Testimonials Archive - Timothy Sykes


  • Tim, im on my 2nd time watching penny stocking part deux and i swear to god its the best DVD. it has really saved me COUNTLESS times. Best DVD bar none.

    Michael S

  • hey man, just wanted to say I appreciate what you do… I made 900$ today trading SGOC, and imo, I traded it poorly, still learning. It's a hell of a note when I can make more in one morning trading poorly than I used to make in a week at a 20$ job.


  • Tim, you are such a great teacher. you make it so very easy based on your experiences so to help your students understand what we may feel and how to channel those feeling and make the right decisions..I feel so privileged you have accepted me into your challenge. Great video library.. It's so awesome as a challenge student ..I thank you for all your hard word and dedication. More over... I thank you for your mentorship.


  • Tim, Man. Your lesson could not have come at a better time. Thanks for all you do for us. We appreciate you, your dedication, your patience, your humility and openness, your transparency and the fact that you speak from 15 years of experience carries so much weight. Im humbled to have found someone like you. You are a good man and are saving us from ourselves, our greedy nature and from living in poverty. Thank you and don't ever give up on us.


  • sold $DGLY at 15.99 bought yesterday @ 12.20

    Christine A

  • got up early and shorted $JRJC from IB. Following Tim's rules


  • Thanks for the great lessons today Tim! Watching live trading with you is such a learning experience. I appreciate the time you sacrifice


  • Also getting it after 3 months , all the DVDs, and keeping up with lessons and webinars. Up on the month and almost ready to trade bigger positions


  • thanks tim, am trading this with your lessons and bought very 11's on breakout

    Joseph L

  • shorted ISNS at 4.42 out at 4.04!! - Thanks Tim. Believe it or not, I have learned more in 6 months than I learned in 20 years in and out of the market. It's absolutely mind blowing and I LOVE it. I plan to write a post about it soon.


  • Up $1100+ on the day. I'm freaking up! After losing for a month. Those video lessons and DVD's are worth it.


  • with the 438 gain today, I've made up 50% of my losses from yesterday...it's all about controlling emotions and staying positive, teachable and focused! You're the man Tim!


  • short 1500 $ISNS @4.34 covered at $.418 for a quick 240.00 gain..had a glitch in trading platform when I tried to cover at 4.13..oh well up 438 on the day..Thanks for your guidance Tim!


  • I'm up $800 shorting $ISNS and $VII


  • thanks tim, up $400 dollars on $TUBE so far. found it myself last night then was happy to see it on your watchlist this morning. thanks for what you do man


  • Thanks Tim, Just made $225 on ISNS


  • You are the best man, thanks for taking your time to help others... I started watching your video's and reading your stuff and I have a lot of respect for you. The thing that made me want to learn from you is the way you are proud when a student surpasses you. This shows to me that you are the truth! Keep it up brother.


  • up $512.00 on the day, thanks Tim!


  • I was lucky...I got in $SGOC @ $2.85, I am going to stay in past $4...previous high on spike of $8.33 just 6 months ago...yeah...thats what I'm talking about!


  • dip bought TUBE as it held the previous day breakout in the morning, earnings winner as well, two good points, i made a good 400$


  • $SCOG got in perfectly at 2.2 out at 2.84


  • Shorted ISNS @ 4.5 covered half yesterday @ 3.9


  • in SGOC @ 2.15 out 2.60 905$ profit


  • Tim, wanted to say that today's seminar was the first time I got to actually trade the same thing at pretty much the same entry points. It was extremely helpful to have your commentary about how weak the bounce was and things like that which I could then internalize. Otherwise, I'd closed out my position with a loss due to a small bounce up.


  • Up $4k on ISNS, and TUBE trades.


  • about realized $3200 profit shorting $VII and $ISNS + overnight 4500 shares

    Locus V

  • Shorted $ISNS from 4.50 to 4.08, solid profit. Good call @timothysykes

    Alex G

  • @timothysykes an A++ on that webinar last night. Tons of useful info to get yourself ahead.

    Gavin H

  • Glad I caught that supernova spike! In and out within 7 minutes for .93 cents a share!!! Made a ridiculously easy $430!! Can't wait to see you in Vegas in Nov!

    Andrew M

  • I cant take it anymore. Up $545 on DGLY. Out and need a break so I don't start gambling on it


  • 500 dollar profit on 1st day of trading...started with 500 dollars on sure trader


  • First let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to trade with you. It's one of the highlights of this year. Your challenge has changed my life more than you can imagine and your teachings have opened my eyes up to things I had NO clue existed.Believe it or not, I have learned more in 6 months than I learned in 20 years in and out of the market. It's absolutely mind blowing and I LOVE it. I plan to write a post about it soon.

    Jai c

  • another great call Tim on $DGLY. You ability to spot these are truly remarkable.

    Dennis P

  • Learning how to short and profit from it. Thank you for all you do @timothysykes - It pays to be a challenge student!

    Alyce H

  • Tim, I thank you so much for answering my question indirectly..You are such an awesome teacher and hard working individual. I feel so lucky to be accepted into your challenge. I not only value you as a trader, I value the teacher student relationship that we have developed. I thank you for your mentor ship.


  • I am a trading challenge student of yours and I would like to begin by thanking you for all your hard work and dedication to teaching those who want to learn about penny stocks. You have increased my knowledge of the market immensely and saved me more money, and emotional distress than I can imagine so Thank you.

    Aaron C

  • I respect @timothysykes so much. Such a great role model in the stock trading world.

    Peter K

  • @timothysykes Wanted to Thank You as well for teaching me how to day trade. You and @super_trades have given me the tools to change my life!


  • Tim, This is my first email to you since I started the challenge in February. I have not been making very many trades – mostly watching and learning. On Friday morning I was using StocksToTrade found HGSH using the Biggest % gainers filter and added it to my watch list waiting for a dip. I received your alert on Friday afternoon at which time I checked the stock again and it had dipped to around 3.20. I decided to buy on the dip thinking it would spike and got it for 3.18 planning to get out if it fell below 3.00. I held over the weekend and checked the stock with StocksToTrade this morning and it was up to 4.00 premarket. I was looking for 20% profit and 4.00 gave me a 25.8% profit so I sold and took profit.

    Craig F

  • $TKMR str8 rippppppinnnnn. Sic! Bankin in the @timothysykes chat rooms! So many good calls and quick tips.. Stupid not to learn here

    Todd F

  • Small loss early morning on $FCGD but made it all back and more just now on same stock! Thanks @timothysykes for the $800 profit by 10am!

    Josh W

  • Tim, It's been amazing being your student do far. Thank you for your instruction.b I am working my way through your videos as I am in the challenge.

    Daniel V

  • Endless inspiration and golden nuggets in every one of your homeworks @timothysykes . I go over them at least 5 times daily!

    Jon V

  • Eternally grateful to Tim Sykes for the mantra "cut losses quickly" an essential in growing a small account exponentially @timothysykes.


  • Good call. Keep it up. OK, now, how do you make a $1 - 2 mil?

    Shekhar B

  • @timothysykes Watching your daily video lessons are finally pay off. I executed a trade before your alert. #learning $loco

    Son T

  • another perfect call Sykes, thanks for the alert! making $$$$

    Dennis P

  • Held a small position in $CBDE over wknd thanks to @timothysykes! First of few trades ever and profited. #bigthanks


  • @timothysykes thanks for the $WATT alert. I was looking at it when you alerted and so I dove in .. made a lil over a grand.. thanks Tim!!


  • Shorted $WATT twice today. shorted first at 11.99 covered 11.61, then shorted 11.15 covered 10.95. Thanks @timothysykes for the alert!


  • Made .70/share off of @timothysykes $WATT alert. Any money helps us small account folks. Easiest $140 I ever made. Thanks TIM!!!!!

    Peter S

  • Shorted 300 for $125 profit: Thanks Tim - like having a NBA All Star on your team and all you have to do is show up!!!

    Kevin H

  • Shorted 500 shares $WATT @ 12.00 and covered @ 11.02 for a $490 profit! Great call Tim


  • Yo Tim, Thanks for the advice. Been watching the vids. made 105% GAINS today :)

    Ricky D

  • Also, I started with $2k after I subscribed here, now I'm nearing 25k about to become a real day trader! Its been around 2.5 months!


  • I am one of tims students. I have been subscribed to him for almost 3 weeks now. I was skeptical at first as well, as everyone should be when it comes to penny stocks. But subscribing to Tim has been one of the best decisions I have made. Despite what everyone told me, his program works if you do. Just like anything in life, you can't expect success if you don't try your absolute best every single day. With tims strategy and teachings. If you try your best every single day. There is potential success. I already am recognizing the patterns and indicators in a stock. Tim lays out a set of rules that have been proven to work. All you need to do is study your ass off and learn every single one off by heart. And if you do you can really start making gains. All in all for the amount of money tim charges, it really depends on you to decide what you get out of it. And how much time and effort you're willing to put In to changing your life forever. So if you pay and watch one video a day and just follow tims picks. It's not worth It because you are being ignorant to the knowledge that is In front of you. But if you put in the time, and actually learn why he is making his trades, then the knowledge itself is priceless.


  • Thanks Tim. Just wanted to give you the heads up, I'm finding the plays before you send us the watchlists on a regular basis ( I only open your watchlist emails after I'm done checking everything in the a.m. ) also finding the pre-market winners before you let us know too. Very thankful for that. I really have studied my ass off since end of Oct and keep it going. Like we spoke about in N.Y. for your birthday, the MOMO did slow down since I actually started trading in April/May. I'm pretty much break-even, I always go in w/ calculated R/R, and control my loses pretty tight. Unfortunately IB gave me an account w/ no margin since I was layed off ( bastards ). No biggie for now, .I'm going to open SureTrader soon. So for now I'm just playing longs & staying under $10 a/share ( sorry for the bias )  . Just wanted to give you an update since I don't talk to much in the chats & webinars, didn't want you to think I was completely lost. Definitely understand all you have taught, for a while now its been repetition which is great. Sometime hearing the same thing a little different can change what you originally thought about it for the better. See ya in Vegas, can't wait.


  • I started with $500 and I am up $3000. I am so new at this it is not even funny. I simply listen to his video teaching. technical analysis is not that hard to pic up on if you simply LISTEN TO THE TEACHER. No I am not one of his real students. I simply fallow him and have read his books and videos. Thanks Tim. I know in time I will get there. mistakes will happen but that is with anything.

    Kenny S

  • Hey Tim! Thank you so much for your great teaching lessons. I learned so much and finally I can apply your trading methods. Yesterday I made nearly $10,000 and bought a new rolex. Thank you so much!

    Gabriel R

  • $WSTI shorted @ .93 covered @ .80, while watching my son's soccer camp! Thank you @timothysykes


  • Trading view from Sea Island, GA. Your dvds are making me increasingly profitable! @timothysykes

    Joe D

  • I just hit 80k Profits from shorting pump and dumps. Thanks to @timothysykes and @goodetrades


  • the repetition works....after 4 weeks covering half of the video lessons...it sinks in and you get acclimated to it


  • made a ton of money playing NETE, and buying USU, DGLY bounce play which came straight out of you vid lessons and dvds.

    Jason S

  • I learn something new from every DVD. Or relearn something I missed...


  • Kept my eye on NETE, in $1.91 out $2.58 x (1800 shares) = $1209 !!! I am total newbie and my first trade of the year...Thanks Tim!!!!!


  • $530 on $TUBE -- made a whole dollar and 16 cents out of the trade


  • in NETE 1.60 out 2.73... thanks Tim!!


  • Thanks for the tip about NETE @timothysykes I'm up 2k today :)

    Ralph V

  • I just made $370 on my 3rd trade following your strategy!

    Daniel V

  • Thanks for the tips/videos on $GLUU I bought Fri @6.69 & sold pm today @7.04


  • Dear Tim,I have been a Pennystocking Silver subscriber for about three months now and have been studying your video lessons and Pennystocking Part Duex religiously. I have been slowly losing money trading (mostly through commissions) but feel like I'm making a lot of progress.I am writing you to let you know that on Friday I reached what I consider an important milestone. When GLUU broke its 52 week high in the 4.70s I was buying when it dipped down to 4.69, about a minute later you sent out an alert that you bought around the same time. This was extremely gratifying and even though it didn't run like my initial thesis, I was just happy to have taken on a trade with the type of risk/reward that you look for.Anyways I just wanted to thank you for teaching and inspiring me. Ever since seeing your Harvard speech (You may remember me as the tall kid in the suit) I have been very motivated to study and learn.

    Lucas L

  • The only thing you need to worry about when you learn from the best @timothysykes is what to spend the money on.


  • I called @timothysykes out about $SPLI and $ERBB back in March.Thought he was shorting and bashing. I read up on what he was saying. Watched his stupid videos than researched the past dumps he mentioned... Then something weird happened he was right. He went from being an asshole to saving me 100K.


  • Made $476 $2020 investment and trading from the beach. Thanks to @timothysykes for his DVDS.

    Jolly W

  • This is the first chat room I've been in where nobody ever disses anyone else. This is just marvelous.

    Barbara B

  • Dear Timothy, I hope you're having a Perfect weekend.I'm one of your challenge students, it's truly a privilege to be mentored by you. I haven't emailed you before, because I didn't want to overwhelm your email (as you often mention in the videos and webinars). Thank you for all the exquisite lessons, webinars and DVDs. I have to say, your '' Boiler Room '' impression was a Charming one.

    Pouya Y

  • Tim, I just had to reach out and give you a huge Thank You! I have followed and still do follow quite a few different traders and bar none, you are the greatest day trader that I have had the chance to learn from. The greatest trait that you bring to the table is that you are “all-in”. Despite the fact that you’ve made tons of money, you still put in the grueling hours to help your students become successful traders. You’re keenly methodical about stock selection and cutting your losses short….one of the biggest lessons learned from the Challenge. And you are revolutionizing the stock newsletter business with transparent trading, and all the while, you keep all of your content fresh and exciting. It’s quite extraordinary what you have accomplished and I’m excited to be a small part of what you will be doing in the future.


  • During my time in Tim's challenge I was able to gain a thorough understanding of his strategy, and I have applied that to earn terrific profits! I would definitely recommend the Challenge to anybody who is truly committed to becoming a successful trader.

    William W

  • Hey tim ive only been doing this for a couple weeks. Made 1,980 profit off of USU


  • Looks like I'm getting the hang of things, my first two trades were $39 and $116 I was very very nervous made a few mistakes. Then my next trade I SS @ 9.6 and B @ 7.5 with 200 shares so $420 on that trade with a few mistakes (small losses). I know I would've made more mistakes since i was getting pretty excited. Walked away so my account is probably around 1000-1100 after fees and all. Going to start studying again after I take my dog outside, Don't need him making a mess of my apartment.

    Demarcus A

  • just walked away from my computer and came back 5 mins later 720$ richer


  • Brought USU at $7.10 yesterday sold at $12.20 this morning for an over 2K Profit.


  • Thanks to @timothysykes chat room alerting me about USU a dayy or two ago , i am up $1050 in the past 30 min on $USU from my phone

    Jim A

  • im one of your challenge students after 4 month of studying finally got your strategy down up 40% last month made other 15% today gonna be living the dream here in a bit

    Chelsey A

  • I started trading full time in February. By mid March, I had made over $74,000 playing momentum run ups under a penny and just above a penny. I started with $7,457.00. I then though that I knew it all, and got cocky and started throwing money at random plays and subsequently lost close to $30,000. This is when I decided I needed some help. I was trying to be perfect, guessing the exact bottom and the exact top, and ended up in multiple "crow" chart patterns, thinking they would surely come back up. Since applying to your challenge and watching your video lessons, webinars, homework, and Penny Stocking DVD, I've been able to cut losses quickly and am up 4,388.33 in less than a month by adopting your strategy as my own. I haven't been perfect by any means and haven't done any shorting, but have been able to maximize my results using your strategy on my own personal picks. Thank you Tim, the lessons I've learned so far are priceless. I've got a long way to go and a lot to learn, but thanks to you, I'm back on the right track!

    Ryan H

  • Hey Tim,Thanks for helping me get to my first big win with MEET. Saw it basing in the 1.90’s for a couple days. In at 1.94, out at 2.18.

    Brandon M

  • Tim.. Thanks for the introduction to your high net worth broker.. today was my first full day trading and took home $2700 shorting PRKR and MEET.. awesome!!

    Mike R

  • Total profits on MEET = 1271 $ in 2 weeks - started with 4000 $ in IB - Almost paid for my TimLong subscription.


  • People ask how long it took to make back what it costs for the @timothysykes challenge? over 100% gains each year is pretty good if u ask me

    Timm A

  • I want to thank you for the call on BBRY. I made some good money on this. I have been recommending people to subscribe to TIMlongterm.

    Barbara B

  • I recently subscribed to pennystocking silver for a couple months before I take on the challenge... Absolutely fascinating. Love your personality, never apologise for it, it takes that amount of cockiness to be successful IMO!

    Steve K

  • Dear Tim, my name is Paul Bahi (aka PolisB) I just wanted to tell you my story and how I got to this point of becoming one of your Challenge students with over $10,000 in profits in my first month and saving me from disaster had I kept following the Wolfpack!

    Paul B

  • Tim, your alerts and the setups you provide are amazing. Just broke the 2,000 marker in profits with you today alone. Making me up roughly 3k alone in this week.I held ACHN and covered into the 8.60sin pre marketI also covered BBRY at 9.82.Today is my birthday and I want to thank you for such a great opportunity. I was able to make roughy $2,100 today at San Diego Sea World spending time with my family!! Thank you, you are an awesome teacher and mentor.

    Kelvin L

  • up almost another f***ing 2K I love you Sykes


  • Shorted #$GIGA #pump&dump #$2,030 profit thank you @timothysykes , like the man tells you #learnthelessons #bank #changeyourlife

    Charlie H

  • sold MEET. Bought @ 2.08.. I got scared with the morning sell off. I couldn't stomach it. This is my very FIRST trade and I made 14%... im pumped. Thanks Tim!!

    Kendria E

  • Up about $450 between the 2 CMCM MEET


  • made around $1200. Bought during your alert at 1.98. Sold at 2.4. Great call!

    Josh D

  • +420 on CMCM


  • BANKED on CMCM thanks Tim


  • Great job Tim Sykes. Playing it safe is the best. I'm making more money listening to u


  • Banked on GIGA (should have been more than double if I had not got out the first tim)! Even better that I found it myself and then Tim qualified my research!


  • Banked on GIGA! thanks Tim!!!


  • Hit a grand slam on GIGA thanks to you. Second trade and very profitable. Again, thank you, very much!


  • Just made a months salary playing $GIGA while having breakfast in a cafe in sunny FL. Feeling inspired. Thanks @timothysykes

    Josh A

  • thanks sooo much for alerting GIGA in the watchlist! I have been learning a ton. I was watching the 52 week high and raelly watching price action. I bought on 2 small dips and banked! Thanks so much for teaching us.


  • Hi Tim Thanks. Made 1500$ on GIGA in fitst 15 mins.


  • sick call on GIGA


  • in GIGA @ 3.23 out waaaaayyy too early @ 3.70 f*** 460$ profit at least i need to get way better at trading, are there video lessons for breakout price action levels at new highs? i was a bit blind on when to sell…i know you're busy, a reply anytime today would be much appreciated


  • Bought GIGA yesteday in the last 30 second @ 2.48 because it was holding support so nicely. Today great news and i sold @ 3.01 niiiiiceeee!


  • Thank you Tim for my first big win on MEET with a profit of $1,250. Just passed the 1000 marker with you. I would have gotten out of this trade at a loss if it weren't for your Alerts, DVDs, and Trading Lessons.

    Kelvin L

  • Just made a months salary playing $GIGA while having breakfast in a cafe in sunny FL. Feeling inspired. Thanks @timothysykes

    Josh A.

  • I really can't thank you enough Tim, I thank God everyday for putting it in my heart to make the decision to join your Challenge and become one of your students. The knowledge I am getting from watching your DVDS and the support of your team is just incredible and priceless considering that I am learning a strategy that can support me and my family for our lifetime. You make it so easy to learn and fun at the same time and you really help me psychologically..I can't wait to shake your hand and thank you in person at the upcoming Conference you are having in Las Vegas on October 5th & 6th I believe, I already have it marked on my calendar, lol.. #1 teacher Tim Sykes! #challenge

    Paul B

  • PennyStocking Silver has taught me a lot so far, thanks @timothysykes

    Joseph T

  • Out $SUMR 3.11 +7%. Thanks @timothysykes for the pick!


  • @timothysykes Sick call on $RMBS earnings play.. now in the 13.70s from your alert yesterday at 13!!

    Chris W

  • @timothysykes Doubled my $1000 investment this am applying your trading concepts $HIMR.

    Steve G

  • @timothysykes Buy the Breakout Baby! http://Stocktotrade.com is a MUST have! It does all the work for you, forget about that Fibinnoci shi*!

    Polis B

  • Bought "An American hedge fund" 2 days ago and I just finished it. Best book I ever read, the last chapter was perfect @timothysykes

    Kris S

  • Tim Sykes, is a genius. He is perhaps the greatest penny stock trader of all times. I am one of his students. I knew nothing about the stock market when I started to considered trading in April 2014. Without his couching program, I would have been broke by now. Tim Sykes is smart, honest and very knowledgeable. I love this guy to death. If you think you know the stock market, or if you know you don't know the stock market, you need this guy!

    John M

  • Thank you!! #bestteacherever I wish more truly understood how well you teach, it is such a gift. You change lives of the wise @timothysykes


  • @timothysykes on $SUMR Awesome trade Tim, I sold at $2.97 for over $1,200 gain! Loving life right now! #challenge

    Polis B

  • Tim,I recently subscribed to you pennystocking silver newsletter. I haven't opened a US trading account yet as I am still learning the ropes, following your lead and watching your DVD's. I've been playing on the ASX (Australian) market when I notice a stock that behaves the way you teach. Today was my first +$2000 day. I am pumped mate, I don't know how else to describe it. I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to learning more. Thanks

    Brendan H

  • Crazy how I made a trade while driving to work today. $SARA ,long @ 1.39 and sold at 2.50.TY @timothysykes I learned to make my own calls!


  • Another pretty good day thanks to @timothysykes just over 1k in profits. Can't thank you enough Tim. In just 3 weeks and a day I'm up 3k.

    Josh W

  • Hi Tim, Probably for you this email is just one more but for me not because.... I just want to say THANK YOU for all you do for Us. You are a nice teacher. I gotta say you are my mentor. Thanks for all the charts lessons you shared with Us, I really appreciate. I gotta say you are a very good charts reader, for real Tim you are good in this. Thank you Tim.

    Jose P

  • The penny markets are full of scam but the only person I would recommend for beginners is @timothysykes He's the best!

    Hkmkazz @Wallstreetor

  • I sold all 2,700 VPCO @($6.31) for a gain of $3,159... I decided to sell all because that is what I am being taught by Mr Tim @timothysykes

    Polis B

  • Got 1500 shares low to mid 4s Fri afterall and held. Too good an opport to miss out even tho I could not watch. I used wide stops for protection/profit taking. None got executed. Missed getting more on this morn spike when it failed. Covered 500 today, the rest either today or tomorrow. This is straight out of your vid lessons. Thx. I would not look for these plays if I didn't keep your lessons and DVDs in mind. So, you see, some if us do watch them!


  • Your still the BEST teacher Tim!! This was my first Full week of trading as a Challenge student and using what I have learned so far from your book and DVD'S, I made almost $4,000 profit for the week. All buying breakouts..I am in process of funding a 2nd account at Suretrader so i can Short also...Thanks a million Tim, your teachings are a Lifechanger! God Bless You!

    Paul S

  • Wow @timothysykes works hard at being a great trader!! Just realized this watching his dvd's, which I should have bought years ago.

    Chris S

  • Hello Tim, I have been trading using your strategy for a few months and I want to thank you for your transparency and up front approach to teaching. I appreciate how open you are to admitting your mistakes and explaining every move you make. This has been a learning experience for me so my profit chart is choppy and my percentage is lower than it should be, but thanks to your rules and guidance, I still remain profitable.

    Michael K

  • Hey buddy just wanted to say thanx man. After watching ur DVDs and reading ur blogs and signing up for timalerts I'm doing a lot better. Thanks man

    Monte W

  • Hello Mr. Sykes. I know you get a million messages a day, but I just wanted to say thank you. I have been following, I signed up for your alerts, and I have been studying. I honestly haven't even made any money yet, but since I've become a part of "the group" so to speak, I have been feeling great. I'm learning so much! I actually read a book! And I have more to look forward to. You have inspired me! Thank you!


  • Who are you, sir? The teaching of finance you do is so amazing it borders the unreal. I have done my research, and believe you 100%.

    Patrick Y

  • Always good Sir Timothy! The 4 weeks I have been learning from you I have gained invaluable knowledge about stock trading. INVALUABLE!!! Still only trading paper but gaining confidence thanks to you Timothy.


  • That's what I like about you Tim, it's that your Real and you don't hold back and speak your mind, I am really learning alot...I am done watching Pennystocking, Pennystocking part Duex, and TIMRAW...Dude, it feels like your part of the family now, my cousin Tim!! :)

    Polis B

  • I have your dvds. I just finished your book and I have to say, you are like the penny stock Bruce Lee, just like how many of his fellow martial artists did not really share his views on sharing martial arts to others, and the fact that he also considered himself as a student. I loved your book and have read it twice already. I am currently watching your dvds. Is there a specific DVD I should start with or an order I should follow them? Thank you master Sykes.

    Elton M

  • Hey Tim,Bought all your DVD's and in my first 8 months of trading was up over $75,000! Just wanted to say thank you for your honest and well put together DVD's. I just graduated college and while I did lose much of that profit I have plenty to keep me going and will claw my way back up to the top. My mistakes were my own fault/greed. Just wanted to say thanks and keep on keeping on brother! Best of luck!

    Joe D

  • Hi Tim, I am one of your student on penny stock silver. I wanted to thank you a lot for your great picks and all the education material that you provide on your website. I did lose a lot of money with NEWL before I applied your website and you make me succeed to really turn my trading account $$$ and make $$$$. I am really thankful to you because you weren't obliged to share your experience with newbies and you could have kept all your secret for yourself... I come from a small island In the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia and I didn't have the opportunity there to learn trading... Haha as you can imagine !!! Thanks a lot for your help Master Tim

    Emmanuel D

  • @timothysykes I smashed newl two days in a row, just off watching your lessons, went long then went short last day $5300ish in profit

    charles the profit

  • gotta hand it to you Tim, you're teachings are amazing. Its finally starting to sink in how these plays actually work. I've seen your dvds and video lessons but it still takes a while to really get the hang of things. Now I'm more fascinated with the market and frankly I get more pleasure from nailing the play than the actual account increase which may sound a bit weird but its so rewarding. I used to be one of the skeptics on here about your alerts but I quickly realized what you're all about a


  • Tim,Thank you so much. I had a lot of successes but also a lot more losses. Thankfully i got a job in a Top tier accounting company which will help me delve into the financial principles and industry, gain some valuable working experience and maybe come back into trading in the future.Sometimes i think that through hard work i can amass a greater fortune than what i would by trading. Perhaps you have a change of heart and go work for a multi billion hedge fund one day! Anyhow, not a day passed this year that i didn't think about you (your picks, your thoughts on stocks that i might be trading etc) and this year in my life had your name on it. Sometimes i even bought stocks ahead of you WATT, REFR, VUZI, FREE. That good a teacher you have been. Thanks for the inspiration you've given me indirectly by prompting us to read Livermore's book. I'm sure one day we'll meet and that you'll reach the billion$ mark since your gains have been growing exponentially recently. It's just a matter of time. I'm timezoner, and this is my thank you email to you and my retirement from trading for the time being. I am 23, made more than boys in my age make in years, I made in days, perhaps weeks - albeit lost these profits due to chasing, not taking profits and chasing thinking that i'm a longterm trader. Funnily, my biggest gains were from chasing, $VUZI ! ..I wish you wella Cypriot friend, trader, student


  • Hey Tim, made 570$ on IMI glad to your watchlist-alert and bought the breakout thanks a lot

    Rafael S

  • Dear Tim, I just want to say Thank You very much for your hard work teaching, I am learning and I am so excited, today was my 4th day as a challenge student and the first day I made money. I bought SUMR on a Dip and sold for a $700 gain, and I bought QUIK at $3.80 after your alert and am still holding. Because of your teachings I will have a Good weekend. I can't Thank you enough. I have watched all 4 discs of Pennystocking and now I'm starting to watch Pennystocking Part duex.. Love Ya Tim! God Bless you, The KING of this Stock Game!!

    Paul B

  • I was a @timothysykes skeptic; I signed up for pennystocking silver & I'm psyched because from 3 videos I was able to bank ~$100 in 5 mins

    Richard T

  • Going through the top 30 video lessons by @timothysykes. this is by far the best teaching I think i will ever come across.


  • Just closed out my $VDSI trade at todays high. Bought at $9.36 Sold remaining balance at $11.71 for a 25.85% win over a week @timothysykes


  • I've had losses & purchased dog shit stocks. But I've been watching & learning from @timothysykes videos & made 40% profit from $BRND today


  • Tim Sykes took me here(photo), and paid for it all, if u want to learn how to trade, daytrade, send me a message and I will show u how to get started. Thank U Tim

    Bob G

  • Only 9 days into TIm's challenge and I already experienced first-hand the issues Tim often talks about with not having the right broker. I currently use Scottrade (waiting on SureTrader to open) and I missed a short opportunity on WATT when it went g/r. I would've made $2,000+ but instead settled for $600. Overall still a great day for me but definitely felt the limitations with a mediocre broker. Really in awe that my studying of Tim's strategy already paid off. Can't wait to learn more.


  • Going through the top 30 video lessons by @timothysykes. this is by far the best teaching I think i will ever come across.


  • @timothysykes really nailed $WATT. Just a little reminder that I'm learning from the best...

    Stephen G

  • Hey man im up a few thousand in 2 months and just wanted to say thanks, if youre ever in Seattle id like to shake your hand and buy you a drink. take care


  • thanks to your videos (i joined yesterday) i saved 2K by getting out ahead of the fall. glad i'm here. thanks man.


  • Great call on VDSI, I bought 2,500 shares before close yesterday for $9.35 and i sold them earlier over $10! Thanks again Tim!

    Paul B

  • I BANKED from $VDSI using the stuff I leaned from @timothysykes. I can't believe this stuff is so simple, it's unreal!


  • @timothysykes I made $5,689 on $VDSI pick. I've subscribed less than a month and will now be a subscriber for life. Thank U! #formerwolfpack


  • Your methods have made me £11,000 in under 2 months from £150.. I can now finally pay for my dads kidney transplant!


  • i am up 3400 past 2 weeks on (now) 29k acct. thanks @timothysykes. you truly are the man....cannot thank you enough.

    Tom D

  • I profited on FRTD today. I want to thank you for the perspective you have provided me with just by following you the past 3 months. I am now up $17K since January and I am only 22. I recently paid cash for a BMW (my second vehicle). Take care Tim, Thanks again.

    Riley M

  • I've been a challenge student for about three months. I have made about $20,000 so far with his strategy. I have the motivation and desire to make this strategy work. I am willing to testify about Tim to others as well.

    Greg S

  • I have been following you for 6 months now and i subscribed to pennystocksilver for 2 months and your challenge now in April, i watch videos everyday and follow your trades everyday and read every and i know you probably get this a lot but i would have nothing to look forward to if it weren't for your trading teachings. I stumbled upon you on youtube and ever since then i have been completely fascinated with everything that you are doing. I really can't thank you enough i can't even begin to describe the immense amount i have learned from you.

    Ryan P

  • @timothysykes i've been following u the past 5yrs and trading w/u 4 the past few mths it was hard to believe first but now its hard to denie

    Erwin G

  • Made about $1200 on PLUG, but im back at my starting point. Thank you Tim <3

    Kevin C

  • $7,000 profit in one day . I cant wait to do the challenge ..

    Vinny A

  • up 400 thank you TIMMY and MG i guess i can thank chicago for the half hour ban other wise i wouldve never even looked at the scalps


  • Shout out to @timothysykes. Turned $6,000 into nearly $10,000 this year with his strategy!

    Charlie P

  • I was initially VERY skeptical of Tim Sykes. Common sense should tell you to be skeptical of anyone that claims to offer you the opportunity to become a millionaire. It just sounds to good to be true. I figured it was just another get rich quick scheme. Cooked up by yet, another Wall st. swindler. Eventually, I decided to test the water with a low risk monthly Silver subscription....Turned out to be the best $100 bucks I ever spent. Tim Sykes is the real deal, and I'm a skeptic no more!


  • Can't believe I made $1,976 today.. Pretty stoked. Not many people do that let alone at 16. Thankyou @timothysykes, your changing my life.

    Will L

  • Already up 20% for the day. Thanks to @timothysykes :)

    Ryan H

  • Thanks @timothysykes. First 4 figure day as a trading challenge student!

    Dwayn C

  • I had 14,000 shares at 11.20... held overnight and sold at open of market at 11.55. $4,500 profit!!


  • Your book and your video helped TIM SYKES. I'm taking good profit.


  • PLUG my first short since joining - +$2190 It pays to study the vids and learn the system before wasting $$$


  • cover BLDP 5.95 made $6K , thanks to Tim's comment


  • Yeah CDTI was nice, made $2100 today on 1200 shares got in P/M after I watched that video lesson I got this morning.


  • in CDTI @6.65 out @7.33 quick $2550 profit

    Zach C

  • @timothysykes, just banked on a 120% profit thanks to your method. Cannot recommend him enough if you're new to penny stocks. A true legend!


  • Just grabbed another 70% profit, sitting nicely at £30,000 in less than a week. Cheers @timothysykes, I'm only 15 - which is why I'm shocked!

    Mr. Collinson

  • @timothysykes I am only a sophomore in high school and banking off your methods!

    Max D

  • Just grabbed another 70% profit, sitting nicely at £30,000 in less than a week. Cheers @timothysykes, I'm only 15 - which is why I'm shocked

    Mr. Collinson

  • Great first month trading, up almost 5K. Thanks @timothysykes for teaching, motivating and inspiring!

    Cory B

  • It has only been three weeks and I'm up $1500 on my small account (initially $500) only playing your longterm picks. I took advantage of one of the promos, so I only paid $1k for the subscription. It has more than paid for itself, and I have over 100% gains on the year so far. Last year was my first year of trading, and I probably shaved 5 years off my learning curve by being a challenge student. F traditional finance, this is truly life changing. Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge.

    Chris W

  • I have to concede to my previous doubts and statements to/about you Timothy Sykes. My obvious lack of knowledge in the day trading world had led me to make incorrect statements and I have been proven wrong. MY short on on CNTO has cashed me in at $15000. YOU WERE RIGHT.

    Tony L

  • Your the man @timothysykes Made another $2300 in 5 Hrs would have took me a month when I was working. Full time day trader now #pennystocks


  • First and foremost, my life has changed ever since I have seen Wall Street Warriors. That is when I learned about you and became intrigued with figuring out how to do what you do. Little did I know that you actually dedicated your life to helping people do just that. That is when I came up with a little bit of money to invest in your subscription program and your videos. I started trading and originally started with a small loss, but then I got my mind together and connected the dots to figure it out. I started trading with your subscription program about a year ago. I took a couple months break because I was in school every day flying airplanes and building hours to get my pilot license, but now I'm back, and this yacht trip would be the perfect thing in my life rig ht now f or two major reasons. I have been working on building my account and stressing over school. It would help me relax for a minute while getting better at trading all while experiencing what my future could be like when I master the art of trading penny stocks. My original $2,000 account is right around $18,000 right now. I've always dreamed of experiencing a yacht adventure. Coincidentally, I woke up today thinking about how great owning a yacht would be right now especially living in Minnesota where the weather is very harsh and cold. It has been at 0 degrees or lower for the majority of the last 3 months and I've been here every single day to experience it all. It would be great to escape for a little bit. It would be so damn fun. Thank you Tim.

    Semin T

  • Just wanted to let you know that I would be honored to meet you and the top challenge students. I am a 62 year old man from a very small town in S.E. Iowa who has become a believer in your teachings. I watched your 7 free videos and began trading May 2013. I started with $650. Buying 100 shares is a very difficult way to grow your account but had many small successes and started to believe that I could actually do this and become successful. I joined pennystocking silver and bought your pennystocking part deux and Tim fundamentals part deux. I have watched them at least 3-4 times each along with reading your book. My $650 has increased to over $5000 and at the wife’s insistence took $10,000 from my IRA account and started a new Think or Swim acct last week. I made $1 500 last week alone. That’s enough horn blowing as its more the anticipation of freedom for me and my wife that is the real motivation. Well that and the love of the trade. We might not meet on this trip, but know this, some day we will meet in person and I will be able to personally shake your hand and thank you for changing my life.

    Richard G

  • Not a trading challenge student, but I am a TIMLongterm student. In less than a year, I am up about 20-25%, starting with a very small amount of money. I have been learning as I go, both having successes and making mistakes. My biggest success is a 76% gain on LQMT, thanks to what I've learned so far. I have had losses (my largest being a 44% loss)... thanks to my own mistakes, holding on to stocks longer than I should have. But the mistakes have made me a better trader, and I know that I can improve even more. I would love to go on the trip - I want to be a future millionaire trader, and I know that I can once I master the skills needed. I'm driven and willing to work hard. I have a passport and I'm available and am ready to go. Thanks Tim!


  • I started the Tim Challenge in July 2013 with a 3k account. I am proud to say that I am up over 100%+ on my initial investment. It is truly amazing and I couldn't have done it without your help and passion for what you do. I am finally seeing the light and am overly excited that I have finally found something that works if you put the time in to learn it. I am starting to think about money and my life differently than when I started. I see that it is possible to change your life and be financially independent with hard work and determination. My goal starting this challenge was to pay off the class and my initial investment within the first year and I think I am on the right track. I know going on a trip with you and watching and learning from you in person would give me even more knowledge and confidence to make it happen. I have never been on a cruise on any sort before and I think the experience would be mind altering and life changing. I congratulate the lucky few you do decide to take because I'm sure they deserve it. I want to say thanks again for your hard work and passion. It is truly inspiring to learn from a person as truly dedicated to his craft as much as you. I strive to find that passion and thirst for life that this can provide by becoming free of the mind blocking life sucking process of struggling through life working for that next paycheck to get you through to t he next month. I'm over it and ready to do whatever it takes to change my life and pursue my passions. One step at a time is all it takes.

    Kaleb B

  • Got into YOD at 6.37 with 10k shares sold at 6.67 for $3100 profit

    Garret T

  • Tim I made around $450 on LIOX after having tons of patience and sticking to your charting rules


  • $5,430 on YOD @timothysykes get some... join us another day wasted is cash not in your pocket

    Zach T

  • Apparently $YOD is catching on in china just like Netflix. @timothysykes called it

    Jordan S

  • @timothysykes first trade ever up $300


  • $YOD nuts today, alerted by @timothysykes friday, best teacher

    Mason T

  • im up from 3k to 10k in 40 days on HEMP CBIS ERBB and FITX I just started 50 days ago and want to thank you Tim for all your help. We are all blessed.

    Ryan G

  • I gained 10% in 20 minutes trading the afternoon breakout.

    Mario T

  • Im sure you get tons of these emails but man I just made a decent trade (to me) that I otherwise would have messed up terribly had I not become a subscriber to pennystocking silver. I was waiting all day for a good place to buy $FSPM and didn't catch it before today because I was scared out of my mind to buy at a new high but I followed all the rules (as far as I know anyways) and waited until it broke resistance at 7.05. I got in at 7.20 and sold at 7.99 for nice profit and now as i'm watching the market close its down to 6.75. I'm not sure if it was really a good trade or not but it worked out for me by doing what I've learned so far.

    Korey C

  • Thanks Tim for the ZHNE alert on Friday i held 2000 over the weekend and made my first trade with over $200 in profits :-) This is only the start!! PS - Your teaching on DVD's is wicked!!

    Osman A

  • Thanks Tim, great pick +$200 small but safe... just like my love life lol...

    Matt C

  • Well, tim and superman, I have made 5,000 G's today. Thank you so much. It has been a killer week. =) Now its time to go to work and watch Tim's trading strat, and get paid to do it. I watch Tim 6 hours a day, to understand every detail while I'm at work.Knowledge is the only thing people can't take away from you. Tim you have taught me more about stocks in two months then anyone or any teacher in school

    Matthew O

  • Thank you Tim i just made over $1000.00 from BOSC an earnings winner

    Jag M

  • Not a bad little day - almost up 20k thanks to @timothysykes and the #challenge...


  • newly challenge student (1month) made 260$ with small account (1500$) on $VRS, thanks @timothysykes!

    Niv H

  • Verified $823.93 profit in $LIVE great short! thanks Tim!

    Ben C

  • THANK YOU @timothysykes for creating StockstoTrade.com. Caught the $XXII news the second it came out, prepared orders immediately.

    Blake A

  • Thank you for everything would never be makin this money if it wasn't for you. Up nearly $14k this week (best week so far) I finally quit my part time job last week so I'm going full time here but ya man just email me the info Thanks again

    Tyler F

  • I am a new student of yours for about 3 weeks, and I just wanted to thank you so much for all the great information and lessons you have put together. My trading habits have increased exponentially being able to recognize chart patterns and characteristics, and I made a ton of money on PLUG as a result. I am currently estimating I made over $25,000 since last Thursday when it spiked at $1.55. I was trading in and out on dips, slowing increasing my position size. Last Thursday and Friday, I made approximately $16,000 through my iPhone while I was standing in line at Disneyland! Yes, I should have probably spent that time with my family, but sitting in 2+ hour lines makes you feel like trading :)

    Sam J

  • New to the challenge group, 2 weeks and never traded before, watching videos until my eyes bleed. Shorted GRNH $1500 account, $431 profit

    Doug H

  • @timothysykes hey! New challenge student $700 profit on my ltl account thanks! First day trading!

    Arianne P

  • What a wild ride on VRS just banked $6500 think I'll take my money and stay out the rest of the day on VRS.

    Rodolfo R

  • I started with 2K and up to 30K and i barely trade

    Kevin H

  • Made $800+ on a 9k account in few hrs! Thanks Tim!!!

    Jeff J

  • I made $800 on my first trade with Tim on it today. Not quite $14K but I'll take it!

    Brian C

  • I would like to dedicate 2014 to learning your technique. My account holds $270,000 right now for trading and I was wondering if you would help me with a $5 million challenge?

    Drew A

  • sold VUZI into spike, REFR and PLUG (premarket), made in a day more than i make in a month thanks @timothysykes


  • Out $PLUG from $1.08 up to $1.79.. perfect 65% gain overnight! Another great alert from @timothysykes Thanks!

    Marcel L

  • I am a student of Tim Sykes. This past week alone I made $4,000. I have made $10,000 in the last 10 days. It's not easy but he is real. I have been to Tim's house in Miami. I have been to his Vegas conference. You can see my verified profits on Profit.ly My growth is straight up. This isn't for lazy people.

    Corey K

  • Yesterday was a big trading day for me , i lost money, a lot! and yes it did teach me.So today i was following rules, doing my best and disconnected my "poor man" emotions and yes! it did work! i made 113$ for my 1500$ account! it is pretty small gain, though it is a salary of almost 3 working days ! (36 hours) !!!So thank you so much for the opportunity and for taking me into the challenge. Keep doing your job, you just made my last day of the year happy.

    Niv H

  • I made $630 on VUZI 2k shares, thanks for teaching me how to trade these things


  • I made $300 between KNDI and DGLY. Should have made over 500 but I was unable to get rid of my VUZI position


  • My first trade over $700 profit on KNDI, thanks so much Tim!

    Andrew C

  • Was talking with a friend this a.m. and want to shout out to @timothysykes 4 all he does and has built. The guy's work has changed my life.

    Corey K

  • KNDI All out! $11K profit. Thanks and have a good weekend all!


  • Solid $600 profit with a $4k account today, have a good weekend everyone, I will!

    Dax H

  • Its my first day in the chatroom and I made $200.15 Thanks Tim


  • I am 14 and today was the first day I used your strategy. I made an easy 14% gain shorting $TNXP. I think Id make a great challenge student. Even if I am not excepted thanks anyway

    Kyle M

  • Heard the good news today, congratulations on creating another millionaire! I recently signed up for the challenge coarse and having a lot of fun with it. The more I learn the more questions I have, but I don't stop until I know how things work inside and out. Hopefully I can be another successful student of yours.

    Nick W

  • congrats to @kroyrunner89 on breaking the $1m profit mark and to @timothysykes for helping us get there

    Michael Goode

  • Out $PLUG from $1.08 up to $1.79.. perfect 65% gain overnight! Another great alert from @timothysykes Thanks!

    Marcel L

  • bought PLUG @1.20 yesturday held overnight... sold today @ 1.61...should have held longer...oh well....will settle for 340 profit :P


  • Thanks to your strategy I'm now up $80K+, started with $2,200


  • I got out on the initial pop to 5.98 too bad. Still made bank $2923.

    David S

  • Tim Sykes is the real deal. My first penny stock trade ZHNE is up 43%...the thirst is real!!!

    Ian B

  • Sold 1000 shares CREG @ 4.16, up from my buy in and the TimAlert @ 3.56 while on my lunch break, $600 profit. Since joining the Challenge team two weeks ago, I've made almost $1000 in profits. Thanks again Tim!!!

    Christian T

  • @timothysykes been trading with you for almost a month, up 2k. Enjoyed this view of DTLA last night. Thanks, Tim!

    Josh K

  • Hey Tim im a 16 year older trader and i havn't been able to buy you notification program on your site but watching your videos are bullet proof i started with five hundred dollars and it been 10 months and using advice from youre videos ive been able to make 15,000 dollars in profit youre are a genius and bless you so much for sharing your tip online it has helped my family so much

    Frost A