10 Penny Stocks To Watch This Week & Our 4th Day In A Row Of $7,000 Profits - Timothy Sykes

10 Penny Stocks To Watch This Week & Our 4th Day In A Row Of $7,000 Profits

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 5PM EST while you were busy checking useless opinions from stock promoters & suckers on Spongetech Delivery Systems Inc. (SPNG):

REMEMBER: You have until Friday November 6th to pre-order any/all of my 4 new instructional DVDs to get access to special FREE followup webinars on each topic…these instructional DVD packages will help you get smarter faster, saving you from thousands of dollars in ignorant trading losses

Interactive Brokers just made it easier to short hard-to-borrow stocks…really only for people with over $100,000 in their accounts, namely my account which you can auto-trade by talking to the Covestor peeps HERE

TIM trading account—now stands at $90,368, I made a total of $800ish on my DDRX long, no open positions, this account was up 14% in October, up 112% in 2009 and up 628% in the last 2 years

Longer Term Account $164,663, no trades yesterday, no positions, 100% cash, account is up 20% since May 1st, 2009 inception…you can auto-trade this account by chatting with Covestor here

Our 4th day in a row $7,000ish gains for TIMalert subscribers and I, weeeeeird:

Covered JADE for a $1,230ish profit .. tru pennystock action…USEG shorted this morning again and covered before close at another $430 profit.

+$648 on TNUS … bought 2k more in pre at $1.00 … sold at avg of $1.148

+$430 on TNUS in @.99 out at @1.15 avg.

TNUS long @0.99, out @1.23, +$230

Good call on TNUS, made quick $150 … thanks! Forgot to say: $502.30 DDRX profit 🙂

USEG short @5,69, covered @5,56. +$110. Too much orders below @5,55.

+$180 on rev

Sold the remaining DDRX for $30 loss. Overall, still made $1050 with DDRX from yesterday +$110 on TNUS. (apparently I sold too early)

i am up unrealize $500+ on GGC. can go lower if it cracks 15

+$180 on CTS short, had to hold for two days but was never in the red.
Thanks Tim!

+$221 on a small and very quick play of TNUS.

Bought 1200 shares of TNUS before market @ .99 sold at 1.23 for a profit of $288.00. Yea!

+75$ on tnus, first trade with harmon so getting used to it all. Hap[y with profit for the 1000 shares i bought 🙂

Lost $300 on this. This was a garbage position in a garbage company.

JADE short at 3.48 out at 3.15 – 8% gain $120. Found JADE in your Alerts and shares were available, so i took advantage.

Total Nutraceutical Solutions (TNUS) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Diedrich Coffee, Inc. (DDRX) is now a confirmed failed breakout above $26 in a similar fashion to Converted Organics Inc. (COIN). As I explained on LiveStock on Friday, I sold out at the market open because the overall market wasn’t right…the thing later dropped 18% because the overall market got smashed and that Seeking Alpha article is actually well written…doesn’t mean my buy on Thursday wasn’t good (especially risk-reward-wise) as I bought expecting a market bottom and a short squeeze. Instead the exact opposite happened…no play here now, just a good lesson for those who don’t understand that I buy and short sell at key inflection points…if my thesis doesn’t hold true, which in this case it didn’t, that’s means I will run, not walk, at exiting my position because my strategy is all about my stocks acting EXACTLY the way I want or else I get out ASAP. Those who hold stocks long that fail to breakout or stay short when a stock doesn’t breach a support level deserve to lose money because they haven’t studied my strategy. Like doctors going into the room without medical licenses…or “business reporters” on CNBC who major in theatre (oh wait, that happens, explains a lot!)

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH) and ATLANTIC WIND & SOLAR INC (AWSL) are 2 pump & dumps that will now forever have bitter shareholders selling into every spike…people are sending me fraud reports on them, but they don’t realize I don’t want to expose pump & dumps I can’t profit from! That’s what makes me a trader and not an investigator. I love pump & dumps and I want them to continue to flourish…I apologize for all those who haven’t watch my instructional DVDs and are still suckers who don’t understand how pump & dumps work, but that’s your own fault. I put out good quality proven info, you have the choice of listening to me or believing stock promoters whose souls, email lists and services have been paid for by the horrible companies or their shareholders…that’s why they have free newsletters and TIMalerts subscribers pay $50/month for QUALITY information…you’ll find $50/month is nothing compared to what BAD information costs. It’s amazing I have to fight so hard to make people realize this, but I’m fighting against people whose job is providing misinformation so it shouldn’t surprise anyone…the fight of good vs. evil is very old indeed.

Revlon, Inc (REV) was a nice 2-day runner on solid earnings, but it’s tough for real companies to do much when the overall market is down so much…no real play here now, I expect choppiness.

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group Inc. (RODM) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

LJ International, Inc. (JADE) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Nanometrics Incorporated (NANO) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

EMERGENT HEALTH CORP (EMGE) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

UNITED STATES OIL&GAS CRP (USOG) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

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