10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day - Timothy Sykes

10 Lessons To Truly Honor Memorial Day

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2 years ago I featured these amazing soldier-traders on Memorial Day and some of their badass trades using my strategy.

Now I want to celebrate/honor this important day with 10 lessons from these 2 HUGELY important videos I just posted — one featuring a montage of 40+ trades of mine detailed in my massive 2,000ish video lesson library available to https://www.timothysykes.com/plans Silver subscribers and one from my incredible Turks & Caicos villa in the Caribbean:

So what can you learn from these 2 videos?

1. Our great men & women risk their lives to give us freedom, we owe it to them and ourselves to maximize our freedom and live life to the fullest…start with these 7 free video lesson series.

2. Our servicemen & servicewomen don’t get paid nearly enough for the sacrifice they make and this post proves that it’s possible for them to balance their duties with trading too…if they can trade part-time and be successful so can you.

Download a PDF version of this post.

3. Many newbies and even trading veterans don’t understand the patterns that I trade over & over again to make my millions…I know that video posted above which shows $600,000+ in profits over 42 trades sounds confusing, but once you take the time to study my video lesson library, it’s not confusing anymore.

4. I’ve made millions of dollars and now several of my top trading challenge students have too, but NONE of us have made it all on one or two trades — our success is due to small and predictable gains on thousands of trades…days like this $200,000+ profit and this $160,000+ profit week are few and far between. When there are no great trades, take the time off to study patterns and lessons to be better prepared for when there are trades in play!

5. I’ve made thousands of trades — see them all at http://tim.ly/timstrades — and nearly $4 million, but my average gain in just over $2,000 per trade…my first millionaire trading challenge student makes just under $800 per trade and my 2nd millionaire student featured HERE makes roughly $1,100 per trade…we each turned a few thousand dollars into millions within a few years so it’s pretty amazing to learn that the best way to grow an account exponentially quickly is by making small profits over and over and over again.

6. Turks & Caicos is a beautiful place…I want you to be able visit and see incredible sights like this:

7. The WORLD is a beautiful place…but traveling and seeing it all costs money. Don’t blame me for this fact or hate me for telling you, all you can do is try to make a ton of $ using strategies and then try to live well…I want ALL my readers to be able to visit and experiences places like us:

8. Just as a soldier’s job is to protect & serve, my job is to teach and inspire you…I think my recent speech at Harvard University does that well

9. Never go into a gunfight with a knife and never trade stocks with the wrong broker…see my preferred brokers HERE so you have the best tools to win on the stock market battlefield.

10. I am so extremely fortunate to be able to live the life I do and there is no way to fully thank our servicemen and servicewomen for their sacrifices in making it all possible. Freedom doesn’t come free. But I hope I can share my success and time-tested lessons with you to help you also live a blessed life.

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  1. luke

    Do you have a filter which will how me your live video trades for penny stocking silver subscribers?

  2. L1MITL3SS

    3:22 “I just made seven thousands dollars in ten minutes and I….fuckin, so pissed!”

    hahahahahaha I LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Tom Williams

    Tim, I know there are quite a few of us military members in your program and we appreciate your gratitude!

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