Lessons From My 2nd Millionaire Student & Last Day To Save 50% Off - Timothy Sykes

Lessons From My 2nd Millionaire Student & Last Day To Save 50% Off

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In early November, I announced my first millionaire trading challenge student and I shared some lessons from his success HERE

Now just a few weeks later, I’m SO proud to announce my second millionaire trading challenge student, Tim Grittani who started with just $1,500 of his own money a little over 2 years ago, whose progress I’ve shared in blog posts along the way HERE and HERE and whose journey you can check out in this video and beautiful profit chart which has now passed $1,000,000 as you can see below:

kroy 1 mil chart copy

Here are some useful lessons from these 2 newly minted millionaire traders:

And yes, I visited Tim G. at his home in Ohio to witness the magic moment when he passed $1 million and we celebrated with some Karaoke as you can see…

grittani one million copy

(full video coming soon, it’s hilarious)

Here’s the story entitled “Veteran Trader Timothy Sykes Creates Two Millionaire Students, Proving the Average Joe Can Outperform Wall Street’s Big Boys” that Reuters has picked up so far (please do send this article to any other press contacts you guys have, I want Tim Grittani’s success story to inspire as many people as possible!)

Tim G. has come along way in a short time, remember when I posted this video of him passing $600,000 in trading profits just a few months ago!

It’s fitting that the trade to put him over the top was shorting the blatant pump and dump NNRX

$8,062profitNNRXShort Stock
12/9/13 trades #spockfund

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…as several other trading challenge students and I each banked several thousand dollars too as you can see HERE and HERE and HERE because the chart was EXACTLY THE PATTERN THAT MADE ME RICH and is outlined comprehensively in this DVD guide

(it’s a classic #6 pattern)

nnrx crash copy

Commenting on his extraordinary gains, Tim Grittani said:

Today I hit a major milestone, making it to one million dollars in profits since I first started trading. The whole thing feels absolutely surreal, especially when I stop and think about where I was at just two years ago. It’s funny because I don’t even feel like I did anything that extraordinary to get here, I just did my best to trade well every day and it’s amazing how fast the gains added up once I developed consistency.

It only seems fitting that the trade that pushed me over the edge came on an absolutely PERFECT setup. I made about $8000 shorting pump and dump NNRX, as it collapsed and tanked 50% in about 15 minutes. NNRX had recently broken out past a short term high of $.84, and had a series of consecutive up days taking to a high of $1.28 before the collapse today. It was my opinion that the stock was getting overextended, and as the morning spike started to fail I shorted into the g/r move as I believed that at least a small pullback was imminent. As it turned out the manipulators behind NNRX chose to stop supporting it and a massive tank ensued, and I covered up my 20,000 shares short for a fast 30% gain. I tend to be very critical of my trades, so despite my profits I still was a bit dissatisfied with my early covers on the short. But as I have done with my past mistakes, I will remember my early covers here and try to learn from them and do better on the next one!

I of course have to give a HUGE thank you to Tim Sykes, Michael Goode, and Nate Michaud. Without their help and services, especially when I was getting started, I would never have developed into the trader I am today!

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  1. David

    Congrats Tim. I need to eventually get off my lazy butt and start trading. And Congrats Tim Sykes for your second millionaire. I’m sure you have some more along the way. Hopefully I will be your 50th student?? Contact me at windk2@yahoo.com as I would like to pick your brains. Thanks

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