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Traders & Investors: YOU NEED THIS NOW

YOUNEEDTHISNOW coupon code will only work for 72 hours on this great stock picking newsletter which just had yet another 100% winner over the past 3 weeks…hundreds of traders banked, but did you?

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For the next few days only you can save up to 60% off the regular monthly prices of the 2 plans of PrePromotion Stocks where you have access to his amazing video lesson library…for he picked yet another 100% winner and too many of you have no idea how he did it…and continues to do it every few weeks

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Because you do need this…as you’ll better understand once you watch his two videos NAILING this stock that has now spiked 100%+ in just 3 weeks…the same exact pattern and signals as always.

And even if you get PrePromotion’s Alerts, his now 300+ video lesson library is filled with so many tricks of the trade, even promoters are emailing me telling me how useful it is!

Let me explain….

Three weeks ago, along with a handful of my most dedicated trading challenge students (not as easy as you think to come by these days for most traders are absolute degenerates who refuse to put in the time it takes to master a craft…sadly), I had my latest Inner Circle at my Miami mansion where we traded lives alongside a special guest guru, this penny stock expert.

(He’s also a confirmed speaker for my upcoming Vegas conference October 12-14, 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel…email for special early-bird discount pricing to hear/meet/talk with him, me and a dozen other real traders who make six and seven figures/year)

We had some decent trades, but none were better than the one thanks to the master promotion finder who called ARTH the next big promotional candidate with the stock trading at just 76 cents/share…we sat in awe as we watched him make this video lesson calling for a promotion and probable spike:

In just three weeks, the stock up-trended and then spiked the past few days as the promotion has finally begun…a nearly 100% winner for PrePromotion Stocks subscribers


(at $1.30, ARTH is a 160% winner from the dip buying opportunity I myself took advantage of at 50 cents/share…but it was a quick dip so it’s more fair just to call this a 100% winner…not that it’s necessarily over yet by any means either)

Having seen this man in action before I too jumped on his initial buy alert at .76 which caused the promoters to dump the stock to 40 cents/share (they like to dump it on me whenever I buy as retribution for my exposing so many of their pumps), but I was ready for the big dump and doubled down on my small position at 50 cents/share, thus averaging out at 64 cents/share and selling for a small profit within an hour (haha silly promoters, I know your games now)

$703profitARTHLong Stock
Entry comments: Sitting next to for my Inner Circle, he just made a convincing case this will be the next big promo so I’m buying small position, promoters likely to dump it on me, we’ll see, I’ll try to aim for $1/share in the coming days and week

Exit comments:Sold into the bounce, bouncing even more now actually to 75 cents, the key was dip buying on the predictable promoters trying to screw me, anyone whose seen my other promotional buys on stocks like STTX and DIMI know that buying the dip is the best thanks to the promoters true hatred of me…makes up for my MZOR loss this morning, thanks promoters for being so predictable!

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But my solid adapting and profits of nearly $1,000 don’t really matter here; what matters is that this was not a random 100% win — PrePromotion Stocks has had many such wins over the years and that’s why I follow him and respect his work so much.

Heck I followed him when he alerted LEXG in the low $1s, I made my few thousand dollars and got out WAY too soon as that pump had been the most successful for years, rising all the way to over $10/share within weeks!

(Ah yes the bull market is great for pumps so even though I’m a short seller, I root for bull markets to give me more junk to short sell at higher prices…get it?)

People look down on penny stocks, especially penny stock promotions, but as more and more of us make solid consistent gains — like this trading challenge student of mine who made $200,000+ in one day on a penny stock pattern straight out of my DVDs and video lessons and blog posts from years earlier — intelligent readers are beginning to see the predictability that we veterans have enjoyed for any years.

Penny stocks are not random — they are manipulated, but the manipulation is 100% predictable — in this case 160% predictable in just 3 weeks if you got in at the lows as I know several trading challenge students did.

PrePromo himself underestimated how good he is as you can hear how humble he sounds in this video he did over the weekend when the promotion became real and his students and him and my students and I all profited nicely…despite very few of us holding on the whole time (I know lots more people have big profits, but they’re still holding and thus haven’t reported their gains yet)

arth profits copy

$793profitARTHLong Stock
this was a pre-promo find and tipped by Tim. as expected as soon as Tim bought they tried to dump it and scare the early traders out. i bought on the dip. i held since it looked like they were ready to start the promo based on price support and PR. i got out first day of the official start of promo

Posted by meirk /

$710profitARTHLong Stock
I trade with only $50k, and skim my gains. PHISHMI (twitter)

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Those of you who missed this great pump, please please please use coupon code YOUNEEDTHIS either HERE or HERE and see the differences between the two plans HERE

(Try using that code YOUNEEDTHIS this on any of the annual newsletters HERE too and see what happens 🙂 )

These things are going to keep coming around and they’re great for buying AND short selling…with PrePromos and my video lessons you will understand the game SO much better and you’ll be as prepared as possible to profit just like we do and just like our dedicated students do.

Or you can follow that ugly bald guy on TV and be right 35-45% of the time, trade truly less predictable stocks like Apple and Facebook (how you like those 30% and 40% haircuts most longterm shareholders have endured lately?)

It’s your call 🙂

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