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How My 22-Year-Old Student Tim G. Made $100,000


I have no wife or kids, but I feel like a father as I watch my students grow up and grow richer thanks to the tactics I teach in these 7 free video lessons and in my DVDs and video lessons available to PennyStocking Silver subscribers.

The last time I featured young PennyStocking Silver subscriber Tim Grittani, it was in the post entitled “How To Make 100x Your Money In 15 Months aka β€œThe Best Investment I Ever Made” in which he talked about how he had made $70,000 thanks to the $700 worth of instructional DVDs he had purchased from me (email for DVD specials, my store will be ready shortlyyyy)

Just like my top student who had made $400,000 when I first featured him here, but whose profits have now surpassed $500,000 and this great story of a trading challenge who bought his daughter some nice but cheap presents with trading profits only to bank $5,000 a few weeks later, Tim Grittani’s profits have now surpassed $100,000, almost all in just a few months in 2012, as you can see from his gorgeous profit chart here:

$100,000 In Profits

The trade that put him over the top was this beautiful $7,000 profit on the blatant pump and dump VLNX and as I suspected and explained in my DVDs, my students are using my rules and becoming better traders than me.

Just like when this trading student nailed another pump and dump earlyyyyy and subscribers of my 4 newsletters banked $50,000+ because of his early alert.

And the best part is that Tim G. hasn’t let his newfound money go to his head, he’s leaving hilarious comments like this on my Facebook photos: “that water is perfect, even drowning in it would be a pleasure”

(Perhaps he wants to win this trip where I’m taking 2 of my trading challenge students with my team and I when we return to the Maldives in late September, see the contest rules here)

Anyway, this is what Tim G. emailed me when he hit the $100,000 barrier, my team and I are VERY proud of his success and maturity….hell, I wish I was that mature and level headed now at 31 and this kid is only 22!

(of course the pictures of him and his friends on Facebook tell a different story πŸ™‚

Tim Grittani

Today I hit a trading milestone, my first $100,000 in profits (also putting me about $4000 away from being up $100,000 on the year).

As I sit here trying to describe the feeling, it’s a bit hard to put into words. It’s so surreal to me that I’ve come so far in the last year, especially considering that about a year ago today my small account suffered a mini-blowup and I was down roughly $1000. It doesn’t sound like much now, but it sure sounded like a lot then.

Right now, I’d say the main way I feel is lucky. Not lucky to have experienced success, I know I’ve worked hard to achieve it. Rather, I feel lucky that this is the path I chose, lucky that I found Tim Sykes and Michael Goode before some scammer found me, and lucky to be a part of this pennystocking community that is so full of people willing to help each other out.

Milestones like this make all of the hard work worth it, and I can’t wait to get going on my next $100k. As always, thanks to Tim and Michael for all their hard work, I couldn’t have done it without you guys!”

Guess My Students’ Profits Over The Past 3 Months And Through 19,000 Trades

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How To Trade Hot Penny Stocks: Take Profits Of A Few Hundred To A Few Thousand Dollars

Use Google and search for Timothy Sykes Reviews and Tim Sykes Reviews and you’ll find dozens of my students talking about their successes.

And I have over 1,000+ reviews of my products on Investimonials, but aside from how my students grow their accounts over the longterm, I want to show you what’s being said in my real-time penny stock trading chatroom because you need to get an idea of what’s possible every day, namely potential gains of a few hundred and thousands of dollars.

Looking at roughly $3 million of my penny stock trading profits, you’ll find I’ve made this $3 million not with any one huge win, but by consistent profits on the reliable patterns (featured in these free videos) which I trade again and again and again…

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Pretty interesting to see some of the feedback I got from trading challenge students when I emailed this important blog post the other day: Continue reading

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But since the stock has now tanked 50%+ from my short of 50,000 shares at $2.03, there are tons more gains which I want to highlight below, especially from my trading challenge students who are finally getting what I’m teaching by the dozens! And no I personally didn’t hold my short all the way down, I was in and out a ton and now I’m up roughly $12,000 shorting RAYS…but the good news is many of my students did hold for larger gains because I’m a far better teacher than trader πŸ™‚ Continue reading

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Congrats to everyone who found shares to short on RAYS…now on Friday, another pump just went bust, all in less than an hour:

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Justin Bieber's Penny Stock vs. Asheya Burton, A Trading Challenge Student Up $50k In 3 Months [2 CHARTS]

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As my article got picked up on the frontpage of MSN Money, Gawker and Business Insider, people lied and said I was shorting the stock when I published my post (not true, as I explained in the blog post, I would buy any technical breakout which I subsequently did), I got a few death threats from angry Bieber fans and some people even posted messages saying I wanted teenagers to die in text messaging driving accidents (the “product” OPMG claimed to be selling). Continue reading

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