2014 Penny Stock Conference
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Join The Most Successful  Stock Traders for
Two Days Of Over The Top Mentoring In Las Vegas!

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I Normally Charge $10k A Day For In Person Mentoring And Live Trading


At The Conference You Will Trade Live Along Side Me, Not For $10k, But For Only $197 If You Register When I Open The Doors To Registration!

Prices Will Dramatically Increase Soon!

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Conference Pass (Oct 5-6)
Retail: $1,097
Discounted Price: $197
Bonus: Meet & Greet W/ Tim Sykes
Retail: $1,097
Discounted Price: $497
Full Retail: $1,097

Timothy Sykes
As a successful stock trader, financial educator, and bestselling author of “An American Hedge Fund”, Timothy Sykes has a true feel for the pulse on the market for the average investor. By specializing in trading lower priced stocks, Timothy Sykes has generated roughly $4 Million in trading profits for himself after starting with just a few thousand dollars as a teenager. As a financial educator, Timothy has over five thousand students in 60 different countries and to date has created two self-made millionaires through his trading method. With his trading expertise, Timothy brings world-class education and profound expertise to each of his students. Visit http://timothysykes.com for more information.

A true hero of the stock market, Paul, better known as SuperMan is a master at swing and momentum trading. He is already close to a Million in trading profits in 2014 and has become very famous in financial circles for his uncanny ability to find momentum before it happens! In fact, as a featured contributor at TheStreet.com and Seekingalpha.com Paul has become the authority in short term trading in large cap stocks. Paul locked in over $250k in trading profits in less then a week in mid July of this year. As a trader who trades mostly Nasdaq stocks, Paul has become a household name for short-term traders looking for large gains over a few days period of time.

Michael Goode
2014 has been a big year for Michael; he broke a million in trading profits this year! Michael Goode started trading successfully in mid-2007 (after two years of essentially break-even trading and learning) by short-selling penny stocks for the long-term. After finishing his Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology that September he found himself without any job prospects so he continued trading. He became a full-time trader in May 2008 soon after he began following Timothy Sykes and switched to primarily day-trading. Michael has earned six figure average annual trading profits since 2008. He continues to trade full-time while also administering Tim Sykes’ chatroom. The vast majority of the stocks he trades are pump & dumps.

Nathan Michaud
Nathan Michaud is an annual six-figure-profits trader who focuses on buying momentum stocks. In addition to penny stocks, Nathan trades midcap and largecap stocks; he banked recently on Apple (AAPL). Nathan runs the popular InvestorsLive Blog and the premium Investors Underground live daily trading chatroom. He’s been trading since 2003 and three years ago joined forces with Muddy and Laura creating InvestorsUnderground chat room. Nathan has been on fire this year and does an excellent job helping his subscribers get phenomenal returns.

Tim Bohen

Timothy C. Bohen grew up loving stocks; constantly watching their price movements. Even at a young age, he would check tickers and watch their progress in the newspaper (yes, there was a time when you couldn't quickly look up a stock's price online). Since 2007, he has traded part time using Tim Sykes' strategy.

Before he started studying Tim's strategy, profits were few and inconsistent. But after working hard and learning from the numerous tools that Tim gives his students, profits have been very consistent, with a 75% win rate. After running a successful service business for close to 20 years, he has now become comfortable enough with his trading and profit stream to retire from his day job and transition into becoming a full time trader and educator.



What last year's attendees said...

The conference this year was ridiculously good. I made contacts with big name promoters and top traders - and netted over $80k during the conference trading futures

- John G.

This was a great conference…. Tim Sykes is the real deal, attend next year, you won't be disappointed.

- Raffi

This was my first stock conference and its going to be very hard to beat it! It was 12 hours a day, but the information kept you on your toes. Everyone was willing to talk to you and answer any questions you might have. I met some really cool guys and gals! Will def attend next years conference. Thanks Tim!

- Mridude

Tim knows how to run a conference the correct way. I must say that I came into the conference with very high expectations and left with all of them met and exceeded. Very well run and organized and the speakers really blew my mind with all the information they brought to the table.I will definitely be returning to Tim's conference next year.

- pennystockfolder
Join Us In Las Vegas, Nevada On October 5 - 6, 2014.
If you want to add some extra zeros to your account balance these are the



On October 5-6th get ready to:

  • Trade Along With The Pros...
    That's right, you will trade along 6 and 7 figure earning traders REAL TIME. The third day of the conference is Trading Day! The best way to learn to be a successful trader, is to do exactly what successful traders do...and this is your chance.
  • Learn From Our Greatest Successes AND Failures:
    we've made the gains and losses over the past decade and now you can see EXACTLY what we do right and wrong helping you become more profitable traders.
  • Expand Your Trading Techniques & Knowledge:
    Get to the next level in trading with the guest speakers this year. They come from a wide variety of different successful trading backgrounds. Learn from the best penny stock traders, short sellers, momentum and swing traders, bio tech experts, and options traders.

I've read way too many Investing/Trading/Finance books and have tried to study chart patterns until my eyes have bled... It was trully awesome that several speakers were completely honest on exactly what kind of setups they look for before trading a particular stock. (This conference could have saved me several hundred dollars in book purchases, had I known sooner)

- Jackson

Just returned from the 4th Annual PennyStocking Conference all I can say is WOW!! What a tremendous 3 days. I didn't know what I was going to get out of this but was hoping that this would help to jump-start my trading education. It was one of the best conferences that I have EVER attended.

- Magsvt76

Hi Tim, thank you very much for the time you have put into making this seminar happen. I have huge respect for you and your parents and admire you for all the energy you put in. As I told you at the seminar, I don't think I would have enough patience to do this. But you do! And thanks to you I was able to learn and profit from your strategies...because they WORK. And for all those people who really want to learn and not just wait for alerts, it will work also. I really enjoyed the seminar. It was great. I have learned new stuff and a lot of things that were confusing are much clearer now... (creating watchlist, web sites you are using, charts) Keep up great job you're doing.

- Martini

This was a great conference…. Tim Sykes is the real deal, attend next year, you won be disappointed.

- David



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