to millions HERE, all of which happened before I had any students or anyone following me, and now having over a dozen trading challenge students profiting $100,000+ already just halfway through 2013 with not one but two eclipsing $600,000 in profits, after roughly 10 students made $100,000+ in 2012 (that’s right the pace is quickening thanks to the bull market and my lessons actually sinking in), some people still don’t believe me.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

They refuse to even look at my audits HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

How do I respond to the negativity?

With laughter…

I classified my 7 groups of haters HERE, but more importantly, I ENCOURAGE the hate/doubt because a.) it’s good entertainment b.) many people have been burned by penny stocks so they’re not even willing to hear me out, despite that what I teach works better on those who have been burned since my strategy is the opposite of what everyone else is doing with penny stocks c.) I don’t force anyone to become my student, if you doubt me and my results just move along and don’t waste my time…I’m not looking to change anyone’s mind, the cool thing about being 100% real is I have people BEGGING to be my student, I focus on those who want their lives to be changed, not worrying or even having time to change anyone’s mind as poor people often make ill-researched assumptions and arguing with them using logic is like trying to feed fat babies brussel sprouts when they just want Kit Kats and c.) it’s good for business as little do my haters realize they’re just playing their part in my multi-year rope-a-dope.


Allow me to explain…you might “get it” after you read this whole post:

While on a flight Friday, I made $3,000 on a trade straight out of this DVD study guide on a pattern I’ve been making millions off of for over a decade and teaching publicly for the past 5 years…had I not been flying forcing me to play it safe and close out the trade, it’ll probly be a $7,000-$10,000 profit this coming week.

But I’m not here to be a perfect trader, my goal is to be a perfect teacher and showing you that I can profit using the same old techniques no matter where I am or what I’m doing in the world…well, that has a certain value to a great many people who also live busy lives and would love to sneak in a few extra grand every now and then if they possessed the skills I’d love to teach them.

Heck, I had an incredibly busy July and I managed nearly $30,000 in trading profits!

As I posted on this amusing Facebook comment thread, I have a TON going on in my life, with mentoring my trading challenge students being priority #1 so that other people can experience the same turning a few thousand dollars into several million dollars phenomenon I’ve been fortunate enough to experience.

I’m well on my way to creating a millionaire as you can see by these videos:

..but I haven’t created a millionaire yet so the race is on to see who will be my first and who will a special prize in a similar vein to this $18,000 rare stock market book:

So only now am I seeing this review of my services posted all the way back in February 2012 by one of my current top trading challenge students in one of the above videos…but that’s how busy I really am, I’m literally years behind on some things on my to do list!

(I know, I know, I still have to detail my Maldives, Russia, Italy, Colombia and Panama trips and trust me, when you hear these stories, you’ll appreciate my taking the time to tell them the right way (I have tons of photos and videos that need editing if there are any editors out there who want the job of a lifetime, which includes ridiculous amounts of future luxury travel, contact me HERE)

But it’s worth reading this one review from 1.5 years ago because there’s a great lesson involved…it’s the same lesson related to this other blog post from another Challenge student entitled “How I Have Made $10k Shorting Penny Stocks thanks to Tim’s Trading Challenge

Read this review and see if you can guess the lesson:

…and the lesson is that small gains, and even small losses, over weeks and months don’t matter in the long run as long as the student is learning my strategy…as it’s the process and education which matter most as Tim Grittani left that positive, albeit not ecstatic, review of my teaching after he turned roughly $13,000 into $25,000 in 4 months after things started “clicking” and after several months of small losses of roughly $1,300 over 8 months prior!

Let me just copy and paste the last paragraph of the review again:

Let me conclude this review with my personal testimonial of what Tim has done for me. With 0 trading experience, I found Tim in February of 2011. I spent roughly eight months trading along with small position sizes and learning the strategy, finding myself down $1300ish as of October 2011. Then, things began to click, I began to understand the different strategies, and since October 2011 I have turned a $13,000 account into $25,000 with positions that are typically $4000 or smaller. Thank you Tim and Michael for all you have done to help me learn, I look forward to much continued success trading alongside you both!

And help you understand that I’ve written about him and his progress HERE and HERE

…so while he thought my teaching was validated when he basically doubled his money to $25,000 in 4 months, he had NO idea that he would soon be surpass $100,000 in profits in August 2012, or just 6 months after he left that review on Investimonials, as detailed in this great blog post “How My 22-Year-Old Student Tim G. Made $100,000

…nor could he ever imagine that he’d surpass $300,000 in profits less than one year later as detailed in this MUST READ POST where he gives 3 tips to new traders entitled “3 New Tips From A Penny Stock Trader Up $320,000 (Making $40k/Month Now)

../nor in his wildest dreams would he EVER imagine that just 2.5 years after starting studying with me and just 1.5 years after having just $25,000 in his account would he now be able to make over $200,000 IN ONE DAY, pushing his total profits with my strategy to over $600,000 as detailed in this post which should make you cry as it did me “How To Make $200,000 In One Day With Penny Stocks: A 3,000 Word Detailed Lesson

…and now within a month of crossing $600,000 in profits with my strategy, Tim Grittani is now closing in on $700,000 in total profits as you can see by his beautiful profit chart HERE

kroy 680k copy

You see that’s the beauty of my strategy; the process takes a few months or years to learn and perfect and then you can REALLY compound your account profits and exceed all your expectations…just like I have personally accomplished.

…and that’s why everyone’s gonna be pretty shocked in a few years when not just one of my top students is enjoying such incredible/unbelievable returns, but many more are too…which is why I brought up this blog post about another trading challenge student banking $10k with my strategy and being very excited about it.

That blog post was just 6 months ago and he has now surpassed $32,000 in profits with my strategy as you can see HERE and by this beautiful profit chart below:

ivan graph copy

Ivan too is well on his way to compounding his profits and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him over $100,000 in profits and then a million within a few months or years, especially in this bull market given how many Supernovas there are and SPECIFICALLY what I predicted would happen back in 2012:

PS In his review, Tim Grittani had one tip for me:

I only have one suggestion for Tim, and that is that he verifies his trades at all brokers where it is possible. Let me be 100% clear here, I believe every trade Tim says he has made and I am in no way accusing him of faking anything. However, to preach complete transparency and then fail to verify his own trades at the appropriate brokers sends a bit of a mixed message. I’m sure eventually he will take this step, I would just like to see it happen sooner rather than later.

A combination of not having enough time, having too many brokers and mainly just my wanting to FUCK with my haters and leading them to believe anything I do and teach isn’t 100% real means I will NEVER verify all my trades…unfortunately hate spreads much faster than love on the internet and my haters have been my single best tools for getting the word out about my strategy…hate me all you want…doubt me all you want…when more and more of my trading challenge students start becoming millionaires, it’s my haters, who have invested so much time and energy into thinking there’s some kind of conspiracy afoot, who will become my most dedicated believers, just like my friend, chat moderator and co-trading mentor Michael Goode who penned this infamous blog post saying that I was full of shit, before actually learning my strategy and making hundreds of thousands of dollars off my strategy and penning this blog post admitting my teaching works (as all my haters will eventually be forced to do publicly :))

Don’t you see? I LOVE the hate and the doubt; I EMBRACE the hate and the doubt…because I know what I teach is real and effective and it’s only a matter of time for EVERYONE to follow suit so I can say and do whatever the fuck I want to piss people off and get more attention in the meantime…my antics also have the effect of getting rid of people who are not serious about becoming rich with me since they are turned off by petty little things…which ultimately makes my life MUCH easier since the toughest part of my life is not finding stocks to trade, not profiting like usual, but finding DEDICATED students.

Ignore me at your own risk, hate me if you want, don’t bother watching my video lessons or applying for my trading challenge, you don’t get it — you’re not hurting me, you’re only hurting yourself…because when you do hear about Tim Grittani becoming a millionaire, then a multi-millionaire and others following suit, you’re gonna want in and you’re gonna have wasted months if not years waiting around missing out on learning and profiting due to your own stubbornness.

Checkmate…it’s good to be a multi-millionaire and to know that the process by which I got rich is teachable and better yet to know that I have created the tools to help people achieve it faster than they ever imagined.

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