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40 Lessons From Tim Grittani Passing $4 Million In Profits

UPDATE: Please wish Tim Grittani a very happy birthday today here, you don’t need to get him anything though because I think this milestone was more than enough 🙂

Another great week of trading and another big milestone for my top trading challenge student, now teacher too, Tim Grittani who as you can see here just passed $4 million in trading profits in his 5th year of trading: Continue reading

My Thoughts On 2 Key Stock Market Deadlines, October 3rd and 15th, 2016

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Normally I don’t like commenting on upcoming events where I can’t predict the outcome, whether it’s earnings reports, GDP estimates, Forex entirely, etc., because the key to my success and the success of my millionaire trading challenge students has been to simply REACT to news/events/price actions that have already occurred…it’s far more predictable. Continue reading

10 Tips From A Female Trader Who Just Passed $100,000 In Profits

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It’s been a crazy few weeks in the US stock market as we keep hitting new highs nearly every day…there are literally more trading opportunities daily than we’ve seen in years past and my students and I are reaping the benefits.

My small $12,415 account I began the year with is up to $65,000 now, my top trading challenge student just passed $3 million in profits as you saw here (he also gives bi-monthly webinars to other trading challenge students, the student has become the master!) and now this great upcoming female trader who I profiled a few weeks ago here just passed $100,000 in profits.

Download a cheat sheet: 10 tips from a female trader who just passed $100,000 in profit.

We all have different account sizes and strategies, but we’ve learned to profit off this great stock market volatility and I LOVE seeing tweets like this from my students: Continue reading

Free Webinar Replay With My Top Student Tim Grittani Who Just Passed $3 Million In Trading Profits


It’s been a crazy few days in terms of hot plays as you saw here, but more importantly, several students are passing key profit milestones…this female trader just passed $100k and congratulations to my top student (and now truly great trader/teacher in his own right, Tim Grittani, who just passed $3 million in profits last week!

Download a PDF version of this post.

Save $1,000 off here on his top rated 16-hour DVD guide and apply here for access to his bi-monthly webinars available EXCLUSIVELY to Trading Challenges students…and if you want to see if he will come through with his promise of wearing gym shorts to my upcoming conference, register HERE LOL


Continue reading

30 Useful Tips From A Trader Who Just Passed $3 Million In Profits

My top student Tim G. has just reached a major milestone, passing $3 million in trading profits in his 4th year of trading!

We are so fortunate enough to have him share his top lessons (definitely thank him and congratulate him on this achievement in the comment section below)…also go check out his new website HERE where he shares even more tips/lessons he’s learned and developed his own unique strategy over the course of his journey.

Download a PDF version for 30 useful tips from a trader who just passed $3 million in profits.

Here’s a little recap of his inspirational story: Continue reading

I Did It Again: How I’ve Made 110% In 110 Days In 2016

To celebrate my 35th birthday, enjoy 35-50% off HERE and HERE on our limited time sales on newsletters and DVD study guides!

In May of 2015 I wrote a blog post called “117 Stock Trading Rules That Made Me 117% In 117 Days

Download this cheat sheet to learn how I’ve made 110% In 110 days in 2016.

Today is the 110th day of the 2016 and I have to say, oops, I did it again as this small account I’m trading in 2016 is now up 110% to start the year after a VERY solid trade I made today outlined in this video lesson: Continue reading

Why Today Is Different

Today the US markets dropped 2%, the Dow went negative on the year, possibly the start of a long overdue bear market, I made just under $4,000 putting me up 137% on the year and I passed a rather substantial milestone as a trader: Continue reading