15 Confessions From The Past Week Since I've Been In Russia - Timothy Sykes

15 Confessions From The Past Week Since I’ve Been In Russia

In the spirit of yet another great blog post from James “Too Old To Look Like Harry Potter” Altucher on how most things don’t work out in the end and this video of when a penny stock promoter confessed his sins to me:

…here is a list of things I’m confessing to as I sit here sick as a dog in St. Petersberg thanks to the incredible pollution, my lack of sleep due to my newfound love of Beluga Gold vodka, jet lag and the crazy stock market hours here mixed in with too many projects I have going on like my trading challenge, Profitly, Profiding, Investimonials and the lack of any truly cold beverages in this strange but fascinating country.

1. Because I’m sick there’s no webinars this week…not for trading challenge students, not for Penny Stock Millionaire subscribers and no LiveStock…sorry but I do too much for my subscribers, gotta take care of myself sometimes too.

2. Thanks to my comprehensive blog post on the best online discount brokers I use and recommend, my daily email counts has now dropped below the key 2,000/day level, albeit slightly, thank the lord…I should have done that post far sooner.

3. I cannot believe I missed the company president of Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG), aka the Justin Bieber pump, having a felony conviction…congrats to the random Florida blogger who discovered it…I wonder if he got served a cease & desist letter too…in any case, I’ll be posting my response publicly, just as I did with Shaquille O’Neal’s pump who is now retiring and his pump is down 99%…I might even make a video spoof for this one, whatcha think, leave a comment below if you wanna see my Bieber impression!

4. I TOTALLY missed being short ahead of the SEC trading halt issued just yesterday on the blatant pump & dump Uniontown Energy Inc (UTOG) and the drop from the $2s to the mid $1s in Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN) but several of my hardest learning PennyStocking Silver subscribers and trading challenge students nailed it…I confess to being a shitty trader (as I’ve always said) but a solid teacher…I swear on my life.

When UTOG likely resumes trading down 50%+ in a few weeks, remember I did short the stock at $1.60 expecting this very thing to happen back in May, but I got scared out by a slight price spike and lost a few hundred bucks.…it’s been a few months since the SEC has halted a blatant pump, I remember the last time I was short a pump through a halt…I covered my short position at 3 cents per share for a mammoth % gain, good times, thanks criminals!

This PennyStocking PRO subscriber is up just under $10,000 on two pump & dump trades: (contact me if you want to know more about PRO and why it’s well worth its $1,500/month)

Sym Acct Pos Last Chg PosAvgPrc $Unreal $Real $Total P/L
(41000) 1.6888 8,650.00 660.00 9,310.00

JAMN (18000) 1.9300 6,120.00 660.00 $6,780.00
ESYL (23000) 1.5000 2,530.00 0.00 $ 2,530.00

A few others are positioned perfectly too:

Glad to be short $JAMN and REALLY glad to be short $UTOG Thx @timothysykesless than a minute ago via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

$UTOG halted – glad to be short baby!!!!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

5. The reason why I missed both UTOG and JAMN is because both stocks were mid-range, which is something I usually ignore just out of respect for my time (when I’m in a trade I can’t help but watch every trade…yes I know it’s a problem)…guess what: there’s a whole longer term strategy in my teaching that most people haven’t even thought about yet!)

6. I can no longer drink any other kind of Vodka other than Beluga Gold

7. I now prefer chasing my shots of vodka with raw fish, pickles and potatoes…it sounds gross, but it’s actually delicious.

8. I will soon be posting a detailed blog post with pictures of how my dad had too much to drink and had to be carried out of Pacha in Moscow…and you will laugh, look at all these youngsters from United Traders who took us out:

United Traders

United Traders

9. I missed buying the breakout above $10.50 in Zagg Inc (ZAGG) but alerted PennyStocking Silver subscribers about the breakout, several of whom profited now that its nearly $11.50 so I don’t feel so bad for being my typically hesitant self

10. My first lawsuit is here and I can’t say anything more about it for now…oh how I’d like to though.

11. I’m not gonna take in any sights in this city, walking around Moscow for a few hours the other day is basically what got me sick, the EPA would have a field day here….seriously WTF!

12. Two penny stock promoters have made up some pretty serious lies about me HERE and HERE..given my numerous projects and especially the ones you don’t know about, it’s an utter waste of time for me to respond and yet I simply will not tolerate boldfaced lies from snakes like this…welcome to the gutter, I’ll respond next week.

13. I had NO idea that myself @foustockpicks @investorslive @kunal00 and @mb_willoughby aka “little girl trader” were so popular here, read this post, pretty fucken funny. TAGILLLLL!

14. I half expected to be hurt or at least threatened by some promoters while in Russia, but decided to risk it anyway because if any promoter does want to hurt me, I can reason with him and make him understand that I’m not out to expose pump and dumpers or shut them down, just teach people to be less sucker-like…and after all I buy pumps too….and we all know no matter how hard I try, I will forever only reach a small portion of the penny stock population with my education, the vast majority investing using a lotto-like strategy that is truly fundamentally flawed.

15. Yes I did buy the blatant pump & dump THE BRAINY BRANDS (TBBC) at $1.57 due to the perfect technical breakout and made a few hundred bucks despite being wrong about the rumors regarding a big promotional mailing campaign going out over last weekend…there are 2 misconceptions a. (my selling at $1.60ish caused the selloff from the $1.60 area to the $1.30 area…wrong, it didn’t drop 20% until 24 hours after I was gone and my quick sell on a failed breakout is the SAME exact strategy I’ve always taught in my DVDs, past trades and blog posts and videos…look up KNKT (yup I was long on crack day), JBII and OPMG to name a few…the people spreading these lies are stock promoters looking to discredit me…they have no shame and that’s why they must be treated like the vermin that they are and b.) I should stick to shorting pumps, not buying them.

Sorry, NOBODY gets to tell me to change a trading strategy that has made me millions over the past decade, especially not newbs and stock promoters, for whom my respect is about equal to the chances of stock promoters not spending an eternity burning in hell aka slim to none and contrary to misinformation I made $1+ million BUYING penny pumps and have ALWAYS taught this simple breakout buying pattern while also explaing that yes, these companies suck, see an example from 3 years ago. In that case I also made $ because there were no shares to short and I sold quick.

Long story short, I’m not a great trader, but my education is PRICELESS and PennyStocking Silver subscribers now have 30+ hours of instructional video lessons with more coming each week on top of the real-time trading alerts, daily watchlists, daily video watchlists and access to the chatroom…I dare anyone to find a better value on the internet for just $99/month.

Thats right my main confession is that I am the hardest working, best teaching, most comprehensive penny stock trader on this planet…perhaps in all of trading…perhaps in all the stock market…perhaps in all the gurus.

Ignore my experience and lessons at your own risk and if you want to lie about me, go right ahead but prepared for me to take you down as I do a Beluga Gold shot with raw motherfucken herring, pickles and potatoes as I show ALL my trades, have 5,000+ blog posts now backing up every single motherfucken thing I say and teach and the best part is that despite my diligence, less than a handful of people have ever put the time into learning all the subtleties of my strategy…the rest make assumptions and half assed efforts and because of that, I confess, I would short sell the entire human race if I could because most of you are true pieces of shit who don’t deserve my teaching and you don’t deserve to make money consistently.

Bless me Father for the vast majority of YOU have sinned, not I.

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  1. Choimaison

    took 30+ % on JAMN short. My order didnt get filled at 2.72 but i didnt missed it @ 1.90.


  2. Stepan

    lol, i hadnt visit you this time in Moscow, Timothy, but hope next time if u will visit Moscow again, i’ll visit your lessons and partyes)))

  3. Jrkerrod

    Looks like the party is over for you Tim both physically and mentally.  I’m sorry to see and hear you are giving up on trading except for shorting.  I was hoping you would be able to show me how to make money the old fashioned way, earning it as you find those companies that are small at this time but will prosper in the future.  It’s easy to bash and cause the stock to fall by selling something you never even owned. How this is legal is beyond me.  Oh well, hurry home and I hope you feel better and appreciate the good old USA. 

  4. Jrkerrod

    PS New just out!!!!   Bieber adds bottle of Beluga Gold Vodka to each case of Phoneguard.  Sweet, now just write a new article on how you love opmg and we can see this baby fly tomorrow as it is also the last trading day before the promo begins.  I bet this stock could hit a buck with that news.

  5. Anonymous

    actually 1/3 of my trades are buys, but its tough for illiterate people to understand…and PS ye sits legal to expose red flags in a company’s sec filings, instead of this shit i get, u people should be thanking me

  6. Anonymous

    and remember i called OPMG a potential buy not a short from the very beginning, people just dont understand that given my research which is why there will always be idiots in penny stocks and while i try to help, even my education tools are too little too late

  7. Jrkerrod

    come on, talk about being a pumper, you are the master pumper, oh yea but you call it a “technical breakout” and then turn around to short it, gimme a break. your job is so freaking easy it makes me laugh

  8. Anonymous

    do tell me when i bought the breakout and shorted it? i only bought the breakout, since day 1 i’ve said OPMG is not a short, why are u guys so illiterate, very sad

  9. guest

    hey i’m Russian from Moscow but didn’t even know you’re here..glad that you tried beluga vodka 😉

  10. Jason Bugra

    Ahaha your bashers would suck you off if they saw you in person. Your skills in trading are great, ppl will bash you because they followed your recommendation but had no own principle to it. It’s pathetic they blame you for their losses. But anyways Timothy come to Canada/Vancouver one day, and we will give you real vodka 😉 Even our worldwide known BC kush… 🙂

  11. Carl A. Perry Sr

    You are the real shit, fuck them haters Tim get yo cheddar bro and for all that follow your trades it`s time to get rich…….

  12. Ahpen48

    Yes would love to c that spoof! Hope U had a relatively good time in Russia, get well soon.

    “I might even make a video spoof for this one, whatcha think, leave a comment below if you wanna see my Bieber impression!”

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  14. Praxis 2 flashcards

    It has been long since I’ve written. And it is with great sadness, I confess, to reveal that I have not been tangoing as much as I could, as I should, as I would like to. Life got in the way. And life continues to get in the way. …. I went to Nora’s Weekend & Week last year & the teachers were great. We have some of the same from maestros from last year and some new. 

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