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12 Free Educational Videos To Celebrate Memorial Day

I always celebrate Memorial Day as you can see in blog posts like these “How To Truly Celebrate Memorial Day & Enjoy Our Freedom (Also Links To My 30 Best Video Lessons)” and “10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day” since we are so fortunate to live in a world where the poorest person can rise up to become the richest, most powerful and influential person due to their own hard work and ambition all because our brave servicemen and service women have been willing to devote their lives to afford us our freedom. We don’t think about this enough and that’s sad.

All those who serve our great country should be congratulated far more often and I’m proud to teach hundreds of you guys as trading challenge students since you are severely underpaid for your efforts and the risks that you take!

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But this Memorial Day weekend is perhaps my most memorable since out of the blue, in the past 3 days I’ve gotten over 30,000+ new social media followers after being dubbed “The Wolf Of instagram” by Business Insider, The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror, see the articles below:

Meet the multimillionaire Instagrammer who claims he can turn your ‘pennies into millions‘”

Wolf of Instagram: Millionaire showoff gains 260,000 followers claiming he can teach YOU how to get rich quick”

The Wolf of Instagram: Millionaire trader claims he can teach anyone how to get rich and posts pictures of his fast cars, bling watches and model girlfriend to prove it

I was initially pretty pissed at the nickname since it’s due to the fact that I trade penny stocks like The Wolf Of Wall Street, although he pumped them up and scammed his customers out of hundreds of millions of dollars, and is a career criminal as I wrote about in “The Wolf Of Wall Street’s New Scheme” whereas I actually educate people how to spot scams, how to profit by short selling the scams/pump & dumps, as I showed in several live penny stock trades HERE, and have actually created several millionaire trading challenge students as featured on CNN and FOX as you can see below:

Trader turns $1,500 to $1 million in 3 years

…and have dozens of students making six figures/year like these guys

Mark Croock, The Penny Stock Trader Now Up $341,000

My Harvard University Talk & The Student Who Named His Son After Me

But after seeing the comments from all my new social media followers who are surprisingly more positive than most, I realized it’s better to suck up the misguided comparison and focus on doing what I do best, trading and teaching transparently. After all, I post these photos and videos of my truly blessed life like these:

…to inspire my students to study harder so any major media publication that helps me get the word out is okay by me since when these new followers become my students, I can focus their attention on what really matters, videos like these:

And the money that I have made from trading, and now teaching too, I have spent on myself, my family and my incredible fiancee, but I’ve also started my own charitable foundation, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, as I announced HERE and in the past few months, I’ve been donating $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000 at a time to deserving individuals which has been truly fulfilling:

So let the press call me whatever they want, all I want to do is teach and get the word out so my teachings can help people from getting scammed by unethical penny stock promoters and to help you guys understand just how great my trading challenge is, aside from the student testimonials you can read HERE and HERE, I’ve now released 3 live trading webinars to give you a taste of the weekly webinars my students get, not just from me, but also my first millionaire student HERE and my second millionaire student HERE

That’s right, not only does my strategy create millionaires, my philosophy of paying it forward to help others in in full effect so all my top students give weekly and bi-monthly webinars to other trading challenge students and THAT is why my teachings are spreading like wildfire

If you want to learn from proven millionaire traders, apply for my trading challenge and my team will interview you and you had better impress them or else you will get rejected like so many do since we have ZERO tolerance for people who aren’t serious about their education.

If you’re unsure or have any doubts whatsoever about me and my teachings, it’s okay, seriously…I just ask that you don’t waste my team’s or my time since we are overwhelmed by dedicated students and it’s those people who we want to focus on…penny stock trading isn’t for everyone and I’ll be sure to wave hello while I fly over your town/city during my next private jet trip 🙂

God bless all you who help protect our great country, if you ever see me in person, come up to me and introduce yourself as a few people in the LA area did yesterday and I rewarded them each with a few hundred bucks to help them and their families out a little bit…if you want free lessons instead of cash, which I think is the right choice, please watch these free penny stock basics videos HERE and 400+ free videos HERE

Thank you Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Business Insider for helping me get the word out about my life/teachings…I could always just trade alone and make mid-six figures/year like I did before starting teaching a few years ago, but that’s boring and unfulfilling – seeing more and more of my trading challenge students begin with a few thousand dollars to their name, just as I did, and grow it to five, six and now even seven figures within a few years…well, it’s made my life so much more fulfilling and exciting and I’m SO excited to keep working my ass off to create more millionaires.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy financial freedom and that is a worthwhile goal to strive for as once you have the money you can spend it however you want, on your loved ones, new cars, new houses, trips, charity, pets, whatever you want…and that’s an amazing feeling I want everyone reading this to experience!

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