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25 Lessons From My $25,000 In Trading Profits The Past 2 Weeks

UPDATE: Tim is now up $31,000+ during the first 2 weeks of November…you can see EVERY trade detailed HERE

As I told trading challenge students in a special webinar today and as those who read this blog post know, I was very excited to make $7k in one day last Friday and just yesterday I made another $7,500+, so now on top of a few other profitable trades my November profits are roughly $25,000 as you can see here.

Definitely read this post on 7 lessons from my making $7k in one day, here are 25 more lessons from my success the past 2 weeks:

1. As my $200,000+ in 2012 profits prove, successful trading profits are built over time…they come sporadically ONLY when there are great trading setups (for my strategy every few days or weeks), not on any schedule you think you can create.

2. Despite the impressive sounding $200k in profits in 2012 (roughly a 34% gain as the overall markets are only up 8%), I’ve had MONTHS of very little profits…see my September and October results of just $4k in profits…accept slow periods and do not force trades when no great ones exist.

3. ALL my biggest profits recently are patterns STRAIGHT out of my DVDs, namely PennyStocking Part Deux and the PennyStocking Framework…email admin@timothysykes.com if you want specials on these DVDs as they prepare you for these kinds of opportunities.

4. One of my profits shorting the pump and dump WNYN for $2,000+ in profits in less than an hour on just an $8,000 investment was the EXACT same as the pattern detailed in this blog post…memorize it and name your future kids after this pattern.

5. Some of my top trading challenge students also NAILED WNYN as you can see here:

6. Those two trading challenge students who also banked on WNYN with me are not random students…they keep profiting again and again and again as they have learned how to trade my strategy and now it’s just rinse and repeat. Read about Kroyrunner aka Tim Grittani in this great blog post how he made over $100,000 with my strategy and see a video I filmed with Mark Croock aka thehonestcroock here:

7. My profits are not dependent on the market going up or down…the US stock market has gotten crushed in November, but I’m doing better than ever.

8. You might rationalize that since I’m primarily a short seller of course I’m gonna do better when the markets go down…nope, my biggest win this month have been on this long position HERE…I am better at shorting, but I do buy too.

9. Buying earnings breakouts like these or breakouts with important positive catalysts (big contracts por ejemplo)

10. YOU CAN TRADE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, ALL YOU NEED IS WIFI!!!!! I’ve spent half of November in Colombia in this beautiful pimped out villa and made over $10,000 of the $25,000 while trading from that hammock and on our boat:

11. I didn’t use that much $ to make this $25,000…only one of my positions was even over $50,000, the rest were between $5,000 and $30,000…this isn’t a rich man’s game.

12. Only a few dozen trading challenge students were prepared for all these setups to hit one after another like dominos…guys, you need to prepare during the downtimes so you can be ready for the busy times…just as I stressed during my Vegas conference.

13. When there were solid plays like HGSH, WNYN, MIMV, CADC, everything else in my life got pushed aside…girls, friends, family…sorry, gotta make the money when there are ideal plays straight out of the textbooks I have created.

14. EVERYTHING starts with learning the basics, watch these 7 free video lessons and these 30 classic video lessons on penny stock trading.

15. None of my patterns are very difficult…when one of my haters emailed me saying “all of your chart patterns are gimmes, talk to me when you wanna trade real stuff”, I told him to fuck off because I like gimmes and so should you!

16. Understand that I’m not great at math nor did I perfectly time ANY of these trades or very many of the trades it took me to get to $2.9 million in career trading profits…I’ve left a ton of the table, but I aim to take the meat of the move and that meat has made me a multi-millionaire.

17. “Real traders” scoff at my bragging about $25k in profits over 2 weeks…understand I’m smalltime in the trading world and that’s fine because I’m not here to making tens of millions of dollars trading, my job is to teach you and I know that $25,000 in 2 weeks would change a lot of people’s lives.

18. These patterns will repeat again and again…so I must teach them again and again…until every last one of you is as prepared, if not more so, than me and my top trading challenge students.

19. A top trading challenge student who I can’t mention is also made $10,000+ on HGSH when I made slightly less…but he hasn’t updated his Profitly yet because he’s been busy playing a golf tournament in Jamaica…and congratulate him on being so good and lazy šŸ™‚

20. You can see his profit, it says $515,000 in profits, he’s really made $600,000+ with my strategy now…again, he’s been too busy living it up and doesn’t think that I will take my brand new $230,000 car and drive up to his little house in nowheresville Florida and get him on camera to tell the world how I have changed his life…he underestimates me, don’t make that mistake…

21. To all you trading challenge students out there, when my strategy makes you $600,000+ or God forbid $1 million expect to be paraded around like the monkey that you are and be thankful that you are now rich thanks to my hard work and vision… I will find you and I will make sure you tell the world about your success…I will fucken take up golf if I have to just to be your playing partner at all these golf tournaments you say you’re at.

22. $25,000 doesn’t change my life one bit, it just pisses me off that only myself and a few others understand how I did this while you’re perfectly capable of doing the same if not better.

23. To you bloggers out there, 25 lessons from some trades sounds like a good blog post, it’s not…there’s probly 10-12 solid lessons from these trades, but now I’m just rambling and ranting and while it might make my readers laugh a little, these last few bullet points are not true lessons…learn from my mistake.

24. Yes, my $200,000+ in profits this year is slightly below average, but thanks to the success of now over one dozen trading challenge students being up $100,000+ with my strategy, I’m spending more time than ever focused on educational tools…I love trading, but my students and teaching others to trade are my priorities.

25. My apologies for swearing, but this is why you should get into trading:

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  1. Yrag

    Working a 5 days per week 8:30 – 5:00 work day, what impact will that have on my ability to execute this strategy for meaningful profits? I will not have time to be logged on for the majority of the live trading hours. Any advice Tim, Anyone?

  2. timothysykes

    LOL please do tell me how it looks “fake”…he shows EVERY one of his trades, backed up by my DVDs, alerts and realtime commentary int eh chatroom..why won’t my haters ever get smarter? Perhaps go after ANY of the gurus who arent transparent, there’s a lot of them, go fetch

  3. Ron

    I too will be working but you get the news the night before the market opens. Then you place your trade that night and tell the system when to bail out… Either a safe 20% gain and exit or a 10% loss and exit… Check the action via your smart phone on breaks. That is my plan anyways… I cant start trading until end of next summer. I’m poor.

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