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12 Hot Penny Stocks To Buy & Short Sell Which Made Us $7,000 On Friday

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 11PM EST while you were listening to CNBC and wondering how to do channel checks on Inc. (AMZN) to see if their quarter really was that good: Continue reading

$11,900 In Daily Profits For TIMalert Subscribers On These 14 Hot Penny Stocks, Review The Newsletter People!

This was sent to TIMalert subscribers at 2:30am EST as I have 6 hours combined sleep in the past few days….the good news is all my seminar attendees loved me talking for 15+ hours and especially the after-party…: Continue reading

12 Hot Penny Stocks To Buy & Short Sell, $1,700 In Daily Profits…

TIM trading account—now stands at $79,642, no trades, no positions, I’m up 8% in September, 87% in 2009 and up 542% in the last 22 months

Longer Term Account $162,541, no trades/positions…account is up 17% since May 1st, 2009 inception…you can auto-trade auto-trade this account HERE

TIMalert subscribers made $1,700ish yesterday on some decent setups…nothing great, remember don’t force trades, we’ve had a heck of a few weeks, now is the time to enjoy the gains, while watching for new potential plays, of which there are a few more now.

$440 profit on going long LWLG from 1.45 to 1.9.

Bot YONG @ 9.83 Sld @10.22 Quick $185

In YONG, $500+ unrealized profits so far, I want to thank Daleela. We need Daleelaerts !!!

made $700 on AINV

American Sierra Gold Corp (AMNP) and American Lithium Minerals Inc (AMLM) are two stocks being promoted by the same people…same exact kind of paid for BS ads, look at the HERE and HERE and be sure to scroll down to the bottom to notice $250,000 and $300,000 were paid for these disgraces to be distributed far and wide…both stocks are potential shorts as they will almost certainly collapse 50%+ each…both were down a bit today too, but considering how blatant the pumps are, everyone wants shares to short…too bad both pumps are pretty bad, I prefer shorting stocks up 200%

Want to profit $1700 daily? Then check out these 12 hot penny stocks.

Yongye International, Inc. (YONG), RINO International Corporation (RINO) and Deer Consumer Products, Inc. (DEER) are the 3 Chinese smallcaps all breaking out to new highs, each up 8-12% today, no resistance in sight…no way am I going to short these, all are potential buys for those willing to take on some risks and try to not get shaken out…I’ll probly only look to buy on dips….congrats to those TIMalert subscribers and my girlfriend who banked on the YONG breakout!

Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG) is for TIMalert subscribers only!

VeriChip Corporation (CHIP) and CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM) are for TIMalert subscribers only!

GVBP is for TIMalert subscribers only!

Rodman & Renshaw Capital Group Inc. (RODM) is getting choppy EXACTLY like Caribou Coffee Co., Inc. (CBOU) and Zagg Inc. (ZAGG) but its for TIMalert subscribers only!

Lightwave Logic, Inc. (LWLG) surged another 40 cents/share to $1.80ish, now up from $1 in just a few days in anticipation of their new product launch…it’s all about hype and anticipation with upcoming product launches, that’s why I won’t short Nutra Pharm Corp. (NPHC) eve though I’m 99% sure their product will fail.

Cardtronics, Inc. (CATM) is a boring, no growth owner of ATMs, but the stock is breaking out above a 2-month and 1-year base at $8 to $8.60…mucho resistance in the $9s, but if it can break $10 in the next few weeks, there’s no resistance whatsoever, potential buy