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The 17 Best Lessons To Remember In 2017

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Happy MLK Day! Every year we have this special day off to remind ourselves of a great American who fought for liberty and equality.  In the past, I’ve made analogies here with respect to the disgusting biases that exist in the finance world and Wall Street.

I know, I know, it’s not nearly as important as what MLK stood for, but it’s important to note, so that you can understand the opportunities that exist in the stock market thanks to this bias.

To celebrate MLK Day this year, though, I won’t give any corny speech.  To truly capitalize on the opportunities that I see unfolding every day lately, I want to review some basic lessons from the past year that I think are crucial to your eventual success.

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2016 is now over.  Hopefully, you read my blog post, “Reviewing My 2016 Performance” and saw my video below about my top trading challenge student making nearly $1 million:

…and now you see HUNDREDS of my students profiting every day now, as I outlined this video that surprised quite a few people:

(in the interest of time, I normally only feature 5-10 students per day, I’d have to do 90-minute daily video lessons to try to highlight everyone doing well.  Even then, I would miss many.  The beauty of my near decade of teaching FINALLY paying off)

…you know it was a VERY good year for myself and my students, thanks to some truly incredible stock market volatility in the last few months of the year that allowed junk penny stocks like DRYS to spike from $4 to $100+ in just 4 days and then come all the way back down just 4 days later and IDXG to spike from $1 to $20/share in just 3 days.

2017 has started out incredibly strong too, as we’ve seen SEVERAL incredible Supernovas on absolute junk biotech companies, like ETRM, which went from $2 to $30 in 4 days and now back to the $13s just 3 days later and DFFN, which just last week spiked from $2 to $15+/share in just 2 days, before crashing and burning like all the rest.

So, here are 17 lessons to help you crush it in 2017:

1. Focus on trading Supernovas…Just as I pointed out, DRYS, IDXG and ETRM above, their spikes also created dozens of sympathy plays that were also very volatile and you can ride them on the way up AND down…I’m better at riding them on the way down.  But, in 2016, I adapted to the price action and focused more on my longs, since frankly, short selling is very scary and dangerous right now, as several big short sellers can attest with their six and seven-figure losses underestimating too many of these Supernovas.

Too many people say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”  That’s because you haven’t studied the past, so it’s unsurprising that you’re unprepared for the present and the future…watch this guide ASAP and this one too (both on sale 50-70% off HERE for just 24 more hours) to see my hard work of cataloging DOZENS of these Supernovas from the past…no two are exactly alike, but at least you can have better odds of successfully trading current and future ones by seeing what the past ones did.

2. Be able to go long AND short on these Supernovas and their sympathy plays…while we each have our strengths and weaknesses, the best traders I see go both ways, people like my newest $700,000+ profit trading challenge student Steven, who just made $70,000 this past week:

3. Adapt to what’s working in the market right now…The market is always changing and while I have illustrated patterns that have worked in the past, there’s no guarantee that those patterns will work in the present and future. I know that makes you not want to even bother studying the past, but it’s important not just to memorize patterns, but to understand HOW they come about and WHY they’re working at any given time, so you can adapt to new ones quicker. As my top earning trading challenge student Steven put it:

4. Recognize patterns that are hot right now…I made a little over $1,000 on Friday, even while traveling, by focusing on a dip buying pattern that has been red-hot the past few weeks.  So, no matter where you’re trading from, if you understand what’s really working right now, you can capitalize quickly:

This morning I made $1,424 using just $16,000 of my new $800,000 #interactivebrokers account just minutes before boarding the #privatejet in the background…I’ve now made just under $20,000 in 2 weeks of #stocktrading with this larger account, still getting used to scaling up my size after years of trading small for my students, so leave a guess what you think my 2017 year end trading profits will be and I’ll give the winner a very nice prize! This is just your #dailyreminder to #dreambig and #studyhard because once you have knowledge you can create ANY life that you can dream up for yourself! #dailymotivation #workhardplayhard #privatejets #privatejetlife #itsgoodtobereal #fulltransparency #theonlywaytofly #jewjetting

A photo posted by Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) on

This pattern is on fire lately, so learn to identify recent multi-day winners and look to dip buy when you see overdone morning panics that are caused by stop loss selling:

5. You can trade stocks from ANYWHERE, you don’t need to be a slave to the stock market…I know some traders who refuse to go outside or live at all during market hours and while some of them make good $, they’re just well-paid slaves…don’t be like that, make the stock market work for you and your schedule:

Look at the crazy place I just did my last trade from:

6. Remember that while it sounds great to make a lot of $ from anywhere, 90%+ of traders LOSE, so if you want to be part of the 10% who profit, you need to do what the other 90% are unwilling to do: prepare, prepare, prepare ahead of time, test, test, test different strategies and theories and refine, refine, refine over time…think of yourself as a scientist.

7. Always be looking to get better, even when you’re making $, the market can change, your mindset can change, don’t take success for granted.  The stock market is a never-ending challenge and that is its gift and its curse.

8. Acquiring true financial knowledge and success takes time, you can’t expect to know everything and be wildly profitable in week 1, month and sometimes not even 1 year.  This is a marathon, not a sprint…read this great blog post about patience and remember this great “Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years” wasn’t eve profitable AT ALL until his 9th month!

9. The good news is while success does take time, if you prepare and focus on optimizing your strategy and trading over time, it can add up quickly, after year 1, year 2, year 3, like my trading challenge student Steven who just passed $600,000 in profits in December and now $700,000 in profits just 2 weeks later!

10. Don’t worry about what any other trader is making or losing…I know I bring up how much my top trading challenge students and I are making on any given day or week.  As I mentioned previously, Steven made nearly $70,000 last week, Tim Grittani made nearly $50,000, Mark Croock made $25,000ish, I made nearly $15,000.  But, the reason that I do that is not to get you to try to compete with us, but to inspire you and show you what’s possible! If you have a small account there’s no way you’re going to make this kind of money in the beginning.  Realize that and use our #s just as pure inspiration to study harder, so you can get your account size up and grow your knowledge account, too, so you can eventually earn a yearly salary in a week, like several of my top students and I do.

11. Practice makes perfect…don’t feel bad AT ALL if you’re trading with a small account or paper-trading and just practicing.  We all start somewhere and most of my top trading challenge students began with just a few thousand dollars. Some big time traders like to mock small time traders in chatrooms and on social media and it’s PATHETIC, but that’s the world of rich traders who, as a group, are the weirdest and most lacking-in-social-skills people you’ll ever hope to never meet…and so, they have to try to make themselves feel better by ripping on less wealthy, but far-more-well-adjusted people to make themselves feel better…and it usually doesn’t work, so they turn to drugs and alcohol.

If you ever see ANY big time trader ripping on a little guy, be sure to point this out to them and make them feel guilty over the pathetically selfish troll they’ve become.

12. Even when the market is closed you can practice and learn…as I pointed out in this must-watch video lesson don’t just practice when the stock market is open.  Treat nights, weekends and holidays as the off-season and really get ahead of your competition…read this tweet I just posted out-loud and please retweet it/favorite it too, so you don’t forget:

13. As you might be able to tell, if you want success in trading, you’re going to have to work your ass off for it.  If you’re not dedicated and just want hot stock picks, please leave my website ASAP and save us both a lot of hassle…no offense is taken.  I understand the plight of lazy people everywhere.  I just don’t tolerate it or have patience or time for it.

14. If you have any doubts about yourself and your abilities or me or my teachings, just don’t bother learning in the first place! I’m sorry to be rude and blunt, but nobody is forcing you to be my student and as difficult as it is to turn trading challenge students into millionaires from scratch, it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to do this if you have the wrong attitude from the get go which many people have…again, no offense intended and I really don’t care about your reasons/rationale, I just don’t have time to repeat myself over and over and waste time with any negative or doubtful BS. I won’t let any self-doubt/negativity to infect the rest of my hard-working students as your attitude directly influences your ability to actually achieve what seems impossible to most others. And the cool thing about my being real in an industry full of scams is I get to choose my students. So, if your lack of self-confidence/self-esteem issues or my swearing or grammar or typos or lack of organization or anything little like this makes you question your journey with me, just leave right now and save us both the trouble.  I don’t have time for that small irrelevant shit that distracts me from my overall goal of changing people’s lives who do believe in themselves and my teachings.

15. I can’t guarantee you profits, but I can guarantee you education as I will work 16-18 hours/day every damn day, no matter where I am in the world, trying to teach you every single thing I’ve learned over the past 2 decades and it’s my honor to teach and I’m SO grateful for those of you who do have the right attitude and are willing to study hard and be truly dedicated.

16. Live trading videos like this one just help your education big time and understand while I’ll post these roughly once per week going forward, my trading challenge students get 2-4 live trading webinars PER WEEK not just from me but also several other great penny stock traders, like Tim Grittani, Mark Croock and Michael Goode, hence why my trading challenge will continue creating more millionaires from scratch than anybody else in the entire financial education space.

17. Rule #1 about cutting losses quickly is NOT OPTIONAL…I saved the best for last, since it’s also the most important. I know many newbies and beginners are scared to lose $, you REALLY don’t need to be a gunslinger, you can trade very profitably trading like a coward and just cutting losses quickly when a stock starts going against you…even if you make back your $ after being down 30-50% on a stock as newbies often are, you’re playing with fire and while you might not get burnt right away, eventually you will and it’s due to your flawed thinking/methodology.

Be VERY careful on every trade.  By trading scared, you don’t have to be scared to trade…say that out-loud a few times and really think about what it means…I might be made fun of in the trading world, since I trade like such a coward, but I’m also one of the only guys who shows EVERY trade transparently and that’s because I REALLY don’t have any big losses, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed or stressed about…EVER!

See my latest video lesson below on how to trade stress-free.  There’s $ to be made on both longs and shorts, but the outcome of any one trade does not determine if it was a good trade or not, far too many newbies take HUGELY risky trades and they won’t even realize it, until it’s too late, when one of these risky-ass trade blows up in their face and then they understand they should’ve respected the market and the rules of this old cowardly stock trading veteran:

Trust me, there’s SO much money to be made in stock trading, and in being honest, if you stick around long enough so don’t let any one trade put you in the position of blowing up and making you miss the long-term profit opportunity in this profession.

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  1. Mark Tibbs

    Tim… every one of these make perfect sense! I’m only 3 months into my training and I have learned so much, made and lost some money, but overall I am not only becoming a better trader but a better person!

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  3. Ra Lovingsworth

    Good basic rules Tim, and it is the basics repeated over and over again that lead to embodiment and consistent success. I prefer going “long” but I haven’t watched your Shortstocking video nor do I have an Interactive Brokers account. So in due season I’m sure that I will like “shorting” as much as I prefer going “long.” Practice, practice, practice. Thanks again Tim for your hard work in teaching all of us. Peace be with you and yours.

  4. Ryan

    Yes, these make sense and I’m very much looking forward to growing my knowledge/trading accounts in 2017!

  5. Tony Ashcraft

    I did not realize i was a loose cannon when it came to picking trades. I was all over the place and getting lucky with zero structure. That luck ran out when I began to trade more often. My win percentage has increased drastically with your rules and structure after two months if studying hard, watching the dvd’s, learning from your live video lessons and I can honestly say I am on my way to a million! I just hope I get to prove it to you sooner than later.

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