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Yesterday was a an $2200ish profit day for subscribers and I (realized profits of $1900ish for me):

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Willow Creek Enterprises Inc (WLOC) and Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc (COUGF) are both still near their highs, ‘tis the season to be pumping…inevitable shorts, but I’m glad that biotech’s are so hot, my attention is elsewhere right now.

ALAMO ENERGY CORP (ALME) and CrowdGather Inc (CRWG) are two paid pumps from the past, but both are now moving up steadily thanks to the concerted efforts of more paid promoters…the SEC is powerless to stop them, thankfully so for they will soon both be great shorts….ALFSS

Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd (FFHL) did break below the key $4 support, but it didn’t crack big and there didn’t seem to be any stop losses that typically get triggered…blame it on the bull market and the stock’s strong multi-week uptrend…no play when there are literally half a dozen better plays tomorrow.

AVALON RARE METALS (AVL) and Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) both continued breaking out to new highs…over-aggressive short sellers simply don’t learn how far these sector plays can go…AVL was actually a solid potential buy once it broke out past $5, but it spiked to $5.75 inside of an hour and held there all day long so it’s tough to buy now that’s broken out so much…potential shorts eventually, but I’m in no rush.

Snap Interactive Inc (STVI) is now up from 25 cents/share to $1.25 in 2 days after this Bloomberg article about how their online dating Facebook app is getting 50k new users every day…more than double Match.com….this could keep going, but it’s just due to media hype so I’ll be looking to short it eventually (possibly too late to buy…kills me that I haven’t gotten my longer term newsletter up and running yet (it’s a few weeks away from launch now, see how you can get it for free) as this was one of the few that I’ve been watching for ages

Local.com Corp. (LOCM), SuperMedia Inc (SPMD) and Dex One Corporation (DEXO) were all choppy yet again, but they stay on the watchlist because once the Google/Groupon deal or a similar deal is announced, I think these wannabes still get crushed…right now, they are all still January Effect candidates

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC), Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) and Clean Power Concepts Inc (CPOW) were the three biggest winners around, as often happens before these kinds of pumps become the best shorts…all are potential shorts, RPRX already had a nice fade below support at 4

XOMA Limited (XOMA) and Hyperdynamics Corporation (HDY) both faded after initial morning panics then morning spikes…HDY got stronger through the day, XOMA got weaker…I locked in $2k in VERY scared profits on XOMA, nailing the morning spike as a top, but covering for a wimpy 20 cents/share when it dropped 80+ cents/share within a few hours…late day short I covered afterhours as I saw my morning flight was not delayed as I had been expecting…afterhours news of insiders selling also gave me a little profit, but I’m just never gonna be a great trader of real companies so I trade conservatively.

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  1. Guest

    “ll be looking to short it eventually (possibly too late to buy…kills me that I haven’t gotten my longer term newsletter up and running yet (it’s a few weeks away from launch now, see how you can get it for free) as this was one of the few that I’ve been watching for ages”

    Wouldn’t it be conflict of interests to pick STVI in a long term newsletter and then say you are looking to short it in the trading newsletter?

  2. Anonymous

    the longterm newsletter is not for me to take positions in, its purely stock picking for stocks i think have great potential to spike on longs and drop on shorts over time…trading is a different thing entirely

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