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16 Hot Stocks To Watch This Week

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Yesterday was a an $4900ish loss day for subscribers and I (realized losses of $3200ish for me):

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Willow Creek Enterprises Inc (WLOC) and Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc (COUGF) is just a waiting game on both of these to crack big…WLOC is still stuck in sideways price action, but COUGF has started to crack…looking for shares to short everywhere as these holiday pumps will soon crack 50% or more…bigtime potential shorts.

Fuwei Films (Holdings) Co., Ltd (FFHL) took a much needed break late last week, but more importantly the stock set a definitive low right at $4/share…if and when it cracks that now proven support level, it’s got a clear path to 3.50…only risk is illiquidity so I hope for another wave of upside before the inevitable plummet…potential short.

American Power Corp. (AMPW) continued dropping to the low 1s from 1.50ish…very sad to see what Jarret Wollstein has become…probly sold out his name to some lesser pumper like Erick Dickerson as this pump was pretty sad…c’mon Jarret, get back the eye of the tiger! No play now.

AVALON RARE METALS (AVL) and Molycorp, Inc. (MCP) rebounded back to their rare earth metal highs, but blehhhh where’s the volatility? Oh wait, they are real companies, bore me to death…I’m rooting for some major short squeezes so they can be more exciting than Driving Miss Daisy…no play yet.

Local.com Corp. (LOCM), SuperMedia Inc (SPMD) and Dex One Corporation (DEXO) were all mixed yet again, but at least DEXO looks like it’s about to fade off a cliff so bigtime potential short there…again, volume has faded so much, illiquidity becomes a risk and Google is still allegedly looking for sector buys so be careful of acquisition news.

Sify Technologies Limited (SIFY) and Rediff.com India Limited (REDF) both had morning spikes on their attempted 2nd day runups, but after initial bursts, both feel flat and went nowhere…no play, turns out they were decent buys on the afternoon of their 1st day runups, good pattern to keep in mind in the future on these day trader favs.

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC), Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX) and Clean Power Concepts Inc (CPOW) are gonna make for three great shorts this week, all are up for absurd reasons…RPC is a BiomedReports pump, RPRX is a weak-news-based holiday day trading momo play and CPOW is a blatant paid pump…this is gonna be a great week, ALFSS!

XOMA Limited (XOMA) and Hyperdynamics Corporation (HDY) both have similar Supernova charts, but HDY faded while XOMA went true Supernova, squeezing shorts who didn’t respect its strength…I had one of my worst trades of the year accidentally shorting XOMA at 6.39, then accidentally nearly doubling up at 6.75 when I thought I was covering, then I covered into the true short squeeze at 7.39…amateur mistakes like that should be truly embarrassing, but after being on a reality TV show, nothing is embarrassing anymore…it just makes me mad and determined to short this one when the pattern is proper, likely later today given the excessive holiday squeeze…both are still potential shorts.

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