11 Crazy Places My Students And I Have Traded From [PHOTOS AND VIDEOS] - Timothy Sykes

11 Crazy Places My Students And I Have Traded From [PHOTOS AND VIDEOS]

As top traders and my trading challenge students and I have learned, one of the best things about profiting form the stock market is that you can do it from ANYWHERE there’s an internet connection.

Thanks to new technologies and better wifi, this literally opens up A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve traded from? Post in the comments section or email me HERE with pictures/videos as I LOVE featuring them and inspiring others!

In fact I have an upcoming website called YESMama that will dedicated to this very subject šŸ™‚

Here are a few crazy places subscribers of my 4 newsletters and I have traded from.

Please do vote on which one will should be titled “The Official Craziest Place To Trade From”

Which is the craziest place to trade from?
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…here are the contenders:

1. I made $30,000 in one day from this New Jersey gas station/rest stop

2. How we made $20,000+ when I was trading from my local Whole Foods

3. How one of my trading challenge students who started with just $500 a few months before made $5,000+ while waiting in line at the DMV

4. Ahhhhh Venice…here’s a photo of the beautiful restaurant from where I traded, I still have to upload the video.

5. As I wrote about in this inspiring blog post, one of my trading challenge students just happens to be a Green Beret, here’s a pic of him trading on duty

6. This $2,000+ profit was done on from beachfront hotel in Brazil:

7. I had a nice little trade in Mykonos, Greece:

8. I traded my way to nearly $10,000 in profits during the 2 weeks I spent at the St. Regis Bali

9. My trading profits have consistently been $300,000+/year even as I teach 2,000+ students full-time from my pimp Central Park pad:

10. I was trading BVSN like a madman in Miami, eventually personally profiting $70,000+ as Profitly members have made nearly $500,000 on that one.

11. Making nearly $2,000 on the day form my Vegassssss penthouse villa:

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  1. nola

    I made a trade on a line boat towing barges on the Mississippi River via suretrader app on iPhone

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