Please Help Me Choose A Date & Location For The 4th Annual PennyStocking Conference - Timothy Sykes

Please Help Me Choose A Date & Location For The 4th Annual PennyStocking Conference

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I’ve held an annual seminar/conference each of the past 3 years…15 people attended the 1st year (see some reviews), we had nearly 60 the 2nd year and last year we had 80….this year I’m expecting 100, but I refuse to let it get too big because I will not sacrifice the personal attnetion attendees get to have with the speakers and I.

Oh yes, the first year it was just me speaking for two days straight, the 2nd year I had 4 guest speakers…last year you can see the raves from conference attendees as we had 12 amazing speakers representing verified self-made millionaires from trading, best-selling authors who is friends with Nobel Prize winner speakers like this dude, best of biotech traders like these guys and BuySellShort, momentum traders like InvestorsLive, researchers such as, controversial traders like Geckler (who PS I have NEVER paid a dime for his time or research and his talk at my conference was greatly illuminating on the sketchy PIPE industry aka haters stop bitching/whining, take it to court if you have beef) and last but certainly not least scientific traders…heck even this penny stock promoter gave a great 3 hour talk and you get to relive the magic in this great 20+ hour DVD package called The New Rules Of PennyStocking

But we’ve learned and refined each year as while last year’s event was clearly our biggest success, 24 hours of instructional content overlapping a few wild Vegas nights out all within just 48 hours was just too much to take so this year’s conference will be 3 days…an entire weekend and then live trading on Monday!

So please fill out the polls below and let me know when I should hold this event and which city works best for you! I’m pretty open to anything…Vegas is nice/fun/addictive, NYC is more professional and I threw in some other options just to see what you guys are into šŸ™‚

Just FYI The Trader’s Expo In Vegas Is November 16-19 so it’s nice to plan around that as I know many of you like attending

When Should I Hold My Annual Conference?
November 19-21
November 12-14
November 5-7
October 22-24 free polls
Where Should I Hold My Annual Conference?
Las Vegas
New York
Random Caribbean Island free polls

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