Catching SEC-Busted Stansberry Research In 4 Blatant Lies & Why Porter Stansberry Is The Real Life Hyman Roth - Timothy Sykes

Catching SEC-Busted Stansberry Research In 4 Blatant Lies & Why Porter Stansberry Is The Real Life Hyman Roth

UPDATE: Because we get a ton of emails from Stansberry victims, we’re offering everyone special pricing to show you not everyone in the stock picking business is evil. If you’ve been abused emotionally and financially, please contact me and we’ll tell you all about how we can help!

I’ve previously written about Stansberry Research by exposing their $1.5 million SEC fine and how they use certainly unethical, but-not-always-illegal manipulative language to market their “picks” using sucker-inducing marketing messages like ““This is the kind of situation that can change your life… where a 
$10,000 stake can allow you to literally quit work, forever.”

(The stock Porter was referring to there was Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (ARNA) and he claimed their fat pill would be a huge hit…it wasn’t that the $10,000 stake which was supposed to allow his subscribers to quit work forever would now be worth $4,000 or so.

As for Stansberry’s claims of superior returns, the unflappable CXO advisory unapologetically wrote:

“Stansberry & Associates Investment Research also offers Steve Sjuggerud’s True Wealth, “a monthly investment advisory that boasts one of the largest followings in the world,” claiming that: Since 2001, Steve has consistently booked double- and triple-digit returns for his subscribers.” There is no trade data to justify this claim.

(On the other hand CXO Advisory did a massively detailed study on my trades and track record, concluding in an article entitled “Timothy Sykes: Penny Stock Pump-and-Dump Detective?”: evidence from simple tests on available data supports a belief that Timothy Sykes can identify pump-and-dump patterns in real time with economically maningful consistency)

So when Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL) surged from $27 to $30 solely due to one of Stansberry’s typically manipulative marketing newsletters claiming “A million acres for 250 bucks an acre…That includes a tax-free way to grow $10,000 into over $600 million”

(That turn $10k into blah blah blah million is what gets me every time as unlike Porter Stansberry and Steve Steve Sjuggerud, I have turned $12,415 into $1.65 million so I know EXACTLY how difficult it is….and there is no way that TPL is a stock that will EVER do that.)

So following ACTUAL research, I shorted around $30/share, explained here. But unlike ARNA and most of Stansberry’s other picks, TPL hasn’t collapsed (yet) and I lost a few thousand dollars, covering for a roughly 50 cent/shre loss just above $30 as detailed in my surprisingly popular blog post “5 Lessons From My Worst Trade Of 2010

But aside from another short in the high 33s (covered again for a small loss just over 34), I have told my subscribers repeatedly that I was flat out wrong and that as long as TPL continued to uptrend, I would not be shorting it.

So now here a few weeks later at 44, Stansberry emails their sucker subscribers—yes, yes, they got this one right, but even a broken clock is right twice/day—claiming “The more this guy attacked Steve and shorted the stock, the higher it went – time and time again. Apparently, people trust Steve a lot more than some crazy message-board short seller.”

Now I might’ve been wrong this time, which I fully admit—after all my FULLY TRANSPARENT & VERIFIED TRACK RECORD shows I’m only right 75% of the time—but in no way did I EVER attack Steve…after all, the guy doesn’t have a public track record to attack! Nor did I stay short and watch my losses grow as Stansberry suggests.

That’s lie #1

Lie #2: “It was a “plain vanilla” recommendation, as the trust does one thing: collect royalties on its oil and gas properties. That’s all.”

When you headline a “pick” with the title “The Greatest Unknown Investment Story On Wall Street” and claim it can turn $10,000 into $600 million, this is not just some pick—it’s blatantly manipulative marketing and the SEC should be more on point.

Lie #3: Referring to their TPL “plain vanilla” pick on TPL…the one they call the greatest unknown investment story on Wall Street, Stansberry goes on to say it’s “Nothing fancy… nothing risky… and nothing that should have upset anyone in the slightest. But boy, did it…”

The Stansberry pick, and their amateur research is irrelevant, what upsets me is the way that Stansberry continually claims to find hidden gems, making them out to be bigger and better than anything before, not because they actually believe it, but because they can craft good stories and because this kind of marketing sells subscriptions. Remember, they made $1.2 million by selling 1,200 subscribers a $1,000 report claiming to have inside information aka their blatant disregard for logic, ethics and sometimes even the law SHOULD UPSET EVERYONE…and it’s your duty reading this to spread the truth.

Lie #4: Stansberry refers to me as “Some rabid, half-crazed short seller”. He’s right about rabid, but there is no way anyone can say I am only half mad…that’s BS. I am 100% mad as hell and I’m not gonna take these scumbags lying anymore!

Taking into consideration the unethical and sometimes-in-the-past-fraudulent marketing campaigns, Porter Stansberry’s SEC checkered past and these blatant lies, I can’t help but be reminded of Hyman Roth who humbly stated “I’m a retired investor, living on a pension”.

hyman roth

After all, while I have easily exposed third rate thugs like BestDamnPennyStocks and penny stock promoters like Ian Cassel as the liars that they are, Porter Stansberry ain’t no buffer—he’s a kingpin.

This is why Porter Stansberry is so rich and his organization so powerful that he truly is a real-life Hyman Roth. While the SEC tagged him for a few million (a couple of days work for this kingpin), I promise you all that in the next few years, thanks to transparent financial websites like Investimonials and Profitly, this kingpin will be exposed and his power, and the power of other similarly unethical schemers, will be lessened.

PS Can you guess why Stansberry never refers to me by name? Think about it: the guy is petrified of allowing his paying subscribers to see his SEC fine and blog posts like this…as he should be.

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  1. Jerryrampton

    I’ve been watching S & A (aka=Porter Stansberry & Associates, etc.) for two years now, and “true” their not always right. BUT, they have been more correct then most of your posts suggest by far.

  2. Anonymous

    haha we dont see their track record publicly and they have so many newsletters, u cant possibly keep track on your own…all i see are the penny stocks they pump with very little volume and manipulative marketing tactics

  3. J Flores

    This guy’s stock picks might be a bit dicey but…I just went through one of his sales videos where he mentioned “secrets” on how to get more money from social security…things like a “family boost” for people who have kids and an extra “spousal benefit” for those who are married. Finally, an interest free loan program for up to $90,000 for people on social security. I’d like to have some comments on this kind of thing as well. Is it completely bogus???

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  5. Anonymous

    He’s pushing that same old, been-used-since-the-1970’s-scare-tactic of supposed “hyperinflation”; in addition to all of his other nuttiness

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  7. 1234

    Hey the ‘most valuable asset’ on the planet is water. Just saying… Do with that what you will. But someday it could save your life; no pun intended.

  8. M Crandles

    Stansberry investments is operating illegally since one is unable to cancel an order as is stated on their confirmation letters. No one answers the phone and emails are ignored. This is truly a bogus co. Write to companies that advertises them and tell them about their illegal business practices.

  9. Tony Costanzo

    hey thanks for the heads up. Who do you trust these days, just plain crazy! The world is truly evil. Stansberry and the like are why U.S.A. is in such ruin. I say cement them to the knees and sink them where they belong.

  10. Mesmh

    He is just another Yank snake oil salesman. I do not care how rich he is. Just keep him on your side of the pond!

  11. Calling Stansberry a Kook

    I’ve snapped on the Stansberry Jokers a few times. I scolded him for being unpatriotic for the way he speaks of our president. I keep a subscription so I can be amused by all the fabricated stories. I can’t believe people listen to this crap and most of all this isn’t illegal behavior.

  12. Ryan Laurent

    If you think Obama is doing a good job it shows how much of an ignoramus you really are – unpatriotic? The guy is bankrupting the country you fool.  Are people “racists” for pointing that out??? Moron.

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  14. erik

    his presentation sounds a lot like ‘mike’ from venderlock, which teaches people how to do internet information marketing. 

  15. guest

    Buddy you must love anal because your president is giving it to you 24/7.  This president’s a big fat lying scumbag just like the last one and he helps his banker friends while they’re busy boning you.

  16. guest

    Sorry but I have to point out that your terrible grammar discredits you.  Your writing in this article wasn’t very good either.  Do people in your field really make it this far with mediocre communication skills?  If so, I’d actually be happy because I’m looking for work in finance… 

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