Let's Get A Few Things Straight - Timothy Sykes

Let’s Get A Few Things Straight

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Given my video lessons HERE and HERE are for PennyStocking Silver subscribers ONLY on my one decent trade on Subaye Inc (SBAY) late last week:

http://profit.ly/1MmEXZ $2,661.00 profit in $SBAY Great trade, earnings breakout, PE of 2.5 LOL seriously, could keep going tooless than a minute ago via Profit.ly

…and my terrible, terrible trading on XOMA Limited (XOMA):

http://profit.ly/1MmEXP $6,786.00 loss in $XOMA Fat finger mistake on entry & exit, see video lesson http://bit.ly/frNfnT bleh!less than a minute ago via Profit.ly

http://profit.ly/1MmEWv $901.00 profit in $XOMA Solid risk/reward trade coupled with a true choir boy trading attitude šŸ™‚less than a minute ago via Profit.ly

…there seem to be more than a few rumors swirling that I “got my ass handed to me”, my subscribers “got crushed”, my “strategy is over”, etc. etc. etc.

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know my pick on SBAY was DAMN good as I followed my rules regarding earnings breakouts and afternoon ramps well, but as evidenced by my earlier tweet warning people regarding shorting XOMA in the $5s:

For those of you still short $XOMA FYI this action at 5.93 is not the usual topping pattern, its got massive squeeze potential, be carefulless than a minute ago via web

and the actual trade alert which said “Accidentally Shorted 5k XOMA at 6.39, Dumb Mistake: Forgot to change my Thinkorswim limit order on XOMA so now reshort 5k at 6.39, dumb mistake, holding it for now”…

…you can understand that I truly NEVER meant to be short XOMA and in fact shoulda woulda coulda been long on the breakout above $6 had I followed my trading rules as laid out in my instructional DVD packages (which I should add are 50-75% off this week only, see the details here) and as I explain in this MUST watch video lesson, this kind of a trading mistake can happen to anybody so given that I’m already rich, up roughly $245k in trading on the year and still up $9k this month, this $6k loss on XOMA (only down $3.5k on the day given my near perfect trade on SBAY) is painful, but the lessons are actually more valuable to people like you than the loss is painful to me.

Does this make sense?

This is the beauty of my business model, even when I totally screw up, it usually just reinforces my trading rules and actually benefits my subscribers…especially since there is no way any literate follower of mine could miss my warnings and the alert which said my short was accidental.

So, no this isn’t a cop out, nor am I embarrassed by these kinds of mistakes because they do happen and contrary to some of my critics random, not stat-based flaming (ahhhh yes wait til you see the upcoming features on Profitly…it’s gonna be a giant obstacle for those who indulge in lying) I just hate all the misinformation out there and I will always do my best to be honest with all of you…whether it makes me look bad or not.

After all, like the character Cobb in Inception, I spend a lot of time doing things I teach others not to do…so just as he deserves his troubled life, so to do I deserve these losses and haters. Then again, I’m a teacher and always remember, teachers are those who can’t do šŸ™‚

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