10 Financial Websites To Ignore In 2010

Unlike the top 10 websites that I do use, the ones below are utter crap…known for having unqualified ghostwriters, high school and college kids and outright frauds and entertainers commentating on financial matters about which they know little to nothing, heaping noise upon noise upon banner ad upon noise on unsuspecting retail investors who don’t know the difference between good and bad financial commentary (they decide based on how sucked in they get by these sites’ advertising/sales sheets which prey upon suckers’ greed) and their notorious refusal to show their commentators’ trades, track records, or basically anything to show that flipping a coin would not outperform the noise pollution which they so proudly create:

(if they did show their horrific track records, they’d be out of business quicker than the loading of their page-covering flash banner ads…they don’t care about quality, they want quantity because they understand how ignorant the retail investor world is and they are content/determined to maintain the status quo with guessing game after guessing game article after article)

1. Motley “We Will Dumb You Down & Then Spam You To Death” Fool

2. Sucking “We Just Suck, That’s Why We Will Always Be Free” Alpha

3. Yahoo “Where The Wild Things Are” Finance Message Boards

4. Beacon “The Most Incompetent Stock Promoter Around” Equity

5. Deep “The Shorts Are Evil So I Will Cyber Stalk Them” Capture

6. Stock “We Use To Be Good At Manipulating Penny Stocks Now We’re Incompetent Like Our Parent Beacon” Preacher

7. College “I’m So Untrustworthy Not Even Other Stock Promoters Will Work With Me” Stock

8. iBank “I Swear So Much Because I’m A Coward & Probly A Fraud Too” Coin

9. Elite “We Are A Bunch Of Weird Wannabe Traders Who Post Over & Over & Over & Over” Trader

10. Street “We Appear Real But Really Just Want To Rent Your Email For Stock Promotion” Insider

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