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12 Interesting Penny Stocks I’m Watching & $5,000 In Gains

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 9pm EST last night, right around when most poor penny stock investors were guessing about some silly penny stock like Biocentric Energy Holdings, Inc. (BEHL):

You now watch Friday’s LiveStock and Tweet about it or to ask any questions whatsoever for me to answer next week!

TIM trading account—now stands at $92,304, I made approximately $2,000 on my QXM short, this account was up 14% in October, up 117% in 2009 and up 644% in the last 2 years

Longer Term Account $166,101, no trades, no positions, account is up 21% since May 1st, 2009 inception…you can auto-trade this account by chatting with Covestor here

A few exceptional TIMalert subscribers and I made approximately $5,000 on Friday:

Short 4.79, cover 4.26 for $500ish gain for QXM

Shorted 5000 share AVOE @ $1 Yesterday
got out @ .84 niceeeeee 19% gain niceeee finally I got it
$950 niceeeeee

+$200 on QXM very nice out 4.16

meh; out GHLV +$127

+128 $ on QXM

Profit $576 on QXM Thanks Tim.

+155 QXM

+$143 BC taking the easy profit

Sold bcb(cott) +$300 from tim’s alert, thx tim.

$160 loss on CVM. They got news and the shorts were squeezed a bit. Looked very nice yesterday.

+$50 COT, take the easy profit, the panic is not happening

Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. (QXM) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Sonic Solutions (SNIC) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

GC CHINA TURBINE (GCHT) one of the latest blatant pump & dumps dropped 80 cents/share to $2.90 on Friday….that’s what pump & dumps do after the pump, they dump….ashame that there were only a few thousand shares available to short, but some TIMalert subcribers did profit form that drop…further potential downside, but the price action could be choppy a la AWSL so I’m not so excited to short now…ideally it can spike back a little to provide a nice shorting opportunity for me, c’mon pumpers, you know who you are!

Vermillion, Inc. (VRMLQ) and Zagg Inc. (ZAGG) are for TIMalert subscribers only!

Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Ocean Power Technologies, Inc. (OPTT) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Clear-Lite Holdings Inc (CLRH) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Imaging3, Inc. (IMGG) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Nature Of Beauty Ltd (BOCL) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (NWBO) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

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