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10 Lessons From The Latest $100,000+ Profit Student

The stock market has been so hot as of late that we’re finding more and more successful students like this young guy who just passed $900,000 in profits (leave a comment below this blog post if you’re excited for when I’m going to post a 40-minute interview I did with him in just a few days!) and my student of the year from 2016 who just passed $700,000 in profits too!

Below is the latest student to pass a big milestone, that being $100,000 in profits, the vast majority coming in just the last few weeks alone:

We’ve transcribed the entire video below for my valued deaf trading challenge students, but before I post that transcription of this video, here are the 10 best lessons from Dan R.’s six-figure profits

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

1. Good things take time…see his profit chart and how he didn’t make much at first, but kept studying and then everything really began clicking…fast

2. Don’t be afraid to learn multiple strategies from proven traders, Dan has learned a ton from being a trading challenge student, but he really began having success when he applied Triforce Training rules to his trading…some people think I get jealous if my students try other strategies, c’mon, I’m not petty, I want you to learn as much as possible so you can earn as much as possible. I HIGHLY recommend Triforce Training as I’ve previously written here…just be careful when you “learn” from non-millionaires with no successful students, education can be a very dangerous thing if you learn flawed strategies from the many newbies who don’t consider risk or don’t show ALL their trades publicly…you don’t realize the danger until it’s too late and I hate getting messages from people who make this mistake.

3. Your partner might not be supportive of your trading at first…but as Dan’s wife proves, they come around in time when you start succeeding so that should drive you to study even harder!

4. Dan really likes short selling since he now sees BS everywhere…good man! That’s Wall Street for you and it’s sad.

5. I mention that Dan likes short selling because that suits his personality best, so you have to find a strategy that makes you most comfortable, whether it’s long or short or some mix.

6. It’s frustrating to trade small in the beginning, but you CANNOT rush success and it’s actually better to trade with a small account and test, test, test for the first few months a you get used to trading these volatile patterns.

7. You need to apply here to learn from me and several other millionaire traders in person…it’s worth it and many people have told me it’s the single best tool I have in my teaching arsenal for education, see an example here:

8. I LOVE my job and I LOVE meeting my students in person too…it’s good to be real in an industry full of scams.

9. I wanted to have 10 tips, but I’m in Asia right now working on my charity’s newest project, building a hospital in the Philippines so I’m writing this post at 3am and I’ve been up all day so I’m exhausted and my brain hurts. Why am I telling you this? Because, like with trading, you must adapt in the pursuit of success…if I forced another bullet it probably wouldn’t be very good since I can’t think of anymore right now so I’m not going to force anything unfit for you to learn from…as in trading, don’t force things that aren’t there, sometimes it’s best to close a trade early even if you don’t hit all your initial goals

And here’s the transcription of the video above too for my valued deaf trading challenge students:

Dan: I signed up for the challenge like January 2016. I had basically just studied a lot and was break-even. Then, I joined Triforce Training, I think in June or July of last year. Finally, I was able to kind of merge the two methods. I never have really made money going long. But then, around September, I really started just wholly focusing on shorting and started to make a little bit of money. My favorite short play is basically like the spikers that are up for basically no reason, or regurgitated news, and then I just short the fuck out of them.

I started really focusing on Triforce’s methods, really December and January. So I’ve done pretty well. I got over the $100,000 mark this year, in the last like 30 days. I think I was like, $74,000…

Man 1: $76,000.

Dan: $76,000 profit.

Tim: Shit. Yeah. Just one sec. Just say that. Everyone stop talking. Hold on.

Dan: Yeah. So I made like $76,000 in like 30 days, which is fucking mind-blowing.

Tim: Whew!

Dan: Yeah. So it’s pretty awesome.

Man 1: [inaudible 00:01:46]

Tim: What did you do differently in the past 30 days, where you made your $76,000 versus… What did you make the previous 30 days?

Dan: I mean, I did pretty good. In January, I think, I maybe made like $20,000 [inaudible 00:02:03].

Tim: Okay. So these 60 days, you’ve made like $96,000?

Dan: Mm-hm.

Tim: So what changed from the previous 60 days to this? This is like nearly all the money you’ve made, in the last 60 days.

Dan: Yeah, definitely. So what I’ve done, basically, I just kind of immersed myself in Triforce’s techniques. His watch list comes out. I watch it several times. I write out a plan. I bought a big markerboard, it’s like six by four feet, or something, and I just write that shit out.

Tim: Do you have pictures of this?

Dan: Yeah, I actually do have a picture.

Tim: Did you post it anywhere?

Dan: No. I took it before I left, because I kind of had a feeling I might get asked that question.

Tim: Yes!

Dan: I can tweet it out or something.

Tim: Yes! Tweet it out.

Dan: I’ve got two TVs, my monitors are like 40-inch screens.

Dan: Yeah. My wife kind of thinks I was losing my mind, until she started seeing my profits. Then, she was like, “All right. Cool. Do whatever you want.”

Dan: Then, she’s like, “Ah, I can quit my job,” and stuff like that.

Tim: One thing that I’ve noticed with a lot of my student is that their partners and their spouses, whether it’s their boyfriend or their girlfriend, or husband, or wife, they’re not necessarily very supportive of their education. It takes time to study so much. It takes a lot of hard work. There’s usually losses in the beginning. Frankly, a lot of people give up, because they’re influenced by their significant other. That is why I think it’s so great that Dan’s wife now understands after he’s made this money exactly how useful this is. Because studying does pay off if you have the patience, and if you have the perseverance to see it through.

Matthew: My wife, she’s known me for seven years, so she kind of understands what I do. I have a computer right next to my bed, actually, like a whole setup. That’s all she cares about, that I’m actually in the same room with her, not necessarily like in my office in a corner. When you’re dating or you’re married to someone who doesn’t trade, it can be stressful. Because you’re spending most of your time doing this one thing, sometimes you neglect the other person that’s there. But she understands. As long as I make time for her, that’s all that matters to her.

Dan: It’s kind of mind-boggling, so I’m kind of like, “Ah, fuck. When is this going to end, or when am I going to screw it up?” So I’ve just really kind of taken more and more measures to prevent that. So I bought this whiteboard. I just write out my plan. I don’t trade everything. Right now, mostly, I’m doing with E-mini and T-notes. But then, I just kind of am really focused on oil and trading that. So I just write my plan out on the markerboard. The only losses I’ve really had are when I was being stupid and not following the plan, because I thought I was smarter than the plan or something.

Tim: You can’t cheat your way to success.

Dan: Yeah. So I just do that, and it’s been pretty awesome.

Tim: Awesome.

Dan: So it is pretty exciting.

Tim: Congrats.

Dan: This is my second Market Mastery. I’ve also been in the Challenge for about a year and three months. I joined Triforce Trading last summer. What I appreciated today the most was having real-time feedback from three of our teachers who’ve changed my life dramatically. Sometimes it’s difficult to formulate a question that can get the sort of information that we need from you guys. So to have you guys all here and in person, that’s really just tremendously helpful. You all have different things that you emphasize. So to have that combination is just tremendous.

The other thing that’s been really good about these for me is being able to hang out with other traders, figure out the different little tricks of the trade that have worked for folks, and also kind of articulating the ideas that I’ve learned sort of helps me understand them as well. But just sort of that dialogue with everybody has been extremely helpful as well.

Tim: Cool.

Dan: Yeah. I got like $2,300 shares at $2.70. I made like $0.15 a share shorting that. I had like an overnight-long on oil that kind of screwed me a few hundred bucks, and then made some back shorting oil today.

Matthew: He shorted oil like after a news event came out, and it dropped like three points, which is the equivalent of like $3,000 per contract. So he made about $30,000 total on it. It makes me feel really good. I mean, I love to see other people succeed at something that they really, actually, try hard at. I think, for me, it’s a joy to watch, but also for them it’s kind of like the affirmation that they can do it by themselves. I think that’s the greatest thing.

Tim: Congrats, man. I like your multi-strategy approach. There’s not one right strategy. You do what works for you and you try different stuff, and you try and make it work.

Dan: Yeah. Thanks.

Tim: I like how you’re shorting oil and you’re shorting a [inaudible 00:07:26].

Dan: Right.

Tim: A few hundred here, a few thousand there, sometimes shorting pumps you’ll make more than the oil.

Dan: Sure.

Tim: You’re trying to take whatever opportunities there are, and you’re trying to work with your schedule and your personality. So I think there’s a lot that you can learn from this guy. Congratulations on passing $100,000 in profits, man. That is a big achievement. I know we want to stay humble, but did you do anything to celebrate?

Dan: Yeah. I went out and got a bottle of champagne, and my wife and I enjoyed that.

Tim: That’s cool. That’s awesome. You should. You really should, not just celebrate for the hell of it, but it’s actually really good, positive reinforcement when you do something good, like do something nice for yourself, your wife, other people, you want more of that. Subconsciously, you’ll want that moment again. So I’ve been sending a lot of psychology and stuff like that, and rewards and punishment. It works. It’s crazy. So thank you and congratulations.

Dan: Thanks for having me.

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  1. Raymond Vanier

    I love those stories, those keep hope alive. but i say over and over. i’ll make it to the top of the hill one day. But my god when i do every one going to know.(Wahoo) Also congrats DAN!!!!!!

  2. OceanRider

    After taking two hours on I-95 coming home from work (POTUS impact completely closed I95 in Palm Beach from XI visit), I was able to get home, eat, and now do what I love to do, STUDY charts, patterns, technicals and the markets from today. One of the things I was working on today when I woke up and thought about regarding what I would accomplish today, I thought, for the first time, my goal for today was not lose big. I need to manage my risk as my #1 goal. My goal for today was to cut losses quickly. I do not care about the profit, or missing a profit, or giving back profit. My #1 goal is now manage risk and do not take a large loss and if I have a loss starting, cut it quickly. Profit will only come when I manage risk like a champion.

    Fortunately, I did not have any losses to cut as my QQQ PUT option play I made early morning yielded a quick 7.5% profit and my trade from yesterday in ATTBF yielded I think 11% (could have had more like 15% but the goal is NO losses today. No losses (or minimal loses) is a much more noble goal, a more important goal. I did enter two small positions in some off the path longs that no one is on to and will be watching these like hawks on Mon for any weakness. I think the market is set for a shakeup on Monday but I will confirm this with more analysis later.

    One of the things I learned from this video, from the MindfulTrades video yesterday and rules and story is, my time is coming. I am putting my time in. I am getting more confident and feel like I am about to turn a corner and see some significant progress soon. My winning trade average is on track to reflect that I am doing some things right and that by cutting losses quicker, my gains will become more evident and more impactful as my account and confidence continues to strengthen and grow.

    Until that time comes, I work. I will not be out worked. The journey continues. I will keep doing what I need to do with the things I can do to get better and let all the other things fall into place.

    Thanks Tim and all the other traders on the journey as well.


  3. Eric

    Don’t force. Trading or writing when tired. .. When your brain is mush, nothing turns out well .. Relax, regroup refresh, and Coe back stronger to conquer the market or anything else you desire ..

    It takes time .. Won’t happen in days, months or sometimes a year .. But success will happen .. Follow your plan and stock to rules always

  4. Eric

    And edit comments before posting them .. Sheesh .. That’s what being tired does to you …
    Edit to previous comment …: *come back stronger .. follow your rules and stick to your plan *

  5. AnneMarita

    Great. Yes, can’t do much if you get overly tired… time for me to take a nap. Haven’t had much break from studying for couple of weeks. Hard to see through “blood red” eyes…

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