$12k In Profits Along With 10 Cheap Stocks To Buy & Short Sell

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 2AM this morning (the daily video watchlist of the 2 best stocks were sent to PennyStocking Silver Subscribers):

Wanna intern for me?

Please memorize this chart pattern (explained at length in my 10 DVDs)

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $132,158, no trades/positions, this account is up 29% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and up 964% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $209,961, no trades/positions, account is up 82% since Nov. 2009 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $183,000ish, down $900ish shorting ANTS, account is up 23% since May 2009 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $62,802, made $2.3k shorting CHGY, account is up 26% since Nov. 2009 start

Wow, today was a $12,000ish profit day ($1,400ish profit day for me (made $2.3k shorting CHGY, down $900ish on my ANTS short) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

Made $540 shorting APPY. Thx. Tim!

+923 on INKND, paid for 1 trip to Alinea for me and my lovely wife

+1,860 TRMA

+1390 TRMA

APPY +400

$165 ANTS unrealized; CHGY +110, INKND +93.40

+276 CHGY -26 ANTS

+440 KERX

Covered APPY +202 should have covered

+1480 on APPY. Got taken away on a FTD

Profited $1200 on CHGY. Thank You

+110 CHGY

+140 on CHGY….-235 o/n on ANTS

Dear diary, Today I made $700 on TRMA.

TRMA: +$899.50 gain

+130 APPY, +100 CHGY

+230 CHGY

InterMune, Inc. (ITMN) since the stock is down from the 40s to the 10 area afterhours after getting rejected by the FDA, I can already envision tons of jackals trying to buy it for a bounce…not for me at all, I’ve seen tons of crashes and very few have above average predictability/are worth the risk…there are very distinct patterns responsible for me becoming a millionaire, buying FDA rejection bounces is not one of them.

Download a PDF version of this post.

Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. (INKND) proved itself a paid promo stock EXACTLY like MDCE and ECOB which both eventually fell 70%+…this is the most “gimme” of a short as it’ll drop 30-60% from here, but unfortunately everyone knows it so shares will be difficult if not impossible to come by….thanks a lot Sykes for teaching everyone!

ANTs Software Inc. (ANTS) I shorted the first down day of this old pumper, but it trades in annoying fashion…I’ll try to give it some time for the volume to continue to fade, but if it starts spiking, I will get out and look to reshort at higher prices…nice chart for a retrace, gotta repeat patience, patience, patience over and over in my head as this is already a near $200 million company, goal is still to cover into panic, CHGY-style…watch it very carefully.

Lucas Energy, Inc. (LEI) looked like it would have its first down day all day, but it never could get much downside momentum and actually squeezed a ton of shorts late day…I dislike playing energy stocks, especially when there is a massive spill going on…I would love to see this keep surging to the 3 range and short then after the over-eager short sellers all squeeze themselves out of their position..

Li-ion Motors Corp. (LMCO) volume continues to fade and the stock dropped a bit…shares were available to short at Interactive Brokers so while it’s tempting, I am praying for another wave of pumping before this is all over…I truly despise shorting stocks under $2/share, just not enough downside to merit the risk.

AspenBio Pharma, Inc. (APPY) continued to be choppy in a bigtime down market…rather impressive for a stock that recently did a financing but upcoming earnings and FDA news makes short sellers scared…rightfully so..I doubt I will trade this again until the upcoming news has passed.

Positron Corp. (POSC) dropped nearly 10% in anticipation of the big nes conference tomorrow…LOL, even BiomedReports said they might sell on the news despite text messaging and posting everyone to death about how great this news will be…what a total bust…typical penny stock pumpers…I don’t care whether you get compensated or not, you use stock promoter tactics, you deserve to be called a pumper…just like Lionmaster…funny thing is neither Garza nor Lionmaster is brave/transparent/honest enough to tell us their position sizes but given all the effort they put into repeatedly pumping the stocks they’re long, you gotta figure their positions are massive…too bad we’ll never know because they’re both cowards. I pray this news conference has a big announcement and we can get a big spike on POSC to short into, but sadly, they’ll likely disappoint and the stock will fade 3-6 cents/share, not worth my time.

China Energy Corp. (CHGY) dropped nicely on a morning panic and I had to take advantage because their competitor LLE actually reported solid earnings, thus making me a bit scared to hold this one short even though as it turned out, I played it overly safe by covering at 2.32 as it dropped down near my initial target of 2 before rebounding a bit…great setup, I could do a trade on this chart pattern/poor earnings after a big runup a hundred times and I’ll win 80 or 90% of the time…great lesson for all of you too, o play now although it’ll probly keep dropping a bit more given the market and setup

The Tradeshow Marketing Company, Ltd. (TSHO) is an old promoted stock that the longs couldn’t understand why I was so against it in the $1s…then they did a toxic financing and the stock has crashed 90%…now a slight double from 25 cents/share to 50 cents/share and all the same gullible people think it can keep surging…wrong…I wish it had more pump in the tank, but it looks like this is just a dead pump bounce…hardly worth my time shorting a stock so low….if anyone knows them, tell them to pay SkyMark Research $5,000/month again, probly gotta get it up to $20-50k/month to be able to find enough buyers to overwhelm all the bitter “investors” stuck in this carcass.

Paradigm Oil and Gas, Inc. (PDGO) a few random posters have posted this is the next big runner…I dunno about that, already up from 50 cents/share to 1.50 in a nasty market, it did breakout today to 1.65 so 2 looks doable, but I’m more interested in shorting after its all over as even a cursory glance at the company’s filings makes me smile with all their skeletons…potential short eventually ☺

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