URGENT: Win A FREE $10,000 Trip Aboard A $12 Million Yacht February 19-22 With Me

No catches whatsoever, I’m gonna take a few lucky students aboard a $12 million yacht to trade live with me later this week in the British Virgin Islands…I’m even gonna fly you out, total trip value is roughly $10,000 per person…watch this video and see what you have to do to enter in the next 24 hours

All you have to do is leave a comment below with reasons why I should take you and ideally talk about how much you’ve made/lost with my strategy and why trading with me live from a ridiculously luxurious yacht with a crew of 11 people will help you in your life.

Priority goes to my trading challenge students, but I will be taking at least one non-trading challenge student too….100% free from food, drinks, flights, hotel…all inclusive baby!

May the most deserving students of mine win and become my next success stories HERE

Why am I doing this?

1. Earlier today I posted this free 75-minute video with my top trading challenge student who has taken $1,500 of his own money and turned it into $1.28 million in 3 years since becoming my student (the video was shot 5 months ago when he was only at $800,000 in profits)…watch it below and take in those lessons:

Amazing right?

Well, I took him to the Maldives to celebrate him being up $100,000 and after that trip his profits EXPLODED as he saw what money could buy and he became even more determined to get wealthy…see his whole journey here:

I am looking to create MORE millionaire students and by inspiring you with ridiculous luxury, and more importantly, trading live with you, I can help that happen sooner.

2. I’m spending roughly $50,000 in 3 days on this fun little trip and it’s cool because I can…I wish more of my newsletter subscribers had this kind of money/freedom so I gotta show you EXACTLY what money can buy.

3. In a world full of greed, “catches” and scumbags like this guy, it’s nice to be able to go against the grain and simply offer something of HUGE value for free to those who deserve it…I’m excited to see the comments below as to who I should take, you better be willing to learn and have some fun, no boring/non-dedicated students allowed!

4. You gotta live life to the fullest, look at these pictures and get inspired!

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yacht 1 copy

yacht 2 copy

yacht 3 copy

yacht 4 copy

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  • Julie V

    Take me since Bianca can’t be the only girl on board lol

  • Joshua Gilmore

    I know it is last minute but I can work from where ever. I know I’m not a student but desperately want to be. My issue is gathering the funds to start with you. I have been wanting to do for almost a year now. I know I can learn and do this! I just need the opportunity. Just to sit with you and your students, I know I can learn so much to be able to get to the point of being able to purchase the program and become your NEXT MILLIONAIRE STUDENT. My family is my biggest priority and because I love them and we are a big family my funds go to things like clothes and food just to get us by for the week between paychecks. I know my chances are slim but I have to be bold and take a chance to make this happen. I know in my heart it is something I long for. To be able to have that low hanging fruit to take care of my family and to take care of others, being generous. Knowledge is power and you are the mentor and wise counselor I need. Thank you for your time and consideration, and if not this time, than hopefully sometime down the road are paths will cross. Thank you.

  • Chris

    I would like to join as I am currently working on becoming a full time trader, not working, no family, free to travel and have my passport ready. Looking for an adventure with a proven trader to take my trading career to a new level.

  • Ace Chapman

    First of all love your strategy. Ive used it and made some money but not full time kinda money. Ive also continued buying and selling local small businesses here in Tennessee and built a following and a network over business buyers all over the country. I want to come on the trip and see if it is smarter to become a millionaire flipping small businesses or flipping penny stocks!

  • Tyler Hughes

    You are a great man Tim. I do not believe I deserve to got yet, but I will on future tips. As I have not made any profit yet but I watch all your DVDs/Video Lessons everyday, and am becoming very educated in your strategy. Hope you have fun.

  • Alekplay

    I’d like to go because the trip you’re taking us on is the definition of what I wanna do and where I wanna be. To be able to experience that ahead of “my time”, with you, would be simply amazing. I’m not a trading challenge student. I applied around a year and a half back, but didn’t have the money to join. As to how much money I’ve made using your strategies, 0, and that’s why going on this live 3 day session would be a great way to boost my trading. And as you probably know from personal experience, a little scenery is nice when you’re trying to do just that.

    #lookingForwardToThatSweetLife #yachtsAreWhereImMeantToBe #imGonnaBeRichAndYoullHelpMeGetThere #notAJewButAsCoolAsYou

  • Paul Deuchar

    Hi Tim,

    Just about to hit the sack in Perth, Australia and caught this one before crashing. Hell yeah, I’m in if you are! I’m in your subscribers but not students. I joined up mid last year. Been working on a rebuild, from zero… ideally back to hero. Been trading the ASX with lessons learnt from your videos. Pretty applicable, I was trading on a small account, ~7k – about 70 trades now and I’m on break even again. 60 trades in I was doing really well, depth chart, supply demand trading on good volatile, volume stocks. Then came a period where I had to leave for other business…. stayed in and the market crashed. Big lesson learned if you’re playing all in on speculative, don’t turn your back, or you can get burned! Cost me ~$2k I’ve regained it now as well as loaded myself with some extra capital. I’d love to come trade, sponge, absorb and learn. There is single handedly no other way to learn and win, than to surround yourself with the best and absorb > rising to the challenge.
    I’m in, I’m currently in Perth, Western Australia. Be awesome to come trade and see the US way! :)

  • Leandri

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Leandri, I live in JHB South Africa. I am not currently a challenge student but would love the opportunity to learn directly from you. I have been watching a lot of your videos on your Pennystocking Silver package which I am currently accessing via a 2 week trial. I love your stuff and I’m learning a lot! I have not yet started trading as our ZAR is really weak against the USD and I have to multiply everything by almost 11…but I’m busy building my war chest. :)

    Anyways, I want to change my life and I want to become the first female millionaire in your challenge and believe that I have what it takes to become a full time trader. I’m dedicated, currently watching videos after work until 11:30 – 12:00 pm every night which is taking its toll, but I prefer to learn instead of socializing so I don’t care because I know there will be plenty of opportunities to party AFTER I have mastered trading. The more I learn the better I understand trading. I used to play golf professionally so I know that hard work and dedication is the only way to improve. There is just no time for excuses. Thanks for keeping all your posts real and showing us all the life you can get if you work really hard…no BS…I love that!


    I have been a Challenge Student for 5 months, while my portfolio has not jumped to a 100k.. Yet my knowledge in trading has due to the training and mentoring of Tim Sykes and his team. I attended the Penny Stock Vegas Conference 2013 and learned how many common people have become successful using the TIm system. I still make mistakes as does everyone however, if I had the chance to sit next to the master trader I know my trading success will double. Pick me Tim, I want to learn and trade with others worthy of this opportunity.

  • Liam Weld

    Tim, I’d love to join you on this incredible trip. I’m a Canadian entering university and have a burning desire to learn more about trading and penny stocks. I have had a stocks and options account for nearly two years and love it. The markets are my passion and I cannot think of something that I would want to do more than learn face to face from the best. Along with having lots of time and a passport, I can provide my unconventional perspective on things, unmatched energy and bad jokes! Thanks again and enjoy the markets.

  • Liam Weld

    Tim, I’d love to join you on this incredible trip. I’m a Canadian entering university and have a burning desire to learn more about trading and penny stocks. I have had a stocks and options account for nearly two years and love it. The markets are my passion and I cannot think of something that I would want to do more than learn face to face from the best. Along with having lots of time and a passport, I can provide my unconventional perspective on things, unmatched energy and bad jokes! Thanks again and enjoy the markets.

    Please contact me at: lweld@rogers.com or (905) 846-4957

  • Alex Abrahams

    Although I’ve applied, I have not been selected for your trading challenge so I realise that this is a long shot! I’m currently a student at university in the UK and after watching your DVDs I have only recently started trading US penny stocks between lectures. Mixed results so far, getting better however! Primarily started trading to learn something I can continue throughout my life and pay for my education. Hopefully I can make a full time career from doing this too. The trip would be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about trading and what inspiration it would be! Thanks for you time Tim!

  • Tracy L

    Hi Tim,

    I want to go on the trip! You should take me because I have the flexibility and time to go, you probably need more ladies involved in the trading challenge, and I always bring a spark of fun! While I’m new to the trading challenge, I’ve been passionate about trading for years. So far in the trading challenge, I’ve only made a couple of small trades, so I don’t have a major story about wins or losses. However last year I made 35% investing my retirement account using my own strategy. My goal is to become your first Millionairess, and I would love the opportunity to learn from you in person and experience this amazing opportunity.


  • EdgarRoman

    Good Morning Tim,

    This is Edgar, from Costa Rica. 25 years old, single, with a nice 1 year daughter. Studied industrial engineering, also an actor , and also entrepreneur. I have achieve 2 business with good results in the past 5 years. Basically i am economic independent since am 18 years old. Now days i help my mom and the reason i start the challenge without knowing anything about trading its because: this is a good VEHICLE for me to help a lot of people in the future, starting with my mom and daughter. I remember in December when i found about you on the web. Since then i intermediately join the challenge, got the interviews with Ryan and finally got in. I work from 8 am to 4pm on regular job, plus i put 3-4 hours a day on your DVDs, webinars, videos, reading, paper trading and really learning. And so far, its as simple as buy Breakouts when good earnings/contract like OPTT for example, or even shortsell when good breakdown on like on GALE last Friday for example. W ether i go or not on this trip sir, more than a challenge, this has been a reminder on what i really want in life, for the good reasons, not only about money and fame but to help others. I am a goal maker, i hit my goals, there’s no goal in my life i haven’t hit , that’s why ive done 2 movies, 2 business, 2 majors and support my mom now days. I am not gonna say i will be the next millionaire of the challenge, but i can say its im putting my effort all days and putting hours man, even weekends i stay home learning, because if you and others have done it; i can do it too. Just got my account up and running on suretrader, looking forward to start with my first trade.

    Best Regards,

    Edgar Roman

  • Kaleb Brown

    I started the Tim Challenge in July 2013 with a 3k account. I studied my ass from then until now. My first verified trade on Profitly was made on Aug. 14, 2013. After the market close on Feb. 14, 2014 (Exactly 6 months from my first trade) I am proud to say that I am up over 100%+ on my initial investment. (You can check it out on profitly if you want to see the proof, I’m still waiting for a couple trades from Friday to close so I can post them). It is truly amazing and I couldn’t have done it (let alone even thought it was possible) without your help and passion for what you do. I am finally seeing the light and am overly excited that I have finally found something that works if you put the time in to learn it. I am starting to think about money and my life differently than when I started. I see that it is possible to change your life and be financially independent with hard work and determination. My goal starting this challenge was to pay off the class and my initial investment within the first year and I think I am on the right track. I know going on a trip with you and watching and learning from you in person would give me even more knowledge and confidence to make it happen. I have never been on a cruise on any sort before and I think the experience would be mind altering and life changing. I congratulate the lucky few you do decide to take because I’m sure they deserve it.
    I want to say thanks again for your hard work and passion. It is truly inspiring to learn from a person as truly dedicated to his craft as much as you. I strive to find that passion and thirst for life that this can provide by becoming free of the mind blocking life sucking process of struggling through life working for that next paycheck to get you through to the next month. I’m over it and ready to do whatever it takes to change my life and pursue my passions. One step at a time is all it takes.

    Kaleb Brown
    -Never Settle

  • Billy Imbert

    Hello Tim,

    Although I’m a trading challenge student, I haven’t started trading seriously yet. I’ve been studying & watching the videos and webinars around the clock. I know I have it in me to be your next millionaire student. I’m a lawyer who’s currently in-between jobs but I look at my current situation as a blessing because it lit a fire under my ass to finally do something that I’ve been talking about doing forever. If I don’t make this trip, I’ll look forward to making one of the future trips. All in all, I’m pumped for this opportunity and this is going to make one hell of a chapter in my future memoir. Enjoy the trip.

    -Billy Imbert

  • Jared

    Hi Tim,

    Thank you for always treating us to the best posts. You should choose me because I will be featured on your blog posts within the next few years. This isn’t a pipe dream or something I do on the side anymore. I applied to be a challenge student last year but could not meet the recommended minimum suggestions your team made as we talked about it on the phone. Almost a year and a half later, as a silver subscriber who has watched almost all of your DVD series’s and working on completing the video lessons online, I am dedicating my life to becoming a successful trader. I will reach that goal, as I have reached many in life, through the foundation I have built before actually trading. I also have the support of my wife which I am truly grateful for. So whether or not you choose me to go on this trip, I can tell you in complete confidence that one day we will be going on a trip together. A reason you shouldn’t choose me though is because I can use the time for DD and creating a watch list. Which right now is top priority. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to come on the trip to enjoy the time before I transition into full time trader next week. And hey, it’s freaking cold here with two feet of snow on the ground and six more inches with freezing rain tonight so if i can get the pity weather vote- I’ll take it. :-) Again thank you Tim and whether I am there or not, I look forward to the posts and to see your trades from a yacht! Take care.


  • RJ

    Hi Tim!

    Not a trading challenge student, but I am a TIMLongterm student. In less than a year, I am up about 20-25%, starting with a very small amount of money. I have been learning as I go, both having successes and making mistakes. My biggest success is a 76% gain on LQMT, thanks to what I’ve learned so far. I have had losses (my largest being a 44% loss)… thanks to my own mistakes, holding on to stocks longer than I should have. But the mistakes have made me a better trader, and I know that I can improve even more. I would love to go on the trip – I want to be a future millionaire trader, and I know that I can once I master the skills needed. I’m driven and willing to work hard. I have a passport and I’m available and am ready to go. Thanks Tim!

  • George Varelas

    Hello Tim,
    I’ve been a Pennystocking Silver subscriber for about a month now, and am absolutely loving it. ( I also watched many of your dvds and most of your video lessons). Before joining your services, I had made many successful trades but then lost nearly half my account on 2 stupid trades because I never cut my losses quick enough. As a subscriber, I’ve made over 1000$, but it could have easily been over 5000$ if I had more experience on taking profits when they’re there! Overall I’m a really quick study and not lazy whatsoever and am open to all strategies and suggestions as I’m a true believer that to be a great trader, you must know many strategies and be open minded.
    I hope to learn from you in person so I can see exactly what I’m doing wrong and refine my trading, and this is the perfect opportunity. And also, I think this trip will really help me open my eyes and boost my knowledge about the pennystocking world 10-fold, as it did for TIm Grittani.
    I’m free to go at any moment, as I can be replaced at work whenever I want. See you there Tim!

  • James

    TIM I JUST MESSAGED YOU ON YOUTUBE FACEBOOK GMAIL AND IM GOING TO MESSAGE YOU ON FACEBOOK ON WHY I SHOULD GO ON THIS TRIP WITH YOU! I am 22 years old and i have been making money off of you strategy. i made $275 on GNIN the first trade I have ever made but never reported it because I knew people would bother me like people bother you and ask you questions. I HAVE PERSONALLY TRANSCRIPTED ALL OF YOUR DVD’S AND LIVESTOCK VIDEOS AND LL OF THAT COME TO LIKE ABOUT 700-1000 PAGES. (yes i have followed you for a long time since the wall street warrior days..thats how i found you actually) I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DEDICATED. WHAT OTHER STUDENT TRANSCRIPTED ALL OF YOUR DVDS AND LIVESTOCK VIDOES?? NO ONE! I HAVE! Of course Im not a millionaire and im not the blaming type but I blame that on another scam artist that I got caught up with. THANK GOD I SAW WALL ST WARRIORS! I am fucking dedicated and I can bring alll the transcripted notes I have with me! TRUST ME WHEN PEOPLE ASK YOU QUESTIONS I LAUGH BECAUSE THEIR QUESTIONS ARE ALL ANSWERED IN YOUR DVD AND VIDEOS : ) if you want me to take a picture and show you proof that i have transcirpted all of your materials i will do that! i love you tim sykes!

  • Ryan

    I want to stand on the bow of that yacht like Leonardo Dicaprio and TEACH others what I’ve learned. I really do want to teach but I know I need to learn more. Currently deployed in Kuwait so I don’t think I’ll make it. However, You are a great teacher. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Raul Rodriguez from Orlando FL. I have the time and documents needed to travel. My situation is different as everyone else. I’m a former combat veteran who suffered brain injuries (PTSD) during numerous deployments to a combat zone. I struggled for years with concentration. I couldn’t do one thing for a long period of time until I got into trading. For some reason Trading calm my mind and I can be focused all the time. For the first time in years I learned patience. There’s not a day that I’m not motivated to start trading and research. Trading has changed my life. I’ve been trading actively for about 4 weeks. First day I made $300 from the TOS phone app. Then I lost $700 when I started NOT following your rules. Then I made a few hundred with the pot stocks but I’m ready for the challenge. I want to be a day trader. I want to learn from you and I have what it takes. Thanks


  • Timothy Blucher

    I was just accepted into your challenge a couple days ago! I just received confirmation that my account with suretrader is open and just needs to be funded lol. I have been studying your dvd’s and other materials of yours and taking the time to learn your method so I can hopefully be prone to less mistakes early. I currently have no profits or losses to speak of because I’m just starting. It would be an honor to be able to learn from you live in person and see the excitement first hand. Maybe I can even get my account funded in time to do some trades that would be sweet! Either way your method and teaching is going to make me rich $$$$
    Tim Blucher

  • Gekkie Gek

    Hey Tim,

    I just found you in that serie about wallstreet warriors

    the way of persuing a plan and become better has motivated me hugely
    if you truely care about people and making millionairs
    you shoud be my mentor im just a young man willing to learn from you

    The potencial has to be there but respect to you for making life your own
    so if you want to help me and create a dutch entrepreneurial millionair it would be world changing!

    greetz gekkiegek

  • Raul Rodriguez

    I’m also a Tim Alerts subscriber.

  • Scott Hughes

    Good morning Tim,
    I am single, equipped with a passport, hungry and ready to learn from the best. Why should I go on this trip? I am not a trading challenge student yet. The opportunity to experience, meet learn and interact with this group is priceless. I know what a supernova is, a break out / break down, short sell however really need the finer points to becoming consistent. It would be an honor to be another Millionaire testimonial for you. Look forward to being the “chosen one” who is not a student yet.

    P.S. can make the last minute trip – flying from L.A.X or S.F.O.

  • Kaleb Brown

    I forgot to tell you my biggest lose. My biggest lose was $404 and my biggest gain was $661, my average gain per trade is $142. I’ve only traded 50 times and my winning percentage is only 45.1%. Being over 100% on my account with a 45% winning percentage is testament to how cutting loses quickly is key to the trading game (Always remember rule #1), all thanks to you!

  • kenlionheart

    Hi Tim.

    I’m a full-time trader and a new Challenge Student (love it). My biggest profit has been 350% on one stock and my biggest loss is about 35% on one stock.

    You want dedication? I have a world record (over a thousand tries) to prove how dedicated I am (it’s on YouTube). If I want to achieve something, I will not let anything stop me.

    I want to come, not for the luxury, but because I want to be a millionaire, and if I get this opportunity to spend the time with you, I will become a millionaire. I just know it!

  • robbieboggie

    I want to succeed as hard as I want to breathe. =)

    Followed your strategy for a while now. Up 12x but with small amounts. Posted 80 trades. Win ratio 80% and profit ratio 5. Following your trades has been a blessing so far. Can’t learn enough from you. Would especially want to pick your brain about position sizing and would be a blessing to see how you think about it live.

    All the best from snowy Sweden! =)

  • Teresa

    Hi Tim! My name is Teresa Osiecki. I’m 19 years old, and a senior in High School. I haven’t had much experience in the stock market so far, but I followed your advice you sent me in an email, and subscribed to TimAlerts. I honestly don’t really care about all the riches and the yacht. What would have the same impact on me, would be meeting face to face with you at a coffee shop, and just learning how to work the stock market. I want to learn from the best. I am hoping that one day I’ll be able to afford tuition and go on to University without having to worry about student loans.

    Thanks for your time,
    Teresa Osiecki

  • CJ

    First of foremost, I NEED TO BE ON THIS TRIP!!
    I’m working a job that SUCKS and I’m ready to change my life! My DREAM has always been to leave the corporate BS and live a life of Financial FREEDOM and Independence that you not only speak of but LIVE. I WANT IT!! I’m HUNGRY!!!! I want THE LIFE OF LUXURY!! I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed and I know being on this trip will inspire me to achieve my trading goals. I hope to one day INSPIRE others with my trading success and join Tim and Michael as your Millionaire students!!

    I’m currently a Silver Subscriber and studying every last video in your library. I plan to apply for the Trading Challenge soon and become a Millionaire!!! TIM! Take ME! I’m Smart, and HUNGRY. I NEED THIS!! I’ll probably lose my job but I don’t care.

    – CJ

  • Jarrett Love

    What’s up Tim,

    I’ve been a challenge student since December 2013 and also have gotten your silver subscription since then too. I haven’t rushed into trading yet because I still am learning and doing everything I can to make sure that once I’m ready to step in the market full time I’ll
    Be more than prepared. Your videos are awesome and also inspiring. I’m a student at the university of Oklahoma studying business. I just turned 20 last year and I am absolutely positive I can be your next millionaire student. I also follow Tim G’s blog “Trade the ticker” because I think he has some excellent stratigies too. Hence why he’s a millionaire as we speak. I have only had one trade so far but in 2 and a half weeks it went up 120%. This is due to me learning all about your stratigies and implementing them into my plays. I’m eager to learn more and continue to be a successful trader in hopes to get really stupid rich before I even graduate college. I’ve told many of my close friends about your program because it can really change people’s lives. Thanks again and if you chose me we’d have a wild, money making, spontaneous time!

    I have a passport and I’m ready to get it started!
    Jarrett Love

  • Al Dias

    Hello Tim!
    Been a Challenge student since late 2012. As an Cornell Grad ( ivy ) been studying but have not reached my breakthrough yet. Was invited to go on the Miami cruise but could not make it. I believe that being with you would give me that breakthrough. I think that it would be tremendous to say that my IVY League engineering degree has not given me that financial freedom that I learned from being a Challenge Student. Major statement would be made for your training as a teacher. I have my passport and can go whenever your schedule is made.

  • terrylee79


    Pumped to get the possibility to get on this awesome benefit to be in on this trip. New Challenge member from the last month. Able to bank a little over $1300 in the last month but took a few quick losses along the way. I’ve been watching your teachings along with learnings from Investor’s Live. Doing a mix of paper trading and real trading to get a system and find my trading style before I commit more capital but so far YOUR system seems to be working. I love that possibility that this opens up for me. I’ve tried all different kinds of ways to try to make money (web, companies, other ventures) and I gotta say that your trading system is the BEST way to see a quick return on investment.

    Always learning and always pumped to learn from the masters of Penny Stocking world.

    Passport ready and available.


  • Jared Dipsiner


    I am a young kid only recently turned 17 but I have been studying your videos for over a month now. I haven’t put any money into the stock market yet but I have done paper trading and make predictions of what I think will happen to see how accurate my predictions are from learning your techniques. I think going on this trip with you would give me the perfect chance to execute my first real trade. The biggest amount of money I would have made so far from following your techniques is $98,000 off of GRNH. I applied to your millionaire challenge but didn’t make it in. I want to go on this trip with you and if you let me on you wont regret your decision. I am young and eager to start making money just like you were when you made you first 100,000 from your college dorm. I want to make my first 100,000 from a 12 million dollar yacht with you. I am ready to start making money and if you choose me you will be amazed by how determined I truly am.


    Jared D.

  • cashthlete


  • Andy Ellis

    Wow, what an opportunity. Passport ready, suitcase ready!

    I became a challenge student last week from the UK and start the webinars this Wednesday. I’ve already put my business in the hands of my business partner to give myself full opportunity to be your next success story, i’m dedicated to say the least. I’ve just joined IB and my account is now fully set up. This trip would be the most amazing platform to begin my journey with you. I have a basic level of trading experience in UK and US markets, but am familiar with much of the terminology after my extensive research over the past few months.

    Thank you for the chance to apply. Hope that all those who make it have an amazing time!

  • Josiady Acevedo

    Hi Tim,

    I would love to be part of your empire and learn as much as I can from you. I have had some rough trading moments, not long ago I lost $5,000 in less than 2 weeks trying to make it happen. It was a learning curve for sure, since that happened I have tries to save some cash so I can finally start trading with you. I hope 2014 will be the year in wich I become a millionaire just like your other students. I am more than willing to start. I have my passport ready and as well have the time to go and have fun with all of you. Please give me this opportunity to learn and master the art of trading from someone who already has. If I am picked I will be traveling from NJ. Ready at any time. Let’s finally meet.

  • TylerFurman91

    I may not be a Challenge Student (have the interview setup again though) but I have learned everything I know
    from your video lesson library and doing research of my own however I
    haven’t come close to watching them all but each video is educational.
    When i first started I lost a lot I was greedy as hell and def didnt
    play it smart nor did I stick with the rules. My biggest lost was
    roughly $3000ish my biggest gain was a little over $5000. I would love
    to go and experience this and trade side by side with you for a couple
    days. If I’m chosen or not I’ll still be holding the fort down back here
    in the US making profits 😉 On one more note I’m up over $50k since
    mid/end of 2013 also note more than half that was made in the last 2
    months or so alone. I will leave with that being said. Have a great day.

  • Mark

    Hi Tim,
    I am Mark a young doctor just out of internship. I signed up for your challenge but was dissuaded when I saw all the negative publicity around what you do. There are so many banshees it’s hard to see hats real. Anyway I would love to learn how to trade better. I recently made 3OOk for my parents in a short few weeks on pot stocks but unfortunately I don’t have much myself other than 400k in student loans. Ideally I would be able to pay them back sooner than later so I can stay out on a little Island (Molokai) in HI serving and treating the wonderful people here. I am a quick learner and a loyal friend. This would be a great opportunity for me to give back to the world.

  • BomLogic

    Hello Tim,

    I’ve just been selected to the challenge. Wrapping up the details today with Glenn. I am more than motivated to learn. I am 35 and have a demanding job as a Director of Ops with a manufacturing company, yet I’ve sacrificed my last two periods of time off and every night until almost midnight studying your videos and re-watching Pennystocking DVD. I am still very ‘green’ though I have made some profitable trades recently as I am starting to realize patterns and am finally preventing myself from chasing and making trades just to make trades. I recently gained $1496 on YOD, and lost $700 chasing PLUG. Id really like to learn more specifics on entry points, seeing you trade live and understanding at that moment what your thoughts are will be priceless. Fabulous destination aside- the ability to sit side by side and soak up yours and others knowledge like a sponge will surely propel me on the right path to financial success. My passport and time off are waiting….

  • Russell McCann

    Tim, I can’t think you enough for accepting me into the trade challenge. After one week of trading I have experienced two trades that made .50 cents a share following your rules and one trade forcing the trade losing .10 cents a share. What I have learned is following the rules works. Making 250 bucks doesn’t seem like a lot but it was by following rules and waiting for the right moment. After this week I know that the rules are there for my protection and that the only way to make money in the market is follow them faithfully.

    Russell McCann
    Challenge Student

  • Richard Gibb


    Just wanted to let you know that I would be honored to meet you and the top challenge students. I am a 62 year old man from a very small town in S.E. Iowa who has become a believer in your teachings. I watched your 7 free videos and began trading May 2013. I started with $650. Buying 100 shares is a very difficult way to grow your account but had many small successes and started to believe that I could actually do this and become successful. I joined pennystocking silver and bought your pennystocking part deux and Tim fundamentals part deux. I have watched them at least 3-4 times each along with reading your book. My $650 has increased to over $5000 and at the wife’s insistence took $10,000 from my IRA account and started a new Think or Swim acct last week. I made $1500 last week alone. That’s enough horn blowing as its more the anticipation of freedom for me and my wife that is the real motivation. Well that and the love of the trade. We might not meet on this trip, but know this, some day we will meet in person and I will be able to personally shake your hand and thank you for changing my life.
    Richard Gibb

  • molly


    Since I joined the Silver Subscription, I have changed the way I think and LIVE. I have learned so much from you and continue to watch your videos. At the beginning I was unsure about your techniques, I thought you were like the rest of the promoters online BUT I SOON REALIZED THAT I WAS WRONG. I had been a victim of some scams online. But YOU HAVE BEEN COMPLETLY DIFFERENT. I still continue to learn from you everyday and find it amazing to be one of your students. I go to school full time and work part time and dedicate most of my time to learn about you and your technique and thus would like the opportunity to meet you and be able to trade live. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to become a profitable trader. I would like to be part of this once in a lifetime experience.

    I am also looking forward to becoming your challenge student.

    Thank you for the consideration

  • Devin


    I just joined your profitly as of today. I’ve been following you for some time now and recently I’ve finally been able to fund an account and get started on making some money. After much research, I’ve realized that your trading techniques are products of meticulous, thoughtful research. I’m ready to start making money by learning from you. I’d love the opportunity to meet, in person, the person I plan on learning from. The opportunity that your wisdom provides is beyond words and I’m beyond thrilled to start capitalizing on it. My passport is ready to go. Lets do this!

  • stokedtofly

    Who the fuck hasn’t seen Family Matters!??? I promise to ridicule Tim G. for this as much as possible during the trip. Your shit talking is top notch!, I look forward to you calling us all jackals and degenerates hahaha. I am a new silver subscriber. I made two trades last week; one break even and one $180 loss. If I’d have held that loss for only a few more minutes it would’ve been a $500+ profit. I was pissed at the loss, but after analyzing the trade I am INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL I LOST as I was punished for breaking several key rules and I know I won’t make those mistakes again when big $ is on the table. I’ve had a few near death experiences and many highs and lows in my life and I know there are two types of people when it comes to shitty things happening: those who use the shitty things as a catalyst to become exponentially better and those (cowards) who give in to the fear and flounder in its abyss. I am without a doubt the former and will become a millionaire within the next 2 years. This weekend I’ve got a lot of shit to do, but you give me the word and I will gladly say FUCK IT to all of it and come MAKE BANK with you and the crew!! My mind and heart are already living this lifestyle, my bank account will soon follow. I’d be honored to be accepted.

  • Marco

    Hi Tim,

    You need a student from Germany! I am 36 years old, active on the stock market for more than 10 years and was mostly long-term invested. It’s time for me to change something! Goals are set and I think trading stocks is the fastest way to reach them! Curious about new strategies and always thirsty for knowledge. Unbound, travel clear, valid passport, and I was in the Navy – in an emergency, I can also control the yacht…

    Millionaire challenge application is already submitted!

    Does it help to write this comment more than once? :)

    See you on wednesday!

  • Marc

    Wish I could go and I would apply right now except my passport is expired. :( Have a great time guys, get lots of video for us and make some awesome trades on the boat!

  • Michael Hauer

    I have a passport and I’m available!!!! I am a new Pennystocking SILVER student. I’m a little older than most students I imagine but no one works harder than me. I will make money with this course THIS YEAR! I am teachable and more importantly I take action. What a story it would be to prove that anyone, no matter your age or background can succeed with this program!! Let’s do it Tim!!!

  • Curtis

    I am a non-trading challenge student but have multiple DVD’s in my collection.
    You should take me to trade live to show other non-trading challenge students
    what they are missing and that hard work, passion and following rules creates
    wealth in the market place. I have not yet traded your strategy as I am still
    learning it but I want to surround myself with people that take trading
    seriously and I want to learn and get better as a trader. It will help change
    my life because I will not be dependent on somebody else and re-enforce in me
    that anything is possible.

  • terrance_miller94@yahoo.com

    Sign me up ..I want in.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Raul Rodriguez from Orlando FL. I have the time and documents needed to travel. My situation is different as everyone else. I’m a former combat veteran who suffered brain injuries (PTSD) during numerous deployments to a combat zone. I struggled for years with concentration. I couldn’t do one thing for a long period of time until I got into trading. For some reason Trading calm my mind and I can be focused all the time. For the first time in years I learned patience. There’s not a day that I’m not motivated to start trading and research. Trading has changed my life. I’ve been trading actively for about 4 weeks. First day I made $300 from the TOS phone app. Then I lost $700 when I started NOT following your rules. Then I made a few hundred with the pot stocks but I’m ready for the challenge. I want to be a day trader. I want to learn from you and I have what it takes. Thanks


  • stokedtofly

    Who the fuck hasn’t seen Family Matters!??? I promise to ridicule Tim G. for this as much as possible during the trip. Your shit talking is top notch!, I look forward to you calling us all jackals and degenerates hahaha. I am a new silver subscriber. I made two trades last week; one break even and one $180 loss. If I’d have held that loss for only a few more minutes it would’ve been a $500+ profit. I was pissed at the loss, but after analyzing the trade I am INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL I LOST as I was punished for breaking several key rules and I know I won’t make those mistakes again when big $ is on the table. I’ve had a few near death experiences and many highs and lows in my life and I know there are two types of people when it comes to shitty things happening: those who use the shitty things as a catalyst to become exponentially better and those (cowards) who give in to the fear and flounder in its abyss. I am without a doubt the former and will become a millionaire within the next 2 years. This weekend I’ve got a lot of shit to do, but you give me the word and I will gladly say FUCK IT to all of it and come MAKE BANK with you and the crew!! My mind and heart are already living this lifestyle, my bank account will soon follow. I’d be honored to be accepted.

  • Raul Rodriguez

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Raul Rodriguez from Orlando FL. I have the time and documents(Passport) needed to travel. My situation is different as everyone else. I’m a former combat veteran who suffered brain injuries (PTSD) during numerous deployments to a combat zone. I struggled for years with concentration. I couldn’t do one thing for a long period of time until I got into trading. For some reason Trading calm my mind and I can be focused all the time. For the first time in years I learned patience. There’s not a day that I’m not motivated to start trading and research. Trading has changed my life. I’ve been trading actively for about 4 weeks. First day I made $300 from the TOS phone app. Then I lost $700 when I started NOT following your rules. Then I made a few hundred with the pot stocks but I’m ready for the challenge. I want to be a day trader. I want to learn from you and I have what it takes. Thanks


  • Nick Jordan

    This is Nick Jordan from Minneapolis MN. I have been following you for the past 4 months but just started making trades a few months ago! As of now I’m up 2k on a 3k account! I own my own business and work 10 to 12 hours a day on average! After watching your intro lessons I became an annual subscriber to penny stocking silver and that has helped grow my knowledge 10 fold. I am the most dedicated and hardest working person I know and after seeing the potential I dove right in. I watch every video you put out and am trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible! I also tried to become a challenge student, unfortunately at the time I didn’t have the funds to trade and join. I’m hoping that with what I’m learning now I should be able to make enough by mid summer to join and change my life! The reason I really want to trade is to get out of this Arctic tundra I call home and make a better life for myself and family. I am so determined I won’t fail!! Also I want to thank you for what you have done. Without your guidance and teaching I would be more than lost. I hope I am the one you choose for this amazing adventure your going on but if not now sometime in the near future I hope I get the pleasure to meet you!

  • Graham Purcell

    Graham, age 30 from the UK. I have recently come across your methods & admire the ‘BS free’ approach. I do not believe in excuses – your transparency exposes others for what they are. I have made several small trades, getting accustomed to the trading platform, but will fund my account more substantially once I have furthered my TimEducation. It would be a ‘baptism of fire’ to join you on the yacht & immerse myself in your methods. I am a self employed sales manager at present making a reasonable income but love trading and research and look forward to making that my main source of income. :)

  • Silviya

    Hi Tim, i really hope it will works with the interview in Monday and i can be your student soon :) I want to learn a lot from you :) Have a nice day :)

    Greetings from Germany, Silviya

  • 2kingdoms

    I have my passport and I am ready to go! I am doing my part by studying/watching all of Superman’s videos so that I will be his fist millionaire student from his Super Trader Boot Camp. Networking with great traders will help give my the inspiration and guidance to achieve this goal.

  • Alan Parker


    I have been a challenge student for exactly one month now and I believe I am a good pick to come along on this trip! I am 55, so a little older than most of your students, but I think that gives me a different and yet valuable perspective. I was always interested in the stock market but just never really knew how to pursue it until I came across your challenge program. I knew immediately it was what I have been looking for. Because it is the way I learn best, I have jumped in with both feet, studying and trading at the same time, and running my business too. I was profitable by about $1500 with a 70% win rate until last week one day when I learned a valuable lesson about stop losses! I was in a trade when a customer came in – while meeting with him the stock tanked and I took it on the chin! It stung, but hey, losses happen and I definitely learned from it. I am extremely passionate about this and eager to learn and I fully expect to be one of your millionaire students some day! The chance to learn from you in person, especially with some live trading, is an incredible opportunity. I also have a passion for travel and would truly enjoy this trip from that perspective too. My passport is ready and I have the time – thank you for the chance!

  • Roy Kolodziejski


    Posting from Canada. Pick me and not only will I be your next millionaire student, but I will be your top student ! I went to University and it was the biggest waste of money I ever spent, and I am ready to make it back learning your strategies. Lets trade, lets make money, lets get this going NOW !

  • Dario Omerdic

    Hey Tim,this is Dario from Montenegro.
    I lost a lot of money(20k+ euros) during 2007 because i did not know lot about trading,SHORT SELLING nor did my broker tell me about it(they pulled the boiler room thing on me).I bought at top by suggestion of the broker and waited for it to rise but it fell drasticly sending me into oblivion.I heard about you from the Wallstreet Warriors and immediately when i saw you i tought wow this guy has charisma he must have some unusual talent.Thats when i started following your videos,posts,stats,i read your book and started the 7day email program,and after just that i began to pick stocks on yahoo finance and inputing them into google finance beta and play it virtualy(although no money spent,virtualy im up 73% just by following your criteria for stock picks and basic strategy).I would love to go on this exclussive trip with you mostly to learn about trading,research,short selling which will hopefuly help me to regain the lost money in stock market.F**k buying n holding i wana learn to short sell like a boss,altought can’t neglect the beautiful landscape and the yacht and the lobsters !
    Have passport,time and will to learn.

  • evang

    “Learn from the greats to be greater”. It’s as simple as that. What an incredible opportunity – would love to be apart of this.

    I’m a Penny Stocking Silver Sub and have dedicated myself to your teachings. I’m slowly turning trading into my full time job and would be thrilled at the prospect of joining you and others on this epic voyage!

  • Patrick Brooks

    Thanks for the opportunity Tim, I have traded for a few years but have had limited success with shorting. I am very eager to learn your method. I lost 29k last fall trying to play the bounce on NNRX when I should have been shorting it if I could have. I have already opened my CP account and will have it funded tomorrow. I know I can do this, just need your guidance.

  • Ben Ten

    So what else do i have to do get in on this profitly/winningly trip?

  • Gilad Ronen

    Why won’t you make your first MILLIONAIR COUPLE? I subscribed to your Silver alerts and now I’m taking the time to watch your videos and learn instead of over-trading.
    My GF Irena has a degree in Economics and she is watching the videos with me.
    We both are very motivated to be able to support ourselves from trading and live freely. Would LOVE to meet you and learn extensively how to trade!

  • JamJells

    Not this time around Tim. Feel horrible that I’m locked into a job, and debt right now. But shortly in a few months; I’ll be all over it. Thanks for your feeds and free videos, Websites and links. You’re really giving it all away. Those who can afford to join in already have made it to the first tier of wealth building. Disposable income. What a concept these days. But I get it, and will be in the ring real soon. Have a great time all.

  • Julian Brelsford

    I think this sounds like a blast, and a real opportunity to get some of the experience I need to move into the ranks of the top students. My reasons for signing up for the Challenge are fairly unique and I hope you’ll choose me. . I find the opportunities you’ve had (travel, food, etc) appealing but I am also pretty happy with the middle class lifestyle I have now. I started a non-profit that offers loans and training to people who run small businesses in rural Haiti, because I want people there to get the chance to have what I’ve had — safe and secure place to live, plenty of food, and a pretty comfortable life. It’s time for me to move from break-even trading to being one of your big success stories!

  • Anthony Coste

    Tim, this is f** nuts!! I mean who does this?? ONLY you! I am been studying your videos and video #7 was a heck of teaching! I am not your student YET but I will as soon as I get my tax return, yes, I am broke, But that will change soon because Tim Sykes will be my mentor when I become a millionaire! I wanna go with you in this trip, and if you don’t pick me, that’s cool cause’ in couple of months I will take you instead. I’m determined to succeed. Watch!

  • http://meandmrmarket.se Dennis Svensson

    Pick me from Sweden, not Switzerland,

    Swedish house mafia
    Swedish fish
    Swedish bikini team!

    Awsome motivation you bringing to the world!


  • Anthony

    Hey Tim!

    I’m 19, and have been studying your videos like Pennystocking and Pennystocking part deux, and Trying to watch the regular posts. so far my biggest win is $98 this year, my biggest loss is $24 chasing HEMP which was me being an amateur trader instead of a good trader. and I currently have a position in ERBB due to extreme hyping, “good news” and a tweet from Cramer himself. without you I wouldn’t even be in a position to make these sorts of decisions, but as soon as I have the money (from trading), I am going to call up Glen, and take the interview. I am so ready to take steps to have one on one with your trading challege students and of course you! hopefully I’ll see you in person soon! my passport is up-to-date, an

    thanks for everything Tim!


  • Jonathan

    Hello Tim,

    I’m very interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am currently not a “trading challenge student” yet, but I have been following you for the past few months. I have purchased several of your DVDs and I am a Tim Alerts subscriber. I started trading about a year ago with no idea what I was doing. I was “investing” money in large cap stocks, such as Ford, with a really small account ($1,000). I really saw no gains so I decided I needed to quit and focus on my studies (since I was in college at the time). I graduated from The University of Maryland in May of 2013 and started working for the Federal Government right after school. The plan was to go straight to law school, but right now going to law school is not a really lucrative thing since I would have to take out $150-200k in loans with the possibility of getting a very low-paying job (if I get a job) with a mountain of debt. I spent the last few months trying to find something that I was passionate about and that would give me a great work/life balance, and I believe I have found it. After watching your DVDs and how you’re just able to pick up your phone and create that balance of not just making money to support yourself, but to also balance having a life to be able to travel, be in a relationship, and just enjoy yourself has really inspired me. I’m pretty young, only being 22 years, old but if given the opportunity I am determined to learn an take all the opportunities given to me. I am a fast learner and I am very ambitious. In several weeks I have been able to take my $1,000 account and double it, with my only big loss being $200. I have learned the number one rule of cutting my losses quick and living to fight another day.

    I hope that you consider me for this great opportunity. Thank you for your time, Tim.


  • CRM

    Hi Tim,
    My name is Colleen Monahan, I am a new trading challenge student as of 02-2014.
    I have never made a trade before. I have been following you on you tube and such since Oct. 2013. My husband is here in Seattle WA. working on the new SR99 alaskain way tunnel.(Big Bertha) I am sure you have heard of it. I don’t work so I have a lot of time to dedicate to my new business. A nice man by the name of Doug enrolled me here out of Kirkland WA. I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and your staff, I now it would be such a great advantage to me. It will help me get all this knowledge that I have been learning out my head and put it to work trading. So I can become a smart and successful trader. To take a lose gracefully and take the profit wisely.
    Thanks so much,
    Colleen Monahan

  • Roderick Ford

    Hi Tim I am Roderick Ford and I have been following you for about 1 month now and I absolutely love your honesty your bold personality and that you are a real person. Most people are loved for who they are not while you don’t mind being hated for who you really are take it or leave and that’s so rare in our society today. I have been waking up since I joined your silver subscription with new energy and I am now dreaming of all the things I will so be able to do as I become a million along with you are the other people you’ve helped to achieve wealth. I do have a passport I work for myself I can bring my A game on this trip with you. I will be your best student I have lost maybe $190.00 since I have been studying under you for the past two weeks. I am up $2,300 and I guarantee I will double that in no time at all. I am prepared to be your next millionaire student. rcford1111@hotmail.com or 770 912 2588

  • David

    Hi Tim,

    I’ve been considering the trading challenge since summer when I had been contacted by your team.  At that time I didn’t feel I could commit the time that was needed to be as successful as you are hoping for.  I have been trading and had eyes on the market every tick for the last 7 years.  I am already very knowledgeable, but am not stupid enough to say I know everything!  Currently I am trading with over $25,000 and have a margin account with TD Ameritrade using the think or swim platform.  Plain and simple, last year was one of my worst years since I have been trading.  I am currently 30 years old, single, and have all the time in the world to be your next Millionaire Student.  I want this more than anything, and will do anything to get it.  What I am saying is, I believe I myself could be your next CNN interview partner.  Bring me on this trip, and I will personally hand you the cash needed to be a part of your Millionaire challenge students.  I know your main strategy.  I’ve been a subscriber for a couple years now.  I will be unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to get out of Minnesota and all its cold temperatures to come and have a good time on this Yacht!  Thank you for the opportunity!  -David (aka- Strutwear)

  • Alastair Wilcox

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Alastair Wilcox, on profitly my name is CervelloPi. I have been a silver subscriber for a few months. I have recently applied to join your trading challenge. My biggest loss is 280$ my biggest win is 310$.
    Last year I was trading bitcoin, my biggest win was 28k usd, I only started with 3k. I made the money by buying technical breakouts and selling when the spreads got too big. I am now moving my bitoin profits to my brokerage account and
    focusing on penny stock trading. I would make a good student because I
    listen, I study a lot and I am an extremely fast learner; for the last
    few weeks most of my day has been devoted to studying trading, by
    watching your videos. I have a passport and can travel on short notice.

    Thank you for the inspiration and good teaching.

    Alastair Wilcox

  • Bryant Sturdevant

    First things first, passport: check , trading challenge student: check , available for the rest of the week: check
    I am currently at a tipping point for this to be my full time job and career. I have been studying your stuff forever and I’m up over 150k in the last year. I believe meeting you and personally getting your insight on the way I trade would be a game changer. Kinda like a Grittani story :). Other than this being an outrageously insane trip that is unlike any I’ve had in my life I know it will be inspiring for me on a financial level to be around others that have achieved and those that want to achieve in the same field as I. It will add to the drive and determination that I already have. Ultimately and most importantly, I just feel this would be an honor and opportunity to learn and gain from you and others face to face. My bags are already packed, just waiting your reply.

  • Jahyro Omalley

    Hey Tim,
    Been watching your progress for a very long time now. You’re a great teacher and trader overall. Your strategies should be taught by the millions. I’ll be honest I’ve made and lost thousands with your strategy but that’s due to the fact that I’m hard headed. It’s nerve wrecking making a call that you know will have a good outcome yet you dont take the risk due to your gut ! Oh well that’s life win some lose some. I’d he a good choice to go on your trip because you would definitely enjoy my humor and company. Besides that I don’t have much else to say but good luck to others!

  • Eric Ahlqvist Scott

    I came across an opportunity to distribute a soft drink while living in Spain for a while, founded a company, raised $220k from VC, moved to LA, made $250k sales in before selling the distribution rights for $880k all within 18 months and while running the company completely from my iPad. I’ve been to 30 countries so far and have yet visit the BVIs.

  • James S

    Hey Tim,

    I would love to trade with you and learn from the best. I have followed you for years, since I helped you out in my trade-craft (SEO) to make your site a success back when. You sparked my interested in trading but I have never taken the time to sit down and actually use a strategy. I’ve followed what you’ve been doing in the trading world since the inception of the site and I’ve always had the intention of turning to you and your strategy when it was time to get into your niche of the trading market. In spite of my interest, I have yet to make my first trade! I have a lot to learn but I’m game to learn fast and be a part of this experience with you. I know you already have one public millionaire student from Ohio…how about another? Besides, I’m freezing my ass off here in all this snow, so the BVI sounds amazing right now…Let’s drink Mai Tai’s and make some money!
    My Passport and I are ready…

    James SJ

  • andrew katon

    Hi Tim,

    I am currently a 22 year old engineering student. I started trading (long) a couple of years ago and decided to step it up this year and start day trading. I didn’t have any guidance but looked online to find books, strategies, almost anything that could give me an edge on other day traders. After seeing some of your introductory videos, I’ve found that I have been using a similar trading strategy but still am looking for guidance on perfecting the skill. In just over a month I was able to make roughly 100% profit on my initial $2500 cash brokerage account balance. my largest gain was $729 and my largest loss was $222. Now on most days, I spend roughly 8-10 hours learning and hunting for my next stock, and the best part is that I am truly excited when reading learning and applying what I’ve learned in subsequent trades. I have applied to be your student and have an interview tomorrow morning. I am very excited to see what’s in store for the interview and more importantly my financial future.

  • Andrew McGregor

    Amazing how many people come out when something big is up for grabs ! Anyway, I’ve yet to make become a member of Tim Alerts as for the last 2 month I have been working my way through all of your DVDs before I start to trade with yourself … I have however been a follower for over 1 year :) I don’t really feel like I should sit and beg to be taken aboard, but I do know if I was chosen I would be a sponge for the selected amount of days … Money can’t buy the power and knowledge you would learn from yourself and your trading students face to face, so it would be a great opportunity to learn, learn and learn some more … Good luck to all involved, and I hope everyone takes this opportunity as serious as it is to not only have a good time, but learn first hand from one of the best !

  • Leandro Figueiredo

    I joined your challenge group on Feb 7th, but before I signed up on the week process, I used your methods on and turned out a profit of over $5,500 on 3 simple trades(HEMO, ENRT, and CYCA) The account at the time had exactly $5,000 dollars in it. When I didnt use your methods I bought an ETF(DUST) and that was my loss of around $300. I’ve been watching the DVDs and webinars and I plan on making all my trades just based on your methods. I’m currently a 22 year old student living in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I would love a chance to see you trade live and learn. Even if I do not get chosen, I do belive that with your methods I will earn my financial freedom and independence and one day be another one of your millionaire students.

  • Kenny_G

    Hi Tim, my name is Ken also known as kenny_G and I’ve watched over 800 of your videos lesson and Nates dvd when i subscribe in april 2013. I was an non-profitable investor (lost 10k overall) before i know you and now I’m seeing consistent profit by following your rules and to wait for the setup/pattern to enter a trade. Trading is my passion during my college years and become a part of my life since. I am determine to make consistent profit and quit my job to live a financially free lifestyle with you and with other guru’s help. I hope you pick me as this will be a life changing experience. Thanks Tim

  • Josh

    I could care less about being on a yacht. I am not concerned with a luxurious trip or an escape from the snow covered Northeast. My concern is with the value in learning. This opportunity could take place in the basement of a swear plant and the value would be immeasurable. Here’s why:
    I have been religiously studying the videos for the past month. Even though it is a simple science, there is so much information volume that I would study my hand written notes to absorb the info. I constantly would find myself thinking “there’s so much to learn. I’ll never get this.” Then the other night, I was standing in the cold working overtime as the frigid, salt-infused snow water splashed on me. My co-worker starts talking about how he bought this penny stock. I started explaining to him some of the things I had been learning and his astonishment at my knowledge made me realize, even as I was saying the stuff, I know a LOT more than I realize I do. I am well versed in the things being taught… weird to think.
    The problem is that now I have to bridge the gap between book knowledge and actual trading. Like biology class, I have done the book work, now I have to do the lab work. That is what this trip is worth to those that are able to participate in it. For the right person, this trip will literally mean the difference between getting started down the road to buying your own lifestyle and sitting with a head full of theoretical knowledge. I would like to be involved because, simply put, this is the final step in my success to button up the intangibles that cannot be taught but have to be experienced.

  • Daniel Robertson

    Hi Tim.
    I’m a recent Challenge student. I’ve spent the last 3 months studying the DVDs and pouring over the video lessons and webinars.

    Wow. Out of the thousands (I’m guessing) of ppl applying for this why should you take me? Because regardless of whether you take me on this trip or not, you will be hearing of me eventually. I will succeed.

    As of 3 months ago I knew nothing of stock trading. Someone around me mentioned penny stock at some point and I started looking into it. I ran into your site and to be honest, I was quite skeptical at first. After researching you a bit, reading what your detractors have to say, reading Michael Goode’s blog and watching your free video lessons I very interested in learning your methods and strategy. I applied for the Challenge, and even though at the moment the cost of the same was a bit of a stretch for me, I decided that it was worth it. After all, education is priceless.

    I haven’t started trading yet. These last 3 months I’ve been studying. Since I knew nothing about trading I thought it wise to first try to get a good base. I think I could benefit immensely from an opportunity like this. The input I could get from people who have been doing this for years already would be priceless. I’m also ready to take this opportunity now! My schedule is flexible, my passport is current and valid and I can pack my bags in 30 min.
    I am dedicated, driven and determined to succeed.

  • Mark Chaimowitz

    Hi Mr Sykes,

    I am a 48 yr old veteran day trader who wants to take my trading to the next level.I am what most would consider “over the hill” and not a candidate,but I still will give it a shot. While some here might have ulterior motives, i can state that my only goal would be to improve my trading from a pro such as yourself to make a better life for my wife and four kids.As an observant Jew who keeps Kosher I obviously would have no purpose to go fo the lobster,so you now know what my true motives are!!! Go with the unconventional pick Timmy!!! Who knows,maybe i can teach you something in return!!

    Thank you for your consideration..

  • Dean

    Hey Tim! Whatsup. I get your emails, I was going to be one of your first students way back when you started the millionaire challenge but I got involved in commodity trading instead, I refer everyone I know who is interested in getting started with penny stock trading over to you, I was following you when you were still on covestor way back when, and I love trading as much as you do. My largest loss was in the thousands trading the Forex market when I left my computer shorting the Japanese yen / US dollar pair when I got back it had already tanked. Since then, I’ve never made a mistake like that again but I learned trading the hard way. A family friend of my fathers runs a hedge fund that you may have heard of and when I was graduating from high school he kept asking me what I wanted to do. He told about trading and it just happened. I’ve been trading ever since. Recently I’ve been looking into alternative investments and I’ve done well for myself. I probably won’t stop until I make it to the Forbes list but I’m that passionate about what I do and I’ve introduced trading to a close circle of my friends. Together we want to start a hedge fund someday. I know your story because you’ve been pretty public about it but maybe if I finally had the chance to meet you in real life and see exactly what your all about then I might finally take you up on your offer and become your next millionaire trader. I was a little skeptical at first. Its funny because I was telling my friends that the student success stories that you had could have been me but I don’t think its ever too late for you to have another one. Plus, a bit more cash is never a problem. If I go with you on this trip, I’m sure we would have a good time, and I’d be happy to talk about trading because this is my life. You know where to reach me. Let me know if you want me to join. As always, Good Times!

  • Brandon Leser

    Hello Tim,
    My name is Brandon Leser and I am a challenge student with you. As of two days ago I have finished watching all your dvd’s in the syllabus. Although I do have a live account opened I have yet to place a live trade with your strategy. I have working in the restaurant industry for fourteen years now, the last nine as a bartender in various parts of the country. I was engaged in the year of 2011 until I caught my fiance cheating on me with another bartender in the same casino I worked in. I have recently sold that engagement ring to pay for your course. Before coming across you I have dabbled in the markets only to fall victim of the ususal mistakes and lose money. I have been at this for 5 years now with no success. But I refuse to quit because this is life I want and was born for. When I say that I dont neccesarily mean all the luxury (although that would be very nice). I am talking about the freedom. The freedom to work from wherever and do what I want and not have to listen to a dumbshit of a boss give ridiculous orders that I have to humilate myself and follow just to keep a job and pay bills. In the months leading to discovering your course there were days that I would break down not knowing what to do and just wanting to give up because the life I was leading was not for me. As I said, on a daily basis I compromise my morals and am forced to listen to selfish assholes who take advantage of my work ethic to better themselves just so I can keep a decent paying job. I need a gamechanger. Your course has been clear and easy to understand and I do believe I can make some money with your teachings and I thank you for that. This trip would just be a catalyst to rocket me there quicker. In the current moment I am writing this from a hotel business center as I am on a small get away with my current girlfriend. She has supported me through this course wtih you (sleeping only three hours a night for the past two weeks) and hasnt complained a bit about the time that has been taken away from her. I believe I could write much more but I must return to her as this was supposed to be her time with me now that I finished the course. Thank you for sharing your trade with us and on behalf of all your students, we appreciate your time, lack of sleep, and dedication to help better our lives.
    Brandon Leser

  • Eric Scott Williams

    Tim, I am 27 years old from Boston, MA. I have been
    fascinated with the stock market since the age of 16. At the age of 20, I
    helped turn my father’s retirement account from 200k to over 550k in one year.
    Since then, I have been learning from you and read as many books as I can, and
    watch as many videos as I can. I have been having success with penny stocks and
    also stock options. My biggest lost is a 60% hit overnight while my biggest
    gain is a 500% return in two weeks. In 2008, I worked at a prop trading firm
    north of Boston. I was up on my account before the company went out of
    business. I am looking to make my mark and want to learn from the best. I see
    how great your strategy is and how I can benefit learning from your team. I got
    engaged on Valentine’s Day and when I returned home, all I could think about
    what watching more of your videos! I have earned my finance degree from Umass
    and Masters degree from Harvard University. I am ready for this next step and
    am dying to be a part of your team. I already have some above average trading
    knowledge. Being with the right mentor will help me become the next million
    dollar trader. You are truly inspiring and a great mentor. I would be very
    fortunate to meet and learn from you. Trust me, I am the one who you are
    looking for.

  • Semin Topalovic

    Hello Tim,

    First and foremost, my life has changed ever since I have seen Wall Street Warriors. That is when I learned about you and became intrigued with figuring out how to do what you do. Little did I know that you actually dedicated your life to helping people do just that. That is when I came up with a little bit of money to invest in your subscription program and your videos. I started trading and originally started with a small loss, but then I got my mind together and connected the dots to figure it out. I started trading with your subscription program about a year ago. I took a couple months break because I was in school every day flying airplanes and building hours to get my pilot license, but now I’m back, and this yacht trip would be the perfect thing in my life right now for two major reasons. I have been working on building my account and stressing over school. It would help me relax for a minute while getting better at trading all while experiencing what my future could be like when I master the art of trading penny stocks. My original $2,000 account is right around $18,000 right now. I’ve always dreamed of experiencing a yacht adventure. Coincidentally, I woke up today thinking about how great owning a yacht would be right now especially living in Minnesota where the weather is very harsh and cold. It has been at 0 degrees or lower for the majority of the last 3 months and I’ve been here every single day to experience it all. It would be great to escape for a little bit. It would be so damn fun. Thank you Tim.

  • Viv Gill

    Hi Tim,

    US -Passport is good to go checked- I Viv Gill am good to go no issues !
    I started using your stock trading methodologies back in 2009, I traded on 4 Canadian penny tech stocks that you had in your portfolio, I only put in a few hundred dollars… less than a thousand on all 4 trades. I had an emergency had to leave the country to go to the UK, I was gone for 2 years.
    When I came back to USA Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America sent me a letter telling me to call them as they had a check for $1500.00 for those stocks that I picked because of you… after 2 years! I actually forgot I had those stock’s and got $1500 LOL.

    I ‘ve since signed up with you again and just finished watching your lesson video’ from 1 through to “This is Gold.. Secret Strategy – Lesson 7″.

    I’m psyched to join with you and the team mates, Mr. Timothy Sykes! You can take a “poor man off of the streets” who is disciplined and ready to take the next exciting step with you as my mentor…. “Trading Places” comes to mind when I say this, I’ve got charisma, character, good looks and brawn!

    You won’t be disappointed, I have a huge following world wide with celebrities ( I won’t say anything until it’s time of course) I also am an Ice Skating coach right across from your apartment in central park Trump Rink so when we get back you’ve got free Ice skating lessons… something I can give back to you!
    Cheers – Viv Gill

  • bryanhenry

    I have been following you for almost three years… Never took the plunge at becoming a student I always had a full time job or most recently my father got ill. He passed away three weeks ago and I quit my job to take care of him. I’m now ready willing and able to learn the question is are you ready for me? I hope to help you as much as you help others.

  • Lori Isom

    Up $2890 so far this year….looking forward to many more good days. Gotta love penny stocks.

  • Mark

    Hi Tim, I love the emails, videos, text, live chat, and being able to talk and interact with your other TOP students! What an amazing oppurtunity in just that! I am very thankful to come across you and continue to learn the steps in becoming finacial FREE! I am in the chat room all day and over the past few months have learned so much more than I ever thought possible. I have doubled my small account but that is not the end from me. Not only to like watching/learing from you but being able to chat with Goode and Grittani is fantastic. Where else can you go to get LIVE feeds and stocks to watch that day or week. I still have my current job but it doesn’t keep me from learning growing, because even if I cant trade that day I can still learn! This is why I would love the experience, it might be last minute but at the same time if its something that you truly want or believe in it shouldn’t affect your decision. I am currently trying to become a challenge student and this would just propel me! Looking forward to meeting you wednesday!

  • Eric Scott Williams
  • Matthew Killeen


    $390,000 is my total verified lifetime gains on profitly, but ive hit a stumbling block last half year or so. I moved to Miami a few years ago to trade full time and live the lifestyle of parties at night, while all business 8AM to 4:45PM. Becoming a challenge student of yours, during my downturn in trading, should put me in the fast track, not only to break the $1M mark, but compete with Grittani LOL. i can crush it, and id love nothing more than the pure competition of not only getting back on track, but on the fast track to killing it with my accounts and helping out others along the way.

    We have some mutual friends here in Miami that im sure would all vouch for me as a perfect setup for your next challenge student to shock the world. Ive already shown on profitly what i can do on my own, but i can only imagine what i can accomplish as a student. Ive also been known to have some fun along the way.

    So lets see what kind of big things can be created when you combine my raw talent and pure competitive drive with your focus and strategies. Big things, not just 1M, lets do $3-5 ———

    …and yes i got the passport, availability and pure desire to trade, party, and connect in the BVI’s

  • Charlie

    Tim I have my interview on Friday the 21st to become a challenge
    student but screw that bc you are going to pick me to come be “on a
    boat” and shoot the lonely island remix with you and personally
    interview me there and accept me as a student and
    I’ll make my very first trade live, with the sun on my back and wind in
    my face and it will be a glorious moment for all involved, especially
    as I perfectly “ride the waves” and come home a few days and a few
    hundred richer, but if not….. Your videos are awesome and a few years
    from now I’ll take you on my big ass yacht that I can afford because of
    your teachings

  • Marlene Earley

    I have a passport and the time. I am a Silver program student. I need this to get started. I am changing careers what I have been doing for last 24 yrs has not been working to get ahead. I am ready to learn, listen and work to learn your rules. This would be the opportunity to get me on the right path. I learn by doing hands on. willing and able!

  • Reverse21

    This would be so inspirational and provide such motivation to hang out with other successful traders ! i am currently a penny stocking silver subscriber as i would not have been able to fund my trading account as well as pay for the trading challenge but i am making the most of being a silver subscriber buy studying my ass off everyday (even on the weekends when my friends ask me to go out !).

    I lost my first deposit which was $600 but that will not stop me from succeeding and I WILL try and try until become a success !

    Even if i don’t get chosen, i will get to hang with you one day and that’s a promise as you will start to see my profits frequently build.

    Enjoy the trip !

    Best regards,


  • Fred

    Hey Tim,

    Fred here from the cruise. If you really want a compelling story why you should pick a student here you go!

    On the cruise to the Bahamas, you tore me a new ASSHOLE about my trading AND my lifestyle AND in front of everyone ON FILM.

    Since then, my profits are +100 per trade and losses are averaging less than 100 per trade, with a majority of gains. Since then, I’ve only had one bigish loss (1k), holding a VEND short for 3 nights. BUT as we talked about in Miami for pump and dumps since I do not have your high net worth broker it’s better to grab the available shares and hold, I should have boxed though… still learning.

    I do not have these uploaded to profitly yet though, if you want I’ll send Zak any info regarding the trades. The reason is I don’t want a certain family member to see my WPCS loss yet. Not until I make up everything back HITTING SNGLES and letting HOMERUNS come naturally. FUCK the OPPOSITE.

    To be perfectly honest, I was hoping to email you this in six months because I had a lifestyle change too. BUT the goal is for LONG TERM success not short term, so being able to adapt to the market changes is key. The last month and a half may have been a good run, who knows? So if you’re offering this opportunity to pick your brain AGAIN, challenge accepted.

    You know me:
    Passport: yes
    Family: supportive of this
    Job: this
    Kids: none that I know of… thank god.
    Have TV personality: yes

    No more cruise type ladies either :)

    Bring on Round 3!!!!!!

  • Billy Martin

    Tim, After the Vegas conference last year me and a few other challenge students set a goal to all become full time traders which was a mutual dream for us all. In January me and two other buddies, Rigs Coutinho and Atul Patel, were finally ready to make the move to become full time traders. So the three of us moved from all over the US to a house on the water outside of Tampa. After going through your challenge and devoting our full focus to trading it already feels like a night and day difference in what we’ve learned and still have plenty to learn. You said in your video you’re looking for challenge students who are dedicated. I feel we definitely fit this part in that we’ve all quit our jobs, moved from our hometowns to devote our lives to trading and start living the dream. We definitely owe this to you.

    Are we available Feb 19-22? Yes!
    Do we all have passports? Yes!
    Do we want it bad enough? Hell Yes!

    Thank you again for teaching us and inspiring us to become full time traders, fully independent and how to start living our dreams. While all of our friends have been complaining about snow for the last month we’ve been in 80 degree weather by the beach. It feels like we’re living a vacation. Thanks again for all you do and please pick us for the trip!

    ::Largest Gains/Losses::
    Billy Martin Gain: 3,400 Long NURO | Loss: 700 Long ROX
    Rigelson Coutinho: Gain: 12,000 Short CCR | Loss: 5,800 Short WPCS
    Atul Patel: Gain: 2,200 long MEDL | Loss: 2,000 short GMCR

  • Maheer

    Hey Tim,

    My name is Maheer and just turned 22 last thursday. I opened an account 2 weeks ago at suretrader with $675. I have been trading whenever i can, even at work whenever i could sneak it in. After i come home, i just have a video marathon with your videos. Some nights i don’t sleep because i realize the amount of effort that is required to have a successful trading day for a beginner is enormous. Trading is extremely stressful for me, because i have burned all the bridges. This is my only hope to succeed in life. I have big dreams and so far i have been disappointed by the lack of wealth building vehicles offered to mass society. I have cut through the bullshit of life and i am determined to seize all that i can from it. It is one thing to know the path, it is entirely different thing to walk that path. I think that the most beneficial part of this trip, to be able to interact with and learn from people who walk the path. If you pick me, i swear i won’t even sleep for the 3 days. I will spend all my off time consuming everything that you have to offer and doing my due diligence/research/learning throughout the night so that i am ready for the trading day. So far i have made $250 and lost the same amount. This is so new to me, that when i trade my heart is beating so fast with my finger ready to execute. I have a pretty indifferent personality so it only a matter of time when that detachment will percolate into my trades. This yacht trip will change my life because once i taste something or catch a glimpse of something, NOTHING will deter me from getting it. I am like a chameleon and if you give me the chance to trade with you, I literally think i can become a millionaire penny stock trader in 2 years.

    Thanks for your time, i am sure reading all these messages will take quite a toll.

  • https://twitter.com/FirstInVideo Brad Mack – aka TornadoChaser

    How!!! Tim what an opportunity to do some live trading with you and other TimChallenge Students.

    As a recent student I’ve had my ups ($3268) & my downs ($2373), learning more and more about your strategy (rules) everyday. Your webinars and DVD’s are priceless.

    If given the opportunity, I’m ready to go! (I got my wife’s permission too! – haha)

  • Danny

    Hello Tim well I’m not a student, but I’ve been trying to become one of your students for awhile now , but when one of you people called me back about a year ago he said I would need more money to get started, and gave me some good info on how to get started. So I’ve been trying to save a little money,so I could once again try to become a student of yours. So the reason I think you should pick me is because I really could use a good mentor, the information I could get from you and your students would change not only mine life but my whole family. Thanks Tim.

  • Ben

    I’ve never let schooling interfere with my education.

  • FredHolguin1 .

    Hi Tim,
    I am not yet one of your students, all though I have applied, and have been doing my homework. I’ve done the last assignment and am SO looking forward to the phone call.
    Let me just tell you a little about myself real quick, I’m 20 years old and live in Mesa, Arizona. I graduated high school and did a little community college work until I discovered for myself that I didn’t need a degree to make money (Not saying you cant make money with a degree, it just wasn’t for me, with all the non degree potential out there). I got into real estate and have been for 8 months now, people say its hard as a young kid, but let me tell you that’s BS! I believe you can see results in anything you apply yourself to in life. ANYTHING! I’ve finally just paid all of my debts off (parents, school, bills etc.) and am now making money in the industry.
    The stock market has always been a huge inspiration of mine, so about a week or two ago I made an Etrade account with $500, went to invest, but decided to do some research before then, I happened to stumble upon your challenge, and was a little skeptical at first. But let me tell you, over the last week I can say that I know that you and your students results are legit and that I CAN become a millionaire through your strategies, it just takes time and a lot of hard work, which… trust me Tim, I have A LOT of and I understand that there must be tons of dedication to something like this which I’m more than willing to do.
    This trip would create the possibility of me being able to start the change in my life that I’ve always wanted, and if it actually happened the feeling would be so out of this world because I’ve never experienced something like this. You are a great person for doing these things for people, and I know you don’t need me to tell you that but I only hope to be able to do something like this for others one day as well. What an amazing feeling it must be…
    Thanks for your consideration Tim!

    P.S Let’s WORK HARD!!

  • BreakoutKing

    Tim, I am a trading challenge student and I would love to join you on this trip. However, I will be on traveling for my job. I assure you I am as committed as anybody to becoming a successful trader and I look forward to being able to participate in future events. You and your millionaire students are truly an inspiration to me. I now believe anything is possible with dedication, commitment, and taking action. I will be one of your next millionaire students. You can count on that! Best wishes to whoever gets selected.

  • http://alexpalmiere.com Alex Palmiere


    If your looking for someone who will beg you to go on your trip then you will not get that from me. If your looking for someone who will tell you how great your trading challenge is going then it will not be me. I am not a student of yours. I have thought about it a few times but I keep coming across the same question. How can I trust you? I do not know you and you do not know me. If you invited me on this trip I would be one step closer to knowing you were serious, and you would be one step closer to having your third millionaire student. That is the only thing I can guarantee.

    If your serious email me and we can set up a time to talk.

  • Ben

    I’m one of your students and I want to see nothing but hundred dollar bills in the bank roll
    And have the kind of money that the bank can’t hold

  • Emmanuella98

    This post is just a test

  • Emmanuella98

    3 points:
    1) EU passport should make traveling a non-issue. I’ll be free to travel as I’m unemployed. I spend my time trading.
    2) Short notice yes… but I love the effect of surprise !!! 24hrs=more than enough to pack a small bag and get the laptop for trading this week!
    3) Studying pays off slowly but steadily !!! Trading without studying is the sure path to capital loss, as my experience demonstrates !
    Been a student since October, with my biggest loss being $840 (short AAMRQ, Nov 12th).==> Trading without applying your time-tested rules is the best way to ruin…
    Within 3 days, messages exchanged w. you helped me understand what I missed re: AAMRQ, and within 3 days, only 3 days, I applied that “lesson” and made $400 (almost half of my AARMQ loss) going long FNMA several times. It was not rocket science to make money on this trade: understanding patterns, set-ups and recognizing them are key -> but this can only be done by studying, and following your rules while trading.
    Since this AAMRQ event, I’ve been more diligent, watching DVDs, videos, attending webinars, taking notes. Simply put:, I’ve been more serious, dedicated and prepared. This has translated in my successful trades rates being much better, my losses never toping $120 since Nov 12, while I currently have a few >$100 unrealized gains in my long term portfolio, including one at >$300.
    I still have a few DVDs left, but I can report I am slowly becoming financially independent, gradually make my own trades, do not wait anymore for your alerts to pull the trigger, and, in case we’re on the same trade, I don’t wait for your alerts to exit positions ! Your mentoring is sinking in, my independence is growing, success rate of trades is rising: studying pays off slowly but very steadily.
    This is just the beginning… Thanks again and hope to trade with you this week.
    Emmanuella98 / Dubai

  • SEA3

    Hi Tim, Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I’ve been studying your work,
    videos, book, trades and studying the charts for the last few months. I signed
    up for your Millionaire Challenge a few weeks ago and have my interview this
    week. I’m committed to making this work for myself and family. Leading up to the
    2008 market crash I told my parents to take profits and go to cash. They had
    their money with a well respected family friend, a broker, which ironically made
    them broker, who had advised them against it because it would be difficult to
    know when to get back in the market. Well, that crash wiped out their life
    savings and at 70 yrs old they are still unable to retire. It’s my goal to learn
    as much as I can and grow my account so I can give back to my parents what was
    taken from them. I also have 5 girls and 5 weddings in the near future that I
    need to start planning for. lol I’ve already learned a lot from you and
    your story is truly inspiring. I look forward to continuing this journey.

  • Brooke

    I don’t care who you pick, I just hope you bring a female. I’m getting so tired of seeing all the same marketing about hot girls and nice cars, there are actually some women here who are respectable and want to learn your skills to become independently wealthy and set a precedent for other women to join up and learn more. Right now your marketing approach is very off putting for most women despite the fact I think they could learn a lot from you.

  • AJ

    Cause I am here at work, sanding cars. Trying to come up with enough capital to trade moe in your program. I have too much ambition to be here spinning my wheels. I have always wanted more for my self and there is nothing like investing, as well as investing in your self to have a better future. I am sure there is a lot of students who deserve this, and deserve this more than me. I think it would be damn fun to be with like minded as well as those who have done and on the path of a great investing future.

  • essiman

    The reason as to why I believe I should be chosen is because I’ve been a challenge student for about 2 weeks now and I have been studying my butt off since I found out about this strategy. Everyday I rush home from work because I want to suck up all the information like a sponge and learn more to start getting involved and use my knowledge in trades. I think that joining this trip would not only give me a taste of the good life but it would teach me valuable lessons and push me a HUGE step forward into the right direction as it would enable me to trade alongside my fellow students as well as my mentor/ guru/ teacher – Mr. Sykes himself.

    My biggest loss / gain does’t exist yet as I haven’t performed any trades yet. I have been watching as many DVD’s and video lessons and read as many blogposts as I could in my free time and still feel a bit unprepared to do so (although I’ve started searching for potential stocks and comparing them with the watchlist whenever I found time).

    Long story short – I hope I get chosen and If not I’ll fight harder to be able to buy my own $10k trip within the next year or two 😀

  • Eric


    After watching ALL of your DVDs and filling my moleskin with notes, I have dived into the trading world this year. My very first trade I was down and took the hard lesson one can really only learn themselves to cut losses quickly. After that I have been buying breakouts on charts I have studied myself and have made over 3 thousand dollars. I am a penny stock slier subscriber and look forward to your texts each morning, motivating me to research and study. This trip would prove inspiring to me to meet and study with the types of traders I set out to be. I want to be rich, I want to be successful and while this is a get rich quick business, I know that does not come with a lot of hard work. I am hungry and want to prove it to you and myself. If you bring me on this trip, you’ll be the first one I take out on my yacht in the future.


  • Jonathan

    I am a Canadian guy that is sucessful in my career as an Assistant Director in blockbuster movies (X-men, White House Down). It’s been a long haul, and now I’m part of a great team.
    I’m at a period in my life where I want to grow my own wealth aggressively whether I’m on a contract or not.
    I have a passport and a family that is not just supportive of my desires, but will kick my ass onto the plane.
    I’ve been fairly successful so far with trading. I had a great beginning of 2013 … then made some mistakes, notably a $7000 loss in one week. In the end, I had just over a 100% return for 2013. All my trades are posted on Profitly.
    I think it could be inspiring to connect and trade with some people that are doing the same thing as me.
    A few days with you guys in the BVI could be just what I need right now. It’s 12 degrees F in Montreal.

  • Kat Fantom

    Ok first of because my birthday is this 19th! I am one of your challenge trading students, honestly not the best or probably not even good but I am not giving up! I would love to pick your brain in person and why not for my birthday! It would be perfect. I have made a promise to be successful at this if it’s the last thing I do! lol Why do you ask I deserve this chance?! Because why not?! I have given my self a promise to be a success and all you have to do is take my word for it! Also I think that perhaps having a female success story is needed for a change! And beautiful one that too! Just being honest here. But all jokes aside I like everyone else here who is a dedicated student would love and appreciate this opportunity to work side by side with you. So no I am not going to say that I am more dedicated than the next bloke but I can guarantee that I will be one of the next success stories 😉

  • Klaw

    Feels like I’m commenting everywhere about this opportunity. I am a new student and currently have the pennystocking silver subscription and will be moving up to a challenge student soon. Just need to grow my account a little first, had a down first month when the market hit a panic and I cut all positions in an over reaction. Also just had my funds settle in a new broker account, now set up to short and learn this side of trading as well. Have everything ready if I were to be picked, but I am suggesting you take the challenge student who introduced me to your teachings. Please message me and I will give you his name and contact info to quickly find him. He has been a great resource for me as I am new to trading and just starting your strategy, would be great to reward him!

  • SHL

    Tim, you should pick me!
    I’m not a student of yours. I’ve been reading about you and your marketing. I’m just a non believer. I just find it hard to believe a person with$1500 can turn it to a mill. If I make money after the trip, I’ll promote you!

  • adam L

    Tim, This
    sounds like an awesome opportunity! I have a passport and have the time
    to go. I have been watching you and your trades for some time now and I have around $70k built from $5k and trying to get to the next
    level of trading for a living. Lost about 1k on Facebook when came public which
    was discouraging but in this business emotion is a liability so pushed through
    that loss and brought my account back. Recently made big money on RVNC which
    was a superman pick. I think it would be cool to hang out with you all
    and pick your brain. I love Jesus and Im not going for some big party but
    to learn, have a good time and enjoy the scenery.

  • Airman

    I’m one of your silver students from Texas. Since Nov. 2012 with my less than 10K accnt I am up 30%. And that’s after several wins and losses like blindly following your strategies. Now I’m beginning to understand the reasons behind your picks and trades. If given the opportunity, this trip will be life-changing since I’m gonna trade in person on this magnificent yacht with one of the world’s best stock trading gurus.
    I will also be enrolling as Timchallenge student after this trip.

  • MarketStocker

    Hello MarketStocker here complete rookie in this game. Just became silver member Friday. I may not make it w you this trip but have every plan to follow the genius of penny stocks Timothy Sykes. Using your strategies I hope to be trading along side you and others you have helped become FREE. Thank you so much for opportunity you have opened my eyes, mind to. To all your haters LMFAO they all just wish they had your intelligence. Nice Lambo

  • don okeke

    hi tim i am an 18 year old boy from nigeria who attends college in canada i don’t need to go on your yatch trip all i want from you is just for you to encourage me just tell me i can do it. you can tell me by email . don’t get me wrong i am already motivated i joined profitfly silver january 24th 2014 and i took sleeping pills and have already watched 750 videos i have 800 more to go which i am gonna finish this week after that i will start trading but i just want you to just email me just tell me you believe i can do it that will really help push me more motivated thats all i want.

  • InvestwithTim

    Great. You are different in a very good way. I am starting to trade with you. I have a good feeling about it, and I think you do have a system that works. Every person on the stock market has their own system. That is what makes a market. I am glad I watched your interview on Tastytrade, and looking forward to trade with you. Thanks for all you are doing.

  • tincatinca

    In the beginning i wondered who you were, so i applied. Through your team i was selected to become your next millionaire student…

    At first i was impressed of you.
    Then i got annoyed by your arrogant ways.
    i had the feeling i wanted to change you.

    How ever…
    I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
    I can see all obstacles in my way
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
    It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
    Sun-Shiny day.

    Stay the way you are, teach me what you know. Teach me exactly the way you are teaching.

    You lead an i will follow, with my own mind…

    tincatinca ready for the cruise…

    (Please bring Trikster aswell, he will definitely make it hilarious with all his questions!!!)


  • Deltafox

    ● Normal suburb guy raised by immigrants who started with nothing
    ● At 25, used my life savings/borrowed money from my parents and built a successful business from the ground up
    ● Got done over by a scumbag millionaire, lost everything and more ($500k+)
    ● Sued scumbag millionaire, won, got $0 back thanks to “the system”…no money left to do anything about it. If only I had more…
    ● Enough is enough..packed bags and moved to the other side of the world on a gamble
    ● Down to last $13 in bank account living off 3 for 2 microwave meals but gamble pays off (industry/job). Expat tag now acquired.
    ● Well into the 6 figures but still have huge liabilities
    ● Years later, dabble in FX/Equities part time, no luck
    ● Stumble across Tim Sykes online…inspired yet hesitant & curious…Human? check… Like minded? check… Legit? check… Cool dude? check!
    ● Subscribed and paper trading strategy… looks good
    ● Hungry and hoping to pay back the parents one day
    ● Normal suburb guy now much wiser

    Will be a millionaire eventually, I wonder if it’ll be this way… watch this space

  • Dustin Stockton

    Mr Sykes,

    I’ve been on your email list but am not currently a student. I’m a successful entrepreneur and at 31 I’m living the dream. I’ve got a personal email list in the hundreds of thousands so on a business level, showing me the way will give you exposure to more potential students than other choices. I’ve got disposable income, an unquenchable competitive streak, and the willingness to learn. I strive to enjoy life to the fullest while dominating whatever I’m currently pursuing. At some point I’m going to attend one of your events but that yacht is crazy enough to get my ass moving.

  • William

    Hello Tim my name is William and I’m 27 years old. Not yet a student o8f urs but plan on becoming. I’ve known about you for a couple of weeks and have become truly very inspired by you and learning the little but i have learned from you. I’ve traded stock in the past but have not done to well. This would truly be a life changer for me if i could work side by side with the greatest. Learn you have to teach and apply it. Hope you see this and consider me. Start from scratch with you and end up multi millionaire.

  • Leopold douglas

    Well Tim I am from the British Virgin Islands , Tortola. I moved for more opportunity. But I started with a $4500 account and I am actually up 1000. My biggest lost was 250. But your number 1 rule cut loss quickly is why I still have an account. I think trading live with you on a crazy expensive yacht is more motivation and a reality of the changes of my life that is possible. Like your pics and vids but this would hit home. Honestly I’m not doing this mainly for possibility of being a millionaire but for the chance to be financially worry free so I can take care of my mom. She worked so hard all her life, spent what little she had to make life for me and my siblings. After years of unemployment due to the markets crash 2008 and here losing the opportunity to buy a home, she finally have a part time job making some money but but not near enough. I help her with her bills. I want to be able to get her that house and help her finally retire with lil to no financial worries. Your strategies call allow this to happen.

  • CJ Thrifty

    I have my Training Challenge Interview on Tuesday, Feb 25th.
    I have never traded before, but am no stranger to hard work.
    I have had atleast 2 jobs since I was 15 (for 17 years now) and have been trying to set myself and my family up for the future. We don’t want to worry about money anymore.
    I have already been researching and watching as many of your videos as I can find online. I have purchased and read your book in 2 days (an american hedge fund), and am watching The 2nd set of DVDs as we speak (Penny Stocking Part Deux (Great Reference)).
    I would promise to do my best enjoying myself on this extravagant vacation…. but I would mostly want to soak up as much knowledge as I could from you, and the other students along on the trip.
    Regardless of who is picked, I look forward to being one of your successful students in the future, and meeting you someday.

  • Christian Bell

    Trading challenge student here. New. Soaking up info like a sponge. No trades yet – broker issues…adding other accounts.

    It’s an incredible offer – and generous…damn

    I know it’ll help me get to 1 million and beyond faster

    Whether you select me to come or not, I’m still gonna get to over 1 million. The only question is – when?

  • Andrei Popa

    Dear Tim,

    I never traded before, nor I am not a challenge student yet. I wanted to start trading penny stocks ( due to their volatility ) 2 months ago with 2000$ ( for a student like myself this is a significant amount of money) and decided to do some research before I would commit to this. After weeks of research I kept stumbling over a guy named Timothy Sykes, so I decided to watch several of your videos on youtube. What made me believe that your strategy is real is the fact that you kept mentioning that history repeats itself, a thing I truly believe. Other videos of yourself, where you show off and display your Rolex, Lamborghini, also gave me the impression you are just a clown that wants to rip people of their money.

    To cut a long story short, I decided to take a leap of faith and invested all my 2000$ in your DVDs ( not all at once, after buying PennyStocking I decided it was worth to invest all the money ). I took this leap of faith mainly because of my determination and also because I knew that if I started trading without learning from a successful trader first, there would be 90% chance of me loosing my money, so I made a long term investment into myself, best 2000$ spend. Now, doing my first full internship at a large company in Berlin, I truly understand what you meant by working 9 hours a day in a cubicle. I hate every minute I spend doing this job and this fuels my determination.

    I totally agree with you that Jordan Belfort is a fraud, but what I liked most from the wolf of wall street was when that guy quitted his job to work with Belfort. I am ready to do the same thing, I got my passport ready and if you pick me, tomorrow I will hand-in my resignation. This is how determined I am.

  • Michael Dougherty

    wow tell me more!!!

  • Elad Reuven

    Hi Tim My Name is Elad. I think you should Pick me Because I’m very confident I Will be the Next Millionaire Off your Program.. Not Only That I think i will be the First Multi Millionaire. I Only made One Trade And Made $2300 But I think i jumped the gun too fast and get excited to make money But im gonna be more discipline. I Really Appreciate The Chance to go On this Yacht and will have an Amazing time with you and all the other students. but i rather Meet you in person and have the chance to share my thoughts and ideas. I believe i have the Ability to Accomplish Any goal. I’m Also A very Dedicated Worker and I love Challenges. Give me One Shot and I Promise i wont let you down…

    PS . I’m Israeli and i wont take No for an Answer. Give me the Chance because i Will be a Millionaire and your next success Story..

  • erader24 .

    Hell yeah! I could deal with trading on a yacht for a couple days learning from the best. I’ve been a challenge student for about a month now and I’m up only $700 because I’ve been trading like a castrated choir boy. I did take a couple big losses early
    but learned my lesson quick – CUT YOUR LOSSES!

    I’ve jumped into this full time since joining the challenge and have
    been going thru Tim’s webinars, CD’s and video lessons non-stop outside of
    trading hours.

    I’m prepared and ready – I’ve got the time and the passport.

    Oh, and I like to drink too. Not to the point of puking though…

  • Luckson Pierre

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Luckson, and I have been inspired ever since seeing you TV. I want to turn my life around and be an example for me and my family. I am in m 30s and haven’t done anything significant in my life and when i saw this post I was beyond excited. This would be an awesome experience for me

  • Haji Murad

    Hey Tim,

    Currently you guys reviewing my application for trading challenge. I am not currently one of your students but I have been trading since 2010. My biggest loss was $8,000 on $FB:) But i fought back and returned half of my losses on the name. My biggest gain was $9,000 on $SPWR, traded since both short/long since the price was $8. My biggest % gain was 360% on $CHC, 200% on $Live (currently shorted:) and 150% on $SPEX, I also have a tweet of my entry and exits on my trades (@Trader_mood).

    I am currently working as an analyst at one of the German Private Equity Fund (2 months) before worked at Citi and Merrill Lynch.

    My main goal is to hit the million dollar mark before age of 30. I have 3 years to go :)
    I am available to travel anytime, and would love to join you guys to discuss some of the strategies that I use and learn more about your strategy. I love talking stocks and have helped 5 other of my friends to get into stock market and they all made money in this bull market.

    I can tell one thing about myself fun, very social guy, love spending good time with people who talks market and stocks.

    Hope you consider me for your fun trip and looking to trade side by side with you and nail some homeruns, by the way have couple names are ready to explode in coming weeks.


  • Lino

    Tim i would love the opportunity to trade alongside you and the rest of the traders. I am form CT. i am single and have all the time necessary to study all the material as a matter of fact i have already done all of the videos,ready for the next level.I already have some experience trading just need a good coach !

  • James Walker

    Hi Tim, It’s great to have this opportunity to travel and spend time with leaders, coaches and fellow traders. This opportunity is surely priceless. I have been studying sooooo freaking hard lately. I spent 11 hours last night watching your DVDs and I’m at it again today. I wont stop until I’m done. I’ve made a big mistake thinking I could trade from all the news alerts you have sent and found out the hard way and very expensive way that listening to the DVDs probably should have been the first thing I did before I just jumped in with both feet and wallet. I’m not new to investing or trading but I was new to your style and it has not worked for me yet. I’m not saying the style you teach is wrong. I actually think the knowledge you are teaching to all of us is great. It was me that screwed up and I should have known better. However, after blowing up my account, I am recovering and will be done watching all the DVDs by this Weds. It’s a lot of material but it is making so much sense now that It kills me that I didn’t just watch them first before I started trading. I’m ok with the loss of over half of my trading account because I know I can get it all back. I did cut losses quickly but not as quickly as I should have. That’s something I need to learn and do better at. Anyways, I am ready to join you on this cruise and even up on the stage if ever given the opportunity to speak. :+)

  • Tom

    Hi Tim,

    What an awesome spontaneous idea! My name is
    Tom. Im 26 and you got into my life a few weeks ago. I was always fascinated by
    trading but after my graduation i decided to go to Ireland as an aupair to
    learn English, meet new friends and explore another part of the world. It was
    great decision – fucking crazy parties every week, hot chicks from all over the
    world. I met fantastic people and it was my BEST YEAR ever. Afterwards i got a
    job but i realized that this will just cover my bills but not allows me to
    live. And i want more! Be independent and self-sufficient! Everything changed
    last year before Christmas. I was playing football when one of my friend
    fractured my instep bone. Some weeks later i couldnt even breathe because of
    pneumonia so i spent Christmas in hospital and doctors just told me that i have
    to just relax and not to do anything. It was like a punishment for me. No
    sport. No anything. So i said hmm what should i do? Lets go to study trading. I
    started with binary options. I created an account with 300$. I made 200$ in
    2days and lost 300$ next day. I needed more information to study,more
    charts,better structures so i stopped and searched Google and i found you. Some
    guy called Tim Sykes. When I checked your first video I immediately knew thats
    it! I thought this guy has balls to say anything right away. No bullshits, you
    are also crazy as me which i love and you are FUCKING INSPIRING person. I
    started to study more, i watched your videos, read your blog, also Tim G. and
    Michael Goode’s blog. I managed interview to join Millionaire Challenge but i
    was unable to allow tuition so i decided to build up my account and start
    learning your strategy to get ready for the Challenge in the near future. Im
    fit again. Eager to learn more than ever. I want to better understand your
    strategy and be able to find my own pattern. And this is unfuckingbeliavable
    opportunity to trade beside the bests.


    Best Regards from Czech republic


  • Denis Brisson

    Tim, I am a challenge student, am available, and have a passport! I have been trying to successfully apply your strategy since I met you at your conference in October 2013, but I have been having issues cutting my losses quickly~! I have lost over $55,000 on VISN. But at the same time had $10,000 days on ICLD and GOGO! I need your inspiration, I believe in you and I need a motivational kick in the ass to get me on the right track!
    I am a hard worder, quit my job in October after your conference, strive to educate myself on a daily basis, and always want to learn more! I have a drive that when focused on my goals is illuminating to others. I need your positive energy!
    Bring me on your cruise, you will not regret this; I will become your next student millionaire! Denis Brisson

  • Sidster

    I’m a former challenge student and a current LongTerm student since this worked better with my full time job. My highest gains have been ~2k with LQMT and ~1500 with YOD. Thanks for the alerts. When I first signed up for the LongTerm newsletter, I thought that the stocks that were targeted would be held for more than just a few days. I took a position with LSCG and was left holding the bag even after you got out. I haven’t sold LSCG, but this is my biggest loss at ~$400. Although, the LongTerm Newsletter has worked better for me, I know that I need to learn to short-sell and take advantage of pump and dumps. Tim G’s presentation was awesome and very inspiring. I obviously need to put more time into going through the videos, but I think I need a bit more guidance that is more hands-on. This trip seems like a great opportunity to get that hands on experience. It would be great to be selected. Thanks!

  • Fred Lema

    Aspiring to be one of your many millionaire students I’m broker than IB, ST, Scottstrade, etrade etc,. lol Would be nice to rub shoulders with the myth, the man, the legend. Breath the same air, absorb the energy of a millionaire trader, and other highly motivated individuals. Not mention the opulent inspiration.

  • Adam Whitman

    All my life I’ve tried to take advantage of any opportunity I come across. Learning your strategy and becoming a student of yours may be the most fulfilling opportunity I’ve ever taken. For once in my life, I may be able to give back to my parents and to allow us to live comfortably for the rest of our lives, thanks to you. It’d be such an awesome time to have the opportunity to better my learning in a beautiful learning environment like the BVI!!

    Adam Whitman

  • Yoann Klaedtke

    Hello Tim
    My name is Yoann and i come from Luxembourg.Im 22 years old and I just got accepted last week as a student for your challenge! Unfortunately i havent started trading yet because i am spending my time studying and watching your videos!
    I could really see myself on this yacht with the big guys to have a good time but especially to learn! i believe if we meet face to face we can share experiences and learn from eachother a lot more than from a video.Just being there live and learning from you during an actual trade would give me an even bigger push and motivation to study harder and get started even earlier.
    Oh yeah and btw i havent been on a yacht before haha
    Would be great to have an overseas student on the yacht and to have an ever bigger mix of people coming together on one spot and simply have a great time!
    I mean hey, how many luxembourgish people have you met in your life?
    Would love to tell you who i am and tell you what i am all abou, and ofcourse know more about you and your Team!
    Thank you very much for this great opportunity!!!

    Hope to see you soon

  • Marc

    Julie you could have said just about anything and because you are one of the few if not the only girl to be willing to go I would have cheered for you but asking to go only because you’re a girl? It’s trading stocks not dating the rich and famous. Edit that so you can get picked girl. I’ll even help you write it if you want.

  • Austin J. Robertson

    There’s one reason why you should pick me to go, and that’s because I want to succeed more than everyone who has and will comment on this post combined. I HATE mediocrity and will never settle for anything less than the best. This dedication is what led to my completion of an Ironman at the age of 18 and 3 half Ironmans, 2 at the age of 17 which is against the rules. I am 19 years old now and have a small account that I have been trading with for about a year. (about $5k) I’ve only made about $700ish dollars in the year that I have been trading. Quite frankly I could care less about $700. Like you say in your videos, “What is that, like two dollars and fifty cents a day? What are we, Starbucks baristas in a third world country?” …If I remember correctly. This amount of return pisses me off when I see the return I COULD have. I HATE mediocrity. That is why you should choose me, Tim. I want to LEARN from you and be as successful if not MORE successful and then share that success and give back, just like you do…Pick me.

  • Jacob Lance AKA Snicklefrits

    Tim, ever since I was little I wanted to trade stocks, more specifically penny stocks. I am a college student at the University Of Illinois at Chicago. I have been a millionaire challenge student for about 11 months now. I’ve gone through every one of your dvd’s (excluding SEC Filings!), read your book, and have watched many of the video lessons that you provide us with. I do admit though, that I have not watched near enough of the video lessons. When I was 20 I started investing and had 3 consecutive years where I made 100% on my investments. Then I started your challenge. I began with approximately 8k and to date, I have lost almost 6k! My main problem is staying disciplined. I am a highly motivated individual and always work my but off whether in school, or the part time jobs that I’ve held. I know your strategies work and I believe that if I could watch you work live, that could possibly be what I need to help me with my discipline. Also, I have relatives that are commodities traders for Susquehanna and they think you and penny stocks are a joke. I would LOVE to be able to prove them wrong. So I hope I am blessed with the opportunity to join you on this trip!! Thank you for your time and thanks for being an AMAZING teacher!! I have learned more from you than I have throughout my whole college career!

  • Haim G

    Hi Tim,

    Well I’m sure their are many other traders with better reasons why you should pick them up but since you asked about my best trades / worst losses i have decided to share with you my story that i did not shared with no one (not even my wife!!!) :
    i started trading in January 2007 with Z E R O Knowledge (no idea at all) and with a capital of about US$250,000 (crazy isn’t it?)
    I tried several strategies and followed many “excellent advices” of the best analysts in wall street, tried to learn to analyze stocks via you tube and thought i am ready!!!
    3 month later my portfolio soared with additional US$ 70K ( my best trade was about us$100k in one month) and i was sure i was an unfolding Stock guru and that I’m wasting my time in my daily job – the future looks brighter – i am going to be a millionaire in no time!!!
    their were tone of red signs on the wall and i kept ignoring them BUT THEN 2008 came with the sub prime crisis and the day that Lehman bank collapsed – that day i saw my portfolio taking off 15% of its value. but i kept waiting and waiting hoping the market will recover and in a month time i lost all my gains + about 50% of my capital (70k + 125k = 195k)!!! i did not believe it!!! how could it be? i tried everything but could not recover, could not sleep at night -then i did my 2nd mistake – instead of staying in the market with my positions i sold everything and took out what was left just when the market started to recover in 2009, if i was leaving it as it is i should have recovered at least 80% of my losses and with some new trading i could also make some profits again
    in the beginning of 2013 i took a professional course in trading and realized all my mistakes …but i also understood that i have went to a very expensive school and i could implement all lessons learned and try again..since late 2013 i have opened a new trading account with more moderate capital and I’m following strictly your rules combined with what i have learned and for now its working!!!
    i am still looking forward for our scheduled interview and i know that i can be a great student of yours because i was up and i was way down but I’m still on my legs!!

    wishing you the best with your cruise and whoever you deiced taking with you



  • Eric

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Eric, currently at the age of 29 and I’m from the land down under. Over the last couple of months I’ve been following your website and been very intrigued by your work, it’s simply amazing what you have done. I work for one of the big banks here in Australia but always wanted to have a break in making into a brokerage firm. After being knocked back year after year, application after application, I got sick of the industry and thought maybe one day I could start day trading on the side whilst I pursue my full time job but it takes a lot of balls and skills to do this and at this point, that’s when I came across your web site and thought maybe this could be my break to freedom, to wealth creation and to a better lifestyle. I tick all the requirements you need, you just say the word and I’ll be there.


  • Jose

    Hi Tim, Jose Pilapil here.
    I’m a 20 year old university drop out from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I first saw one of your videos just a little under a month ago and you’ve already started changing my life. I’m a person always open to different ways of making money, though I’d already lost 10% of an investment on a bigcap stock in 2012, the information you presented about trading made immediate sense. I drank the Kool-Aid.

    I started scrambling to get my brokerages open and started with 200$,
    I turned it into a 1000$ my first week, and after seeing my gains my mom
    has lent me 2000$ so that I have a little more to work with. (Found out Canadians don’t have to deal with PDT) so this is very beneficial.

    I made more in my first week after commissions and quick loss cutting than
    I did working at my job, with every-day live trading learning even more
    and more. I’d love the opportunity to learn from you first hand.

    As a failed network marketer, the one lesson I take away from it is that
    learning from self-made millionaires is the real way to succeed

  • Jared

    Hi Tim,
    My name is Jared Chodowski. I started trading penny stocks in 2009 after a failed music career and losing my construction job, I put my savings of $2000 into a brokerage account on my 25 birthday based on a stock tip I received. I traded sideways for a few weeks and then put an additional 4k into the market, with 6k I traded a penny stock that ended up pulling back and I lost half of my account balance, however I ended up getting my account back up to around 6k by the end of the day. I continued to trade and made an additional 2k bringing my account to $8,000. I pulled money out of the market to live off of and spent the next few weeks watching the market and developing my own trading strategy. I reinvested $5,000 and by the end of 2009 had tripled my money and developed a strategy that I knew couldn’t lose. I, again, took moneyout to live
    Off of and in January of 2010 I borrowed $15,500 off of credit cards to get myself to the 25k daytrading threshold. I continued to trade for a profit and in March of 2010 I had made 120k with my strategy. March was a month that changed everything, I made $30,750 in one day and $97,570 in the month. From then till now I have continued to expand my strategy and see phenomenal profits. In 2010, I paid taxes on $275k of profit from the market, in 2011 I made just under $400k, in summer of 2012 after just about 30 months of trading I had made my first million dollars in the market and $565k of profit that year. In 2013 I made just over $500k, however I invested over $400k in real estate. So far this year I have made $457,000 in the past six weeks, with an average of 15k a day. In the last five years my biggest loss has been about $15,000 at one time and cumulatively about
    $350k which has already been calculated into my gains. I’ve made 2.2 million of profit after losses in 5 years with my strategy and with real estate investments I’ve turned my net worth from $0 to about 3.5million. I am not a student of yours however in searching for people who have done the same thing as me your name had come up frequently. So I’ve been following you out of curiosity over the last couple of years. I’d like to see what you strategy and this experience can do for me, as I can work anywhere with an internet connection and have a very flexible schedule.

  • Christian T

    Hey Tim,

    Trading Challenge Student here. Even with a full time IT management job, I can confirm that it is possible to learn and trade stocks, even if it is part time. I’m also helping my cousin start a business, so time management has been key for me. I haven’t turned over any massive profits yet, but the mentality of going for singles instead of hitting home runs has drastically changed my trading style. Most of my losses are now under $200, and my gains range from $50-$500. Studying late at night for 2-3 hrs a day can wear on you, but just seeing your inspirational videos and the exotic locations you’ve been to keep pushing me to achieve your lifestyle, the lifestyle I want to live.

    I do have a passport and looking forward to using it! Thank you again for spending the time on making those videos (I need to catch up on those Challenge Webinars I’ve missed though!) and best of luck on all future gains! I can’t tell you when, but I will become a millionaire with your teachings. And you have this post to prove it!


  • Doris

    Hello Tim!

    I am from EU (Slovenia) and I have been learning your strategy for three months now and I had no experiences in trading before. I made almost 500$ then I lost it and now I made it back again. I bet really small because I want to gain confidence and bet bigger when I am totally comfortable. I know I will succeed because I want it more than anything. I don’t know if you know how determine must be fitness competitor to achieve his goals? I do because I have done it. And I am even more determined with trading. So if you pick me will only make things happen faster. Ow and the party part is not a problem at all lol

    PS: I am impressed by the pictures but even more impressed by all the work you do for us!

  • Kirill Sofronov

    Its hard to differentiate between all dedicated people in the comments… Everybody has a unique story and determination to succeed. I have a unique story myself but its too long for a comment and I think actions speak louder than words -> as I am still to have an interview next week this opportunity is a sufficient sign that i am in and I will quit my job the same day, take a video with my resignation to show determination and willingness to succeed. I believe best results are gained under pressure and I take it as one in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Michael Esposito

    Tim, I am not going to sit here and suck up to you. I am going to be as straight forward as possible. I am 20 years old and have recently became a member of PennyStocking Silver. I love it. I haven’t been able to study that much yet though because I have been working to save up enough money to begin trading. I don’t have any wins or losses under your strategy yet. This would be a great opportunity for me and you. I’ve recently been kicked out of college and I know that doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it is. I don’t believe in college, I think it’s a giant scam. My parents are doubters of me and so are my friends. They don’t believe in you or your strategy and when I told them that I was going to win a trip with yourself and others on a fully paid trip they laughed and said keep dreaming, it probably isn’t even real. I’m sick of being a nobody and if there is one thing I’ve learned from being home it is that you must take action, believe and keep moving forward. I really want this more than anyone on here right now. I’ll call them out and be a self centered kid. I have all the characteristics to succeed. I am motivated, outgoing, young, and hungry for money. I want to come on this trip and get a face to face education on your strategy. I want to prove everyone I know wrong especially my parents and my little bitch of a sister. I NEED to taste this celebrity lifestyle you live so I could be even more hungry than I already am. I deserve a chance to prove myself not only to my parents, but to you and the rest of the world.

  • Freddy Hall

    I’m a DJ and a trader, I kindly implore you to let me learn and DJ on your boat Sykes!

  • Liam Weld

    Tim, I’d love to join you on this incredible trip. I’m a Canadian entering university and have a burning desire to learn more about trading and penny stocks. I have had a stocks and options account for nearly two years and love it. The markets are my passion and I cannot think of something that I would want to do more than learn face to face from the best. Along with having lots of time and a passport, I can provide my unconventional perspective on things, unmatched energy and bad jokes! Thanks again and enjoy the markets.

    Please contact me at: lweld@rogers.com or (905) 846-4957

  • Abba

    Hello Tim,

    My name is Abba. I came in this country 18 years from a small country in Africa name Tanzania. Ever since I watched you on wall street warriors.I started to invest at a young age in stock market instead of spending my money non-sense things. I was even feature on Kiplinger Personal Finance “Getting off on the right foot”. 4 years ago I started trading options and stock. Its been working ok because my problem is i become to greedy sometimes and end loosing almost my entire profit and more. I have been trying to become one of your student 1o1 but so far no luck so i decided to sign up for Super man Paul who I follow dearly on social network.

    This trip will not only be a vacation but an opportunity for me to talk to you and help me become a better trader. My reason of becoming a trader is one day to retire my parents who came in this country to find a better life for me and my 2 siblings. It will be blessing ,pleasure and honor one day to surprise them with a huge check telling them you don’t to work no more for the rest of your life. Please help me turn my dream become reality.Thank you.

  • Mike

    Hey Tim, thanks so much for the opportunity to apply for such a great opportunity. I’m a 44 yr old “blue collar” guy who’s looking to make the life change of all life changes. My first taste of trading pennies was turning $6K into $19K on SPNG (oh, those SPNG scammers were a classic were they not?) After that, I thought I was a true master and quickly ran that $19K into $4K…….. then I began watching your free videos and learned what I somewhat already knew, but needed you to tell me to get it through my head. (That most (if not all) of these .pk companies are complete scams and we need to treat them as such.) To this day, SPNG is my biggest win. HLNT my biggest loss ($2,600). I recently had a ton of medical bills to pay which depleted my portfolio. But, I’m well on my way to building it back up again using your strategies. I honestly think I’m ready to study full time as I’m leaving my full time J.O.B. this April to concentrate my efforts on living my dream. As far as being available to travel? I haven’t called in sick in two years. It’s about time I take advantage of an opportunity instead of being afraid of it. “If you don’t the a chance, you don’t have a chance.” Thank Tim for the opportunity!

  • franky300

    -SHORT AND SWEET- Hi Tim, I could do like everybody else and say you should choose me because I want to be a millionaire and blah, blah, blah. You know what? I don’t want to work with you because I want to be a millionnaire… The reason I want to work with you is because I want to become just as good as you. THIS IS my MAIN GOAL. I want to live from trading, I want to teach others too, and I want to be financially independent. I am from Canada, I have a passport and god knows I am ready to go, it’s freezing cold here right now!! I just joined your silver subscribers about a month ago so too early to say I made THE big trade yet but I was able to make 23% last year and I am convinced that I can double that return if not more, if I could have the chance to work with you in person. You want a french canadian guy that is also a full time CPA, let me know!

  • Tom

    Challenge student here. I’m about 1/2 way through the DVD’s. I’m willing and able to attend.

  • Chase

    Hey Tim,

    My name is Chase Steinbring, I’m 20 years old from Minnesota and am currently a Trading Challenge student. I have been trading for about 3 years and my biggest loss so far has been just over $4,000 and my biggest gain has been $6,700. I have watched all of your DVDs and video lessons and am just starting to trade full time while attending school. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined since joining the Challenge and I am ready to take my trading to the next level. I want to feel what Tim Grittani felt before he made his million and discover what inspired him to perform so great after his trip with you. For me, meeting you in person would be equally as valuable as this inspiring trip, if not more. I am very grateful for what you have taught me and everyone else who follows you – there truly isn’t anyone else out there doing what you are and I feel very lucky to be apart of it. I have my passport in hand and am ready to set sail and make trades! I know what money can buy but I want to experience it firsthand. I am driven and determined to become one of your millionaire students and will work as hard as it takes to make that happen. There would be no substitute to trading and traveling with you and the knowledge and inspiration I would take from this trip would vastly improve my future trading. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully getting away from all this snow!

    Thank you,
    Chase Steinbring

  • brandon stewart

    Tim, i believe i should go because i have the passport, i have the time, and most of all i have the desire to learn how to do what you do. I just started trading 3 months ago. i have no prior experience and no college education. I grew up in a rough neighborhood with few opportunities, but i have consistently made more money every year that i work and will continue to do so. I work extremely hard to be the best at everything i do. After taking some losses i have decided to slow down on trading, and make studying my top priority. I study everyday, sometimes all day like it was my job. So i can be ready for it to be. Failure is not an option

  • Fat Bee Trader

    Hey Tim,

    Dude your crazy…but in a good way. What a mad opportunity to offer,

    As you know I’m a trader, been trading for 14+ years, I do ok.
    So why should I bee there you ask? A couple of reasons really…

    The first is I’m smart enough to realize that the knowledge that brought here will not take me forward through the places I’m planning on going. You have clearly made some unique distinctions about trading penny stocks, which I am keen to absorb.

    Secondly this is a brilliant opportunity to meet, learn from and socialize with some of your millionaire challenge students, other millionaire traders and of course yourself in an amazing setting.

    Ability – check
    Attitude – check
    Passport – check
    Will I make it – only if I leave in the next 12 hours


    On another note:
    I cant believe more people have not applied yet?
    What hell are you waiting for people? APPLY!

  • Shirley

    Brevity is the soul of the wit. Pick me because:
    ***Been trading long
    only since pre-GFC and my P&L swung from losses to profit by
    trading in global equities, biotech, OTC counters
    ***Good looking female
    ***Profession as an analyst
    ***Analyzed potential trades using excel macro VBA on stocks trading opportunity set
    ***Looking to expand strategies into long/short which is why I need to learn short techniques from Tim

  • BomLogic

    Just completed the setup with Glenn. Your newest trading challenge student.

  • bradbeard

    not going lick your arse but love live the dream get away from work have a laugh and no reason not to go

  • jeff4e

    I’ve been a challenge student for the past year and wasn’t very successful. An inspirational jump start would help get my butt back into gear so I can gain confidence trading. Also, I screwed all their moms. Haha.

  • Monty Lo

    I am a new challenge students, watching you trade in person would be a fantastic way to learn. I also love how you get sidetracked and start telling jokes (even in moscow where the students don’t get what you were saying!). I am from Hong Kong. I am excited to learn, ready to have a great time while meeting traders from other parts of the world!

  • Michael Anderson

    Hi Tim, I have been trying to come up with the words to make me stand out in the midst of all these people. I am just going to be honest with you. I am 38 years old and have never owned my own home. It sounds a bit corny to some people, but that is a big part of what I want in life. I used to play craps and poker all the time. I would analyze my situations and try to make a logical decision in order to build a bankroll. I feel like stocks are a lot like my experiences with poker and craps. I became interested in stocks, googled trading and came across a video of you. You ignited a fire in me that day. I began following your work and have learned so much thus far. I have always been a blue collar hard worker making my paycheck stretch as much as I can. I hope to one day not have to worry so much anymore. This experience would be one of the best learning tools I could ever imagine. Whoever you choose, I will continue to learn from you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and so many others.
    Thank you for the time, Michael Anderson

  • Gary Wold

    I have always wanted to live off my investments. Every time I got a little ahead, I would invest it. Buying dividend stocks and holding for the long term never interested me. Home runs were what drove me. During the licensing of cell phone territories, I was fortunate to turn a small investment of $4500 (although it was all I had at the time) into $300,000. Unfortunately this was not the norm. After following many gurus in stocks, options, and currencies my dream seemed unachievable, as I lost money with each one. After a divorce and the challenge of raising 3 great kids, I still have a sizeable stake. Right now at four different brokerages, I have approximately $200,000. Twenty thousand of witch came since joining the trading challenge. Somehow I came across you on the internet, and after following you for about 6 months it looked as if you were the guru I had been looking for. I took some time off to study, but in the last 4 months, I have been progressing, though not as fast as I would like. It seems I am getting close, but something is missing. Maybe this will be what I need. My account is big enough to reach a million quicker than most, helping you to fulfill your goal. Biggest gain $7,400 GRNH biggest loss $2,500 VEND. I am currently short CNTO 5,000 sh. All of my trades are posted on Profitly. Thanks for doing what you do!

  • Andrew

    Does this not remind any of a scene in wolf of wall street ? lol

  • Timfreedom

    Tim, I’m in!
    Passport, Time, Challenge Student and I’m focused. I’ve only been a Challenge
    student for a month and I’m learning as much as I can each day. This trading is
    addictive!! I don’t take on challenges lightly and when I do I’m all in! I started with an ST account of $5K and had a bunch of small wins/losses. Then I traded GRNH in Jan and made 46% win in one day, granted that is only $2,300, but on a $5K account!! Then I started trading your longs on my IRA account and am currently up 18% on MEET, XXII, and GSAT collectively. Then this last week I broke the rules on a
    short and didn’t cut my losses quickly, similar to your lesson “Video Lesson
    Intro #60: Adapting After A Big Loss!”, as OPTT spiked, I keep thinking it would come back down, ouch! I lost $3K on that one trade. Sometimes you
    learn more from the hard lessons.

    Any rate I’m in Iowa and I need to warm my bones. I have learned tremendously from your weekly Challenge Webinars so hands on in person will be a big leap forward. Call me I’m ready to go! Challenge Handle : Timfreedom

  • http://www.mezuena.com Daniel Medina

    Hey Tim!!.. I have been
    a challenge student since may 2013!..Im a musician!, I compose Jingles for a
    living.. just like Charlie Harper but without the house in Malibu, jajaja.. being
    a jingle writer has pay my rent and give me a middle class life here in Bogotá
    Colombia. I can’t complain, but it it’s just that… a middle class lifestyle.. I
    have been inspired by you, and I really want a house in Malibu!,.. or in
    Cartagena!, ..that beautiful city in the Colombian Caribbean you have visited already!..
    It’s been hard for me to start making money, When I Win, I usually give it
    back! Next day.. But I’m sure that watching you trade life, would improve my
    trading skills!!.. Would be great to meet you in person, and of course, in that
    great Yat!…. PD: I can write a jingle for profitly anytime you want!!..

  • Ben Ten

    It would be a dream to trade on a yacht with Timothy Sykes. I am a recent 27
    years old college graduate that has been through a lot of ups and down in life.
    I am hoping that from trading I can eventually live life as a trader to be free
    from anymore financial burden. Wanting to become a trader has leaded me to try
    to learn so many different trading systems. I even intern at a firm in hopes to
    find a mentor to learn at more about a trading system but it turns out it was a
    ponzi scheme as I discovered while interning there, which had drained me
    financially and mentally. But because of the experience I realize that Timothy
    Sykes strategy really works as he has been consistently growing his account
    many times over the years since his days on Wall St Warriors. I finally decide
    to become a trading challenge student and recently finished all the dvds and
    open an account with what left of my life saving, which has but me back into college
    student’s lifestyle not to add to the fact most people I know don’t believe in
    trading. But, I have nothing left to lose anymore so here is my chance. I do
    believe if I do make it as a trader, it will all be worth it. I hope, I will
    finally get a chance to meet and trade with Timothy Sykes as it would be a once
    in a lifetime opportunity.

  • Wilson

    Tim, I am your next millionaire trader, pick me!
    I meet all of your requirements to take this trip with you and I have the desire to learn and excel with the best. I am willing and driven to stick to your plan regimen until
    completion. Now, are you willing to take a chance on me?

  • larry

    I am a Tim Challenge student and would love the opportunity to hang out and even learn more from you Tim.

  • Ben Ten

    imma currently a bum, trading challenge student. i can leave los angeles now!! pick me pick me

  • Michael Hauer

    To taste, to smell, to see, to touch, to hear. An acute awareness with all my senses to realize that what I have imagined is not a dream but very real. To be consumed with all the knowledge to do and be the best. Surrounding yourself with the mentor in the environment that projects wealth and success. Let it be written, let it be done.

  • Brandon

    Hey whats up Tim. Im a full time
    student right now studying statistics at the University of Illinois.
    I study your dvds and other videos and read your blogs as much as I
    can between classes. I can’t wait to graduate so I can truly focus,
    dedicate and start live trading. I am eager to learn and am VERY
    teachable. I feel that if I were chosen for this once in a lifetime
    opportunity it would be a huge stepping stone and a great source of
    motivation that I could look back on along the way. Everybody wants
    to be successful but nobody want to put in the work behind it. Thank
    you for the opportunity, i’m ready to get inspired!

  • Michael lilly

    Dam Tim you are awesome with what you do, my biggest regret in life is that I would have found you before I got married and had children. I would love to be on this trip with you, you have some much to teach me. Currently a penny silver subscriber, I’ll sacrifice not having the time in my life to miss this trip. But nothing can stop me from learning from you with every bit of spare time I have to learn. You guys enjoy the trip. My day will come as I will not give up learning your strategies. Tim your the best. Keep Up THE Hard Work As I Appreciate Very Much What You do. .

  • mark deluca

    Hi Tim,

    You need to select me because I’d be the perfect “opposite” bookend to Tim Grittani as your next Millionaire.
    49 years old, married 18 years, with three teenagers. This would prove you can make a millionaire at both ends of the spectrum.
    I just became a challenge student this week and spent the entire weekend watching all of your DVD’s. I took today off work to try to finish them. I’m ready! I need to get out of the daily grind once and for all (and the Michigan weather..)

    Mark DeLuca

  • David

    Tim Sykes,

    I know you have the most sincere interest in helping people out and I hope to learn from you and eventually teach others too!! I know you try and abide by this same principle.

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”
    I love giving to others and currently I see so many of my own friends and family struggling in this economy and many of them scraping to get by. I would like to help them but I can’t barely help myself :-(

    I’m a pennystocking silver subscriber but before I subscribed to you
    I’ve lost a lot of money in the stock market and would like to at least
    recoup some of it and with your help not only recoup BUT profit from the
    market. I work part time and am having a hard time gathering the money to become a challenge student as I basically live paycheck to paycheck. I’m not asking for a free pass but I promise to pay it forward just like Tim G. did it with his parents if you take me under your wings.

    David P.

    I can be reached at prk.david@gmail.com

  • Ryan Daley

    when I doubled my account in a little more than 1 month. I started with
    $750 and in one month I had $1500. Every trade I profited on I had my
    own conviction and I made my own decision. I currently have a total gross profit
    of $972.69 and a gross loss of $355.59. With a total net profit of
    $617.10. Out of a total 13 trades, I have a average winning trade of
    $162.11 and a average losing trade of 50.80. My biggest profit is
    $450.00 on HEMP and my biggest loss was a idiot mistake at -$160.00 on
    AMBA. I am a UCSC Film and digital media student and I deserve this more
    than anyone. I am apart of your Pennystocking Silver package and my
    account name is DMSupUPANDAWAY. I also was trading hemp during its
    infant staged of 2-3 cents before you started mentioning it in your
    newsletter. I just opened a sure-trader account with a deposit of $5,000
    on a credit loan because I have more confidence in myself than ever
    before. I THANK YOU! I want to be on your YACHT!

  • http://www.redemptor.me/ Max Ghezzi

    Tim, I signed up as your Trading Challenge student late last fall and consider this opportunity to be of great value in the quest of mine to one day become a full-time day trader. I was up until recently just a long-term investor/trader (trend following, CAN SLIM, Bill O’Neil, etc.) but am now dedicating myself to learn the art of intra-day trading.

    I was always told that day trading is a fool’s game; that 90% of day traders lose money. Sure, possibly true. But what what I’ve learned over the last few months is that as long as you model, and do exactly what the rest 10% do, then you will be a 100% winner in the long run. That’s good enough for me.

    My investment in this has already been huge; Not only am I a Trading Challenge student, but I’m also a subscriber to both Nate’s and Superman’s newsletters and I also just recently purchased the Textbook Trading training video. All good stuff; And I’m already noticing it paying dividends.

    My biggest trading profit to date is $11K and my biggest loss 5K; Sprinkled with a bunch of other smaller profits and losses.

    Yes, I still make tons of mistakes and I seem to always leave a lot of money on the table, but I’m fully convinced that with my extremely strong work ethic (having served in the navy, being an entrepreneur, and coach) and the guidance from you, they will become less prevalent and steer me towards a very profitable career as a day trader in the very near future.

    Sure, having a regular 9-5 job “on the side” makes it even more challenging, but instead of looking at it as an hindrance I tend to view it as an even bigger reason for me to keep my eyes locked on the prize; In fact, it fuels my desire to succeed in this venture to such a degree that I now even have parabolic chart patterns show up in my dreams! But hey, to me that’s a very good sign that I’m on the right track.

    Tim, if I’m one of the chosen few to partake in this amazing opportunity I guarantee you will not be disappointed! If you allow me to demonstrate to you and to the rest of the world, my tenacity and sheer willpower to succeed, it will make you look so damn good that more people than ever will be bending over backwards for the chance to become your student and to learn from you.

    So yes, I was born ready for an opportunity such as this! And as an ex-navy sailor I can always take over should your skipper fall ill :-) Yep, I’ve got both a valid passport and duffel bag packed ready to go; What port do we depart from?

  • Juan Sebastancho

    Hi Tim, Im Juan Sebastian Munoz from Colombia!! Ujuu jaja I haven’t actually bought your dvds because I can’t afford them jeje but im working hard right now to make the money and buy them, and fund my account jeje I would like to go with you in the yacht because I am a fun person to be arround jajaja I like having fun and can count that with me in that boat or in the house there will be no boring times jajajaja dancing salsa merengue etc. My life project is to 100million in the stock market and I’ll acomplish it sooner or later!! Working every day with that goal in mind! Jeje hope u have a great trip and enjoy!! Take care!

  • mike jakucki

    Whats going on Tim?

    The first time I heard of you was when you did a interview with Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista on Tastytrade while at work. I actually thought you were full of shit but enjoyed your honesty about your own trading style. hah. my apologies. I also thought they were arrogant assholes. no apology. everyone is in the business of making money regardless of their own styles/programs, hence my skepticism. Needless to say I forgot about you since that interview and have been on my on journey since then. Im a busy 25 year old with a full time job for a engineering company and trade part time mainly in my retirement account. Ive traded for two years on selective trades and have finally become profitable through my own knowledge. I have traded 4 stocks in the 2014 year (VRNG +$124, RIC+$1066, MGH+$61, BLDP+$924) no losses because of my own strategy. Biggest loss was last year was (AUMN -$294). In my virtual account of $50,000 im up 46.3%, $100,000 up 21.9% for 2014. lets hear your opinion on that. im in the mindset of making money and if you are as good as you say you are, well both make money off my willingness to learn and your knowledge of success so far. im ready to take off work and see what your truly about on that sweet ass yacht. this week trade is ($SINO). looking to get at least .30cents a share. check it out. Thanks, Mike Jakucki

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    awesome welcome!

  • ken

    Hi Tim,
    I just signed up this morning to be your new challenge student. I think this is so funny because I asked Gary if Tim was going to invite me on his yacht, fate, maybe. I have all the time to put into this opportunity to have all the money I want and need. My commitment and desire is unquestionable because I just recently inherited some money from a relative, so if I wanted to sit on my ass and do nothing I could, but that would not allow me to have the life style I want, similar to yours. Bottom line is I would be a great choice in going on this trip.

  • Kevin Wong

    Hey Tim,

    I have been following you for more than 3 years. Last October, I have become one of your challenge students. I have watched all your DVDs once and I am keeping myself up to date with your weekly video lessons. My learning has been slowed down because I just got a job last January. You know what. I really want to get out of this rat race. I do my minimum at the job. I keep dreaming at the job because I still have dreams in life. I do not want to sell my soul to bosses but I am being brainwashing by cubicle day after day. I have promised that this job would be the last one of my life. I do not know you personally but I believe that I will be successful following all your steps. Now, I just keep saving for the big day. The day I lose my job again. Let’s make a deal. If you take me, I will quit my job at once.
    As for trading, I have lost thousands of dollar before joining your challenge. I am not that smart. I got sick of keeping losing and missing opportunities so I joined your challenge. I have not traded one simple trade since then. I prefer to learn not to over trade.As you said, there are plenty of opportunities around.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Aaron Barr

    Becoming a millionaire is my mission. It’s not a matter of
    IF I accomplish my dreams, but WHEN! I won’t stop. I was lucky enough to see
    you on Fox News last month and I was immediately inspired! Penny Stocks have changed my life and I am
    looking forward to my future. I received
    my Challenge Student package in the mail last week, and have been following TimSilver
    for a while before that. I am a college student starting out with no prior
    trading experience. All my success will
    be owed to you! Putting in the work is not a problem for me. I am fully devoted
    to the market every day from an hour before open to the close (5:30am to 1:00pm
    PST). The rest of my day is devoted to research and learning (DVD’s, old
    webinars and everything else I can get my hands on from you, Goode and
    Grittani). I am training myself to be a self-reliant trader! I am already doing everything I possibly can
    to become successful, and this priceless opportunity would only add to my will
    to succeed. It would be a beautiful
    thing to work with you so soon in my journey. I am dedicated and meet your
    requirements. I want it bad!

    I am currently opening my second brokerage account at
    Interactive Brokers. I have done a little over a dozen trades now and my average
    gain is 30.14%, and my average loss is 9.9%. I’m now starting to take larger
    positions as I get more comfortable.

    Aaron Barr
    Valid Passport

  • brandon v

    By now you probably have enough decent applicants to keep busy, but heres my situation: I would have to get an emergency same day passport which looks to be available online. Other than that im ready to travel, i would really like a vacation and i have little to no responsibilites to deal with here at home. Im 28, ive been managing an Italian resturaunt for the past 5 years, and I first heard of you Tim through my dad who recorded ur clip on fox news with tim g about a month and a half ago. I am using my tax return money of like 2800 bucks to try my hand at trading which so far has been a blast even though im down a few hundred on these weak ass pot stocks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djexus Charles DjExus Pancari

    I see there are quite a few applicants from what I can tell. I figured I would give this a shot, but not keeping my hopes up. I have been following your for a while now keeping up with all of your posts on the stock market. I am a U.S. vet. No longer serving in the armed forces, I am a full time student working on my P.H.D. I currently do not work and looking to make something of myself. I am not just looking to get rich quick, I am looking to create a constant income to live my life the way I want to with out any worries. I am not just looking to become a millionare I am thinking and dreaming bigger than that. I am shooting for the billions and hopefully get my own hedge fund up and running, after I have built my portfolio up. I love what you do with the pink sheet stocks. I also follow super trader as well. you two guys are amazing for offering your skills and passing it to those that will fight to get what you have. I will say that I am one of those people and will not stop. Hope to get picked out of the crowd no matter what I will keep following.

  • NeoSupernova

    Ugh not sure why but my comment was “marked as spam” so I’m leaving another shorter one:

    Hi. I hope this non-early reply isn’t seen as a lack of dedication or
    desire. My cousin/best friend has just passed away, and his funeral was the
    15th, so I’ve been distracted and recovering from that. Here’s my pitch:

    – Have a passport
    – I’m a Tim Challenge Student (joined 08/12/2013)
    – Have the time. Able and willing to go (I have made it my goal to focus on
    trying to learn how to become a successful day trader as quickly as possible,
    so I’m not employed and treating your Challenge like college or an internship)

    – I did not start off well although that was totally my fault and I know what I
    did wrong.

    – I joined the Challenge on 08.12.2013. At the time I joined my trading account
    was at $28,034.71 ($11,337.77 was my starting principal, $13,000 was borrowed
    money from my parents, and the other $3,696.94 was my cumulative profit)

    – Unfortunately, instead of pulling ALL my money out of my account and studying
    Tim’s strategy, I played the small cap sector the same way I was used to
    investing in the large cap sector. I diversified and held like 20 stocks at a
    time. I didn’t take profits, I didn’t cut losses quickly, and made numerous
    other rookie mistakes. I lost LOTS of money very quickly (and was lucky I
    didn’t lose a lot more!), before learning Tim’s strategy basics of risk and money

    So my track record is as follows:

    August 2013 = $26,371.35 –> 25,413.13 = – $958.22 for the month
    September 2013 = $25,413.13 –> $26,212.88 = +$799.75
    October 2013 = $26,212.88 –> $21,849.79 = – $4,363.09
    November 2013 = $21,849.79 –> $22,846.81 = +$997.02
    December 2013 = $22,846.81 –> $24,616.18 = +$1,769.37

    January 2014 = $24,616.18 –> $25,086.34 = +$470.16
    Current = $25,086.34 –> $27,967.16 = +$2,880.82

    – At my peak, in August, I actually had gotten lucky on a Superman pick and hit
    the $30,000 mark. At my lowest, in the October-November 2013 range, I was at a
    dismal $21,000-22,000 range representing a $8,000-9,000 loss from my peak.
    However, since October, my account has made a steady gain back up nearly to my
    original pre-Challenge levels (and up from my original principal again). So
    despite a horrific start due to amateur mistakes, I feel the drastic improvement in my progress is indicative of actual improvement in my trading and learning.

    Since then I am trading more like a sniper and being WAY better about risk
    management (try to only have one 10% position open at any 1 time). I’ve gotten
    a better feel for the smallcap market. I’m learning basics like
    resistance/support which I couldn’t see before. I have only been focusing on buying earning breaking outs so far and my account has grown even without going into Tim’s strategy of shorting pump and dumps or dip buying. So I feel like the worst is (hopefully) behind me, and my account managed to survive utter stupidity and recklessness.

    Overall, I am in the positive from my principal (I have not added any extra
    money into my account since starting the Challenge so all profits or losses are
    from trading alone), which is better than 90% of traders, so I feel like I have
    potential in this niche. I was a slow starter in the Academic Decathlon (wasn’t
    even close to a medal when we took the practice exam which was like like 3/4
    into the year before the final competition), but obviously I ended up on top
    when it counted. So despite my huge starting setback, I have not gotten
    too discouraged and I will continue to study and try to master all the aspects
    of Tim’s strategy one at a time until I am consistent.

    I am systematic, detailed, driven, and take this very seriously. I know this is
    a ridiculously long read, but I hope it conveys my passion and attention to

    – I hope to learn new day trading strategies and of course just get more familiar with strategies I already have heard. I’m still new at this point, so pretty much everything will be helpful at this stage whether it be new or review

    – The fuel for progress comes down to drive and motivation, and while I am
    already motivated and try to actively keep myself psychologically primed via
    auto-suggestion tactics, it would help greatly to have a powerful experience to
    drive “the dream” into my bones. Networking, seeing other traders in action, hearing the lessons live, seeing all the wealth around me, etc. should re-energize me and

    – Networking is good for fun, motivation, giving me more resources to help me
    in my learning process, and the other synergistic benefits that come from
    meeting other people

    – I’m here for business and learning primarily, but it doesn’t hurt to have fun
    too :)

  • Smith

    Hey, Tim

    I live in the BVI currently, I know you will enjoy your trip! Be sure to visit the Baths on Virgin Gorda and the beaches on Anegada!

  • Joshua Vantard

    Tim. I can make you more money than you invest in me. I can expand your teaching company.

    I am former president of the Investment Society in my UK university. Your main stream of income seems to now be teaching. Your greatest potential demographic seems to be middle class students. I have contacts across investment societies in LSE, UCL, Oxford, Cambridge, KU Leuven and I believe I can expand your market out to key people, keen to learn, who will do you a lot of success. They will create unbelievable testimonials you have not yet encountered. Some will become your students. I also want to immerse myself in Pennystocks but to be honest, all my money’s invested in my education. I study’d philosophy and economics and soon artificial intelligence. What would be a win-win would be if you let me come on this trip, help me fund a basic account of say $1000, be immersed in your teachings, and sell what I’ve learnt. I have already PM’d you out of concern of the ethics of a trade or two, but I am glad you came back with a solid argument. Let’s do this because it’s all about trade. It’s just a question of what you feel’s an effective deal. Let’s find one.

    Check to all your basic requirements.

  • Idon’tgiveafuck42

    Male, 31 years old, enjoys long walks on the beach and romantic
    candle lit dinners on yachts. My greatest loss was north of 20k. It started on a
    cool autumn morning in back around 2011 when an old man in a field with long
    white locks spun a tale of a company set to go from roughly 2 dollars to 100 (having
    all the makings of a pump, and more). There were many lessons I learned from
    that (far too many to list here). My biggest win…has never been enough. Fast
    forward to the Sykes Vegas conference of 2013, meeting successful traders and
    other likeminded individuals inspired me to actively pursue trading for 2014.

    My goal with trading is to be able to provide friends,
    family, and others with many experiences they wouldn’t otherwise get to
    experience. Trading in and of itself has taught me a great deal about myself (possibly
    more than that last train wreck of a relationship) and I’m benefiting from it
    greatly. I’ve been trading for the past couple of months from the French Rivera (4am as I write this)
    (partly to escape the Canadian winter, partly because I like the baguettes here),
    and am blessed to be where I am in life, though I’ve worked hard to be here. I
    hope to one day inspire others to not only go after, but live their dreams.

    Anyways, I’m really pumped for those of you going on this
    last minute adventure which is a bit like the hunger games, except it’s on the
    water and no one dies (hopefully), have an amazing time!!!

    PS: You totally said I could use this user name at the
    conference, remember?

  • Christian Stanley

    Hey Tim
    I’ve been recently following you and studying your tactics in stock market, before i talking about that i want to introduce myself. My name is Christian Stanley, I’m 22 and i studied at the University of Las Vegas Nevada for Business Finance. Now I’m about myself, I’m passionate, dedicated and weird, weird meaning i do the opposite of what the crowd is doing if everyone is trading I’m selling and vise versa. i grew up in the foster care system no family to speak of but that will not hold me back because i know with a positive mindset and effort i will succeed. Know my name because you will hear my name again i will not give up on you when i set my mind to something or someone then there is no changing that, I’m not trying to scare you just merely serious about my success, thats enough about myself i would rather tell you in person. i went to school because i want to learn the market and how to get out the rat race which I’m sure you are familiar with. After a few years i realized that school isn’t going to cut it, school is designed to keep us in. i knew i wanted more for myself, the only way to get out is to have 3 means of income which are known as assets. Stocks are very important to my 3 means of income is allows my money to work for me instead of me working for money, with this knowledge that gave me that extra leap to leave school. i started studying the stock and investments, i am roughly still new to stock market i am studying your videos and one of your students Tim Grittani, He says do not trade unless you have a clear understanding, i am kinesthetic, I excel when i am learning hands on which is why i am contacting you, i deserve this trip, i need this, but i will not give up until i SUCCEED. What you need to know about

  • Rakesh

    Hey Tim,
    Just saw your video and really excited watching it. I wish I can accompany you this trip as I want to learn your trading tricks. I want to be one of your next millionaire student. I am not an expert trader and have lost almost $25k in my last 3 years of trading experience. I have reduced my portfolio to almost half. I know there is way out there to make money from trading and you and your students have consistently proved that. I want to one of you guys. Wish me luck.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Chas

    I was on a yacht last summer and had lots of fun watching dolphins and enjoying the Atlantic sea air. Went to another Island and rode around in a tour bus and enjoyed the sites. Only difference is that I was on vacation and not trading. Fancy stuff is not really my cup of tea. I been with wealthy people and done stuff with them. My uncle was a millionaire so I like simple things in life. I have been there so only thing I want to do is trade for a living not for massive wealth. I like nice things but a lot of it can be boring and distracting from my real purpose in life. Have fun and hope you have lots of success.

  • SarahH8

    Hello from Canada! I’ve got the TIME to GO and would LOVE to
    GO and be a WINNER of a FREE Trip to the British Virgin Islands aboard a $12 Million
    Dollar Yacht! I would love to spend time with you and a few other Students
    talking about trading and having fun. What an amazing, cool opportunity that
    would be! I am approaching my mid 20’s and have graduated University and for about a month now I have been one of YOUR TRADING CHALLENGE STUDENTS. I work as an Independent Contractor while currently studying your 60-Day Video lessons and learning your strategies to begin trading. I am in the process of saving some funds that I can use to trade with, once I take note of all that you have said in the lessons. I hope to accomplish by becoming your next Millionaire Challenge Student and share my success with others. With the right mindset and dedication I believe I will get there! I GOT THIS!

  • Abel Tan

    I should go because I’m going to be your next millionaire student.

  • Ben Ten

    imma currently a bum i have no school, no job, and no family i sacrifice everything in an attempt to be a full time trader. I am trading challenge student. i can leave los angeles now!!

    It would be a dream to trade on a yacht with Timothy Sykes. I am a recent 27
    years old college graduate that has been through a lot of ups and down in life.
    I am hoping that from trading I can eventually live life as a trader to be free
    from anymore financial burden. Wanting to become a trader has leaded me to try
    to learn so many different trading systems. I even intern at a firm in hopes to
    find a mentor to learn at more about a trading system but it turns out it was a
    ponzi scheme as I discovered while interning there, which had drained me
    financially and mentally. But because of the experience I realize that Timothy
    Sykes strategy really works as he has been consistently growing his account
    many times over the years since his days on Wall St Warriors. I finally decide
    to become a trading challenge student and recently finished all the dvds and
    open an account with what left of my life saving, which has but me back into college
    student’s lifestyle not to add to the fact most people I know don’t believe in
    so it hurts to see people don’t value what i do. But, I have nothing
    left to lose anymore so here is my chance. I do believe if I do make it
    as a trader, it will all be worth it. I hope, I will finally get a
    chance to meet and trade with Timothy Sykes as it would be a once
    in a lifetime opportunity.

    my biggest lost is from 2013 $900ish trading FB the timing was off.

  • nayan mipun

    Feb 18, 2014, Well, 1 thing is for sure, now working with Timothy is not just for the daily living but I really want to be a multi millionaire now, to prove us stock trader’s intellectuality. I have not yet brought Timothy’s DVDs but yet still, just informing. Now I am reading you book, An American Hedge Fund.

  • AC

    Good Evening,
    I have been reading your information but I am more of a visual hands-on learner. I would love to be your next student. I feel as if I am stuck in my current job. I would love to be able to provide a better life for myself and my family. I hope that you will choose me. I’m ready to learn. Please contact me at adriennec00@hotmail.com.

  • tommo_montana

    Hi Tim, completed your Challenge, and “retired” from my corporate job Jan 31st, age 27. I’m traveling abroad and trading for all of February, and I would learn so much from you in person. When I’m in Miami, I imagine I’ll see you out in your Ferrari or on the beach and say hi, but it hasn’t happened yet. I have to visit the BVI this year because a friend described sailing there as living like a pirate in the most beautiful place on Earth. I would love to sail there with you and learn from live trading.

  • RyanS

    Hi, Tim,

    I’m a full-time child/family therapist for a nonprofit, working with abused or neglected kids in my day job, teach pre-med prep courses in my spare time, and am a full time physical sciences student…In short, I could really use the trip. Plus I turn 28 on the 20th and couldn’t think of a better way to spend it!

  • vietboifrank

    My mind is open, my teachability index is high. I’m willing to sacrifice and ready to learn. My name is Frank, I’ve been trading forex and have a loss of 4k this week, I’d like to leave forex behind me and become a stock trading professional like you. I have read your book and follow you on many platforms. I truly want this, I want a change in my life and am ready to change everything and start over if given a chance. Please consider me, I won’t dissapoint you. #teamsykes

  • DoYou2014


    Plain and simple, I am hungry and I am a Hustler in all means. I have watched 80+hours of video from you, and your top students. I have also learned different techniques from multiple small and micro-cap traders alike. After watching you teach I have gotten back in the market and I really have a passion, but natural ability to see patterns, and love studying charts. It’s all about price action and volatility, as you know. The Market is very interdependent.

    From watching you and mimicking your trading style I am constantly seeing gains
    of $100 here and there within hours or even minutes. I know if I can possibly trade alongside you and watch you, you will see immediately that you have not wasted your time or money bringing me along. I am a Tim and Superman subscriber, and seeing trades happen before my eyes and within the chat room I know it’s all real. When I graduate this may I will be trading full time on my own in NY, and being with you on this trip, will give me that extra finesse I need, and with that allow me to fully
    invest in being your trading challenge student, which I have talked to Jarad about as well.

    It is not about money, it is about learning a skill that I can use wherever I am in the world and whenever, to have the resources I need to be financially free.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Samuel

    Hey Tim –

    + I’m available – it’ll take wrangling to re-arrange my schedule
    + I crush opportunities – and this is better than winning the powerball
    + I’m not one of your students
    + I’ve never traded a single stock
    + I’m a business owner
    + I’m a winner – I love competition, I love a challenge
    + You’ve made a living by going out on a limb, making calculated risks, being spontaneous
    + I’m a hell of a lot of fun. Japanese/Canadian with Hawaiian influences.
    + You’ll have a hell of a time, with a hell of an idea.

    Cheers – Sam

  • Tim Parashkevov

    Pick me!!! I just want to live!!:)))

  • Democracy_Doctor

    I’m that “sick” person, Tim! Let me explain why: I’m a minimalist. I don’t like big, fancy, expensive, flashy, or high maintenance. I don’t like sports cars nor bling Rolex watches. I drive an old, beat-up pick-em-up truck and I like it. I like simple, plain, small, and low maintenance. I value my privacy and anonymity to an extreme. You wouldn’t catch me with you on the news or making a promo on a million dollar bet! You would never even notice me in front of you, must less from afar. When I travel abroad, I like to live as the locals do, not in some expensive, fancy, Western hotel. I come from the big city but never was part of the bubble. It’s just not me.

    Because of my work, I’ve been away from my family for 25 years. I want to be home now, with my kids, every day. I don’t need to make a lot of money to do that. I just need a little.

    For 25 years I wore many hats. I trained, teached, administered, testified and incarcerated. So, when I had to, I was the “bad guy.”

    So I could lie to you like so many others, begging you to pick me as one of your “challenge” students, or I can as always, just be myself and tell the truth. You know that most of these people applying could never cut it and are in denial. So do I. That’s why the first rule of profitable trading must be to “know thyself.”

    So WTF am I telling you this? Well, I want you to understand that there is a small body of your students that do not share the same values and goals as you do, can readily admit it, but still appreciate and respect what you do very much. After all, you’re giving us our freedom also, albeit just at a much smaller level. Which is everything to me. At this time of my life, less is so very much more.

    God Bless and keep up the good work!

  • Zachattack

    Hey Tim, I don’t qualify for this trip, since I do not use your strategy, but I would like to thank you for inspiring me to not take 10% gains in a year as doing great. I knew there must be ways to get more bang for my buck, but I didn’t know where to look until I found your story. Since then, I have devisedy own strategy (probably similar to yours, can’t say for sure since I’m not a student) and have begun to make much more than I ever have before. Keep being that guy who doesn’t care about the norm, you change more lives and minds than you know.

  • Guest

    ohh i missed my biggest lost is 80k in a day. biggest gain 100k. in options

  • Kelvin C

    i’m in the military and currently stationed in Japan. I’m still learning to trade and doing it very slowly. I love my job and enjoy what i do, but my motivation to trade is due to my student loans. I’m trading a little when i can, but due to the time difference, it’s been tough to trade. I enjoy trading with you and definitely want to improve and get better, but i’m definitely on the slow track to learning. I’ve been a Challenge student for 2 years now.

  • Ondrej Slezak

    Hello Tim
    I trade only 14 days.
    Im watching you for 3 month and I know one thing. In my country is a lot of scams that are saying they can teach you. I know market for 5 years and you are the first i have met who show profits and say the truth. Im so dedicated that I gave my company in financial advising to my mom to be a CEO in my business. I so determined to be one of the best in this business because I love the way you live. Traveling around the world and really enjoying you live. I did business for 7 years but i was slave of my company. When I say you, you freedom I want to be a person who can publicly show other europians and other people around the world that they can change their lives just like you can change Tim Grittani and Michael Goode live.
    My bro have been trading for 5 years NQ and Forex and earn nothing. When we both see you, that was the way we want to trade and we finally see a chance to get rich because manny people are just lying and I hate so much this behavior.
    Im nowadays no so good as other people because of my short time trading.
    Pick me and you will se what we can do in czech republic because everybody is dreaming about some hope for do better living and czech people can work really hard!!!
    I was doing Multilevel marketing in finance so every person I know want to get rich.
    Im now telling about you everybody that I know, because from my experiences I know that you are the man that can change people lives as you want to.
    Tim, thank you for opportunity to be a better trader and better person, because the more money you earn the more you can gave to others and enjoy your live.
    I know that for now I’m not as good as many others, but i will do everything to be one of the best, everything.
    Thank you for the chance to study, learn and be a successful trader.

    Ondrej Slezak

  • Daquan Nicholson

    Hey Tim I wanna to know if I was to start trading with only $500-$1000 with your program will I still be able to make money

  • Lawsin

    Hey Tim, I want to be your student that proves to the world that your
    plan can make somebody like me, who has only trained with your lessons
    and started with a very low initial investment of 500 dollars get to a

    My very first call after watching all your videos was
    VISN when it was at $3, reading its charts and by researching it through
    yahoo finance I saw the hype (3/5 my money) so now when i see it at
    nearly $26.79 it really makes me want to kick myself for not sending my
    money faster to suretrader.

    When the $500 finally did get through
    and recognized via suretrader i played around a bit only made a $100
    through a few trades then risked 100 shares with VLCS and lost the
    majority of my funds when it went from $4.20 down to $1.30 over night
    when the judge voted against their main product that was ready to ship.
    After studying what happened i saw the holes and signs to get out.

    But i still have buying power with the rest of my account, so imagine the possible amazing comeback story of $300 to a million.

    All that and I’ve lived in Costa Rica for four years, so from me to you i recommend you check it out sometime.

    Time yes, Passport yes, Dedication yes! 778 872 7114 (BC, Canada)

  • Dmitry

    Hello, Tim!

    My name is Dmitry!

    I live in Ukraine.

    I am engaged in trading not so long ago, and yet I have no opportunity to subscribe for your signals.

    I study according to all videos and an other material that you spread.

    I want studies at you.

    My Skype – X….. Y….. Z


  • Francis Maderos

    Hey Tim,

    As I told your dad when I spoke with him over the
    phone that I have ADHD plus about 6 concussions from snow skiing and
    ice hockey. I’m having a hell of a time trying to go through your
    DVD’s, workbooks, trying to trade and follow the chats at the same
    time. So far I’ve lost around $4500 in 2 days of trading back to back.
    If I could see you trade and do your research live that would be a real
    blessing for me! Afterall, if you can teach someone like me, you can
    teach anybody! Please….I need help!!!! Sincerely,


    (One of your challenge students)

  • Alexander

    Take me and you won’t regret it, because I’m worth it, I’m one of the best.

  • Manuel Antuña-Perez

    If you are looking for dedicated students who will value your lessons and more important will take action then brimg me to the boat. eventual

  • Olha Zemts

    Hi Tim, I would love to be a part of this trip. I signed up for your alerts only last week and been following your advise, I really enjoy learning trading and looking forward to become challenge student. I think I could bring new ideas to the team! I would love to be a part of this cruise! Thanks.

  • Victor Correia

    I’m actually a trading challenge since July 2013. I haven’t been trading because I´m still busy trying to leave my “old job” and concentrate in my passion, which is trading penny stocks. I already made some good trades along the way (since 2008), such as C, STWG, APDN, AMNP, ISSI, MIPI, but alse made some other disastrous trades that made be stay away from trading since 2011 (AKAM, MOT, WAVX, LF, CRTP, LOCM), and I’m still holding on some Pumps & Dumps…
    The mais reason which Ibelieve I should be choose to be in this trip is that I really entered in the Challenge to be a full time trader, leaving my past jobs and occupations behind. Even thought I’m living in Portugal, I have a valid passport and there are direct connection to Miami from Lisbon and London, and also I’m able to leave all my formal job duties at this moment for this opportunity.
    Best regards

  • Olha Zemts

    Hi Tim, I would love to be a part of the Virgin’s Island trip. I’m in process of becoming your challenge student. I signed up for your alerts only last week and been following your advise, I really enjoy learning trading and looking forward to become challenge student. I think I could bring new ideas to the team! I would love to be a part of this cruise! If there’s free place for one more person, that would be great. Thanks.

  • Dev Sharma

    Hey Tim, I have recently joined your student challenge program. I am currently studying a degree in professional accounting and I am 21 years of age. Throughout my life I have aspired to learn more and I have attained many skills from a vast number of hobbies I have become obsessed with over the years. I have completed and summarised more than half of the text books including the dvd’s and currently waiting on approval on my suretrader account now. Tim, trading has become my new interest and what I can offer you is a die hard student with a powerful work ethic who is willing to succeed and to become your first multi-million dollar trader no matter what the circumstance. To display my sacrifice, I was a former sponsored athlete preparing for my competition on March and managed my own personal training business along side my studies. I have decided to close down my business and divert my clients and leave sponsorship because I believe time and energy should be used very wisley and I choose to now dedicate that to trading, that is how determined and motivated I am to succeed. If you provide me this opportunity to see you, I will not take it for granted, it will be a great stepping stone and I can promise you I will not fail, it would be a very productive and inspirational experience. Philanthropy is a much appreciated revolution and I want to encompass what the world has to offer and I believe a mentor flourishing the qualities just like you is vital to success. Thank you.


  • adrian

    The last 5 weeks have been intense. I made 45k last year working a job 6 days a week last year. its taken me 2 years to save up 7k $. I have not done a single trade using your strategy. Have not made a single dime. 5 weeks ago when i learned of Tim and his strategy. It absolutely inspired something in me. I have watch countless hours of stock trading videos. Bought a house. I see things a little more differently now. 2 weeks ago i signed up for the million dollar challenge. My scheduled day to speak with your correspondent ,Glenn, is on the 20th. Leading up to this date ,as of this past Saturday, i have informed friends and family Im leaving my job in 3 weeks time.(maybe earlier lol) Close on the house this friday it is officially the new site of my new business. My new life. have no success using your strategy, but i would like to thank you personally for changing my life. You have given me a vision of FREEDOM. At this point in my early days of trading, i no longer see numbers on a screen or graph as much as i see time for myself. I see art, music, heather life style. I see pain for failure to act sooner. i see Freedom to act now and be self independent. Freedom to show others their own potential. My expectations are concrete. To me success will not be defined by how much money i make using your strategy in the next year. Success , instead is the vision and freedom your team has shown me and other like my self. And for that i Thank you.

  • Michael Hauer

    Here’s the headline:


  • Ben Ten

    imma currently a bum i have no school, no job, and no family
    obligations. i have sacrifice everything in an attempt to be a full time
    trader. I am trading challenge student. i can leave los angeles now!!

    It would be a dream to trade on a yacht with Timothy Sykes. I am a recent 27
    years old college graduate that has been through a lot of ups and down in life.
    I am hoping that from trading I can eventually live life as a trader to be free
    from anymore financial burden. Wanting to become a trader has leaded me to try
    to learn so many different trading systems. I even intern at a firm in hopes to
    find a mentor to learn at more about a trading system but it turns out it was a
    ponzi scheme as I discovered while interning there, which had drained me
    financially and mentally. But because of the experience I realize that Timothy
    Sykes strategy really works as he has been consistently growing his account
    many times over the years since his days on Wall St Warriors. I finally decide
    to become a trading challenge student and recently finished all the dvds and
    open an account with what left of my life saving, which has but me back into college
    student’s lifestyle not to add to the fact most people I know don’t believe in
    so it hurts to see people don’t value what i do. But, I have nothing
    left to lose anymore so here is my chance. I do believe if I do make it
    as a trader, it will all be worth it. I hope, I will finally get a
    chance to meet and trade with Timothy Sykes as it would be a once
    in a lifetime opportunity.

    my biggest lost is from 2013 $900ish trading FB the timing was off.

  • Kanj

    Take me!
    Trading challenge student from Mexico.
    Joined the challenge a few weeks ago and I’m all into learning to trade, mastering strategies and making $.

    Biggest achievement so far:
    up 50% from $10,000 in January 1st. This definetly motivatemes to keep
    learning and improving. Becoming a millionare from trading is a reality!

    Biggest loss:
    into stock hoping for it to spike again, but filled for bankrupcy
    instead! $2000 loss!!. Talk about that for a setback!!. That trade was
    aweful, but it has been the trade that made me learn the most. Made
    rules based on the mistakes that I commited that time and thats what has
    kept me incresing my portfolio.

    Thanks for the oportunity Tim.
    Ivan C.

  • Prasheka

    I’d just really like to spend the weekend in the sun :)

  • Josh


    I left a 65k/yr paying job to pursue trading full time 6 months ago. Up an till this point I’ve only traded higher cap stocks so I am fairly new to penny stock trading but it seems to be so much more promising and predictable. I have seen some DVDs and I am considering the millionaire challenge but have not yet decided. I want to go because trading with Tim hands on would be amazingly insightful, and who wouldn’t want to go on a yacht.

    I live in the south Florida area, I am 26 years old, I have an active passport and am 100% time dedicated.

    Thank you for considering me.

  • dange

    Hey Tim,

    Having blown up a few accounts in the past. I certainly appreciate your methodology.
    I’ve been soaking up all the info and I think I’m starting to get it, altho, not as fast as I’d like. Its been a real challenge to unlearn prior mistakes, but am encouraged by all your knowledge and experience. Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!


  • Brandon

    Hello Tim,

    First of all, thank you for even offering this. What an ideal situation for anyone to be able to trade next to you, not to mention where!

    I am 35 years old and I live in Michigan. (We just got buried last night for yet another 6 inches of snow.)

    I am married and have two children. For the past 4 years we have been snowballing out of control with debt. Now it’s to the point where we can’t get ahead and we can’t even get out of debt. So something has to change. I knew it was possible to make a lot of money trading stocks, so I went searching and came across you.

    I started learning everything I could from you for free because I didn’t have the money to pay for anything. I realized you were my answer. I needed to learn from you. So I did something pretty stupid. I borrowed $20,000 from an equity line of credit on my house to fund my account and become a subscriber because I believed in what you were saying. I see that it can work. I need it to work.

    I started trading and let’s just say I am already down 3k. My own mistakes. I have made some money but overall I am just down. I have told myself time and time again, “If I could only talk to Tim and ask him questions, I know I could be successful with his techniques. I just need to talk with him.” Well short of being a challenge student, I don’t have that possibility. Then I see this. I am really excited about this opportunity. I couldn’t even imagine being on a yacht. I have never been on a yacht before. The amount of information I could absorb and the realization that I too could potentially have something like this, would be mind boggling. Trying to put into words what this would mean is impossible. Not only would I get to speak with you and ask questions but to be able to do it from something like this… I don’t even know what else to say right now.

    Tim, I don’t have the option of failure. All I have is 17k left. After that money is gone, I will have depleted everything. I can’t afford to fail. I will not fail. I feel if I could watch you trade and learn from you and see what the potential is from trading your strategies, I could change my family’s lives forever.

    Tim, thank you so much for even considering me,


  • mike

    Nice. Congrats.

  • Buck_O

    Challenge student since August with passport and availability. Biggest win $562; biggest loss $311. PSCLV2013 attendee and new (trial) subscriber of Stockstotrade (BTW, that service rocks – nice job!). Goal is to be competent, independent and (eventually) make bank from trading. Been through all the DVDs and rarely miss a live lesson from you & MG. I’m not socially retarded & won’t ask the same questions you get tired of answering. Say the word and I’m there.

  • Plamen Petrov

    Follower of your videos and lessons but not an active trader on penny stocks yet. I am still not convinced I can make serious money trading them !! (Still saving money to start implementing your strategies). #gonna make more money than you

  • gimmekimmy

    TIMMMM! You are fucking crazy and amazing and I LOVE it! I wish all my teachers in my life had been like you! I have just recently began trading penny stocks because I knew the marijuana industry would provide a very volatile market. I knew people were becoming rich, and I wanted to do it too! My extensive research led me to you, and now I want to learn everything you have to teach! Now I see that there are constantly volatile days in the pink sheets and that is a very good thing!

    Since January, I’ve turned $800 into $4000. While some of my friends are impressed by this, I am not…I am only eager for more! I have applied for the millionaire challenge and just received the 7th lesson on sunday. But, since applying, ive also already watched every video of yours on youtube!

    Going on this trip would be LIFE CHANGING! You want to be a mentor, you want to create a millionaire. I WANT TO BE THAT PERSON. I WANT FREEDOM! I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES.

  • Manuel Antuña-Perez

    hey tim is there going to be an announcement of when your selected trader has been choosen to stop the anxiety this contest has created to a few… waiting is like a turture… you know …this is my small account today.. green on the screen… just waiting for a major news of your trip to make it and INCREDIBLE DAY !!!!welcome acuarious !” haahah

  • Kri R

    It is hard to believe all the hypes around this. Have seen whole lot of hypes like this.
    It portrays as if its super easy to become Rich.. sounds fishy to me..

  • Jen Davidson

    Hi Tim! I am turning 50 in May and just started trading penny stocks in Jan. I satrted with $2400 and have made over $5000 in one month. No real system yet, just common sense, research and not afraid to get out early and take profit instead of waiting for the BIG one. I am a Pawsome dog sitter/dog walker in Sherman Oaks, Ca. I have a passport too. I am a former elite athlete so I have a great sense of what it takes to be successful in all areas of life. I gave up my loves of coaching and owning a cafe to support my 13 year old’s passion. My husband and I live on different coasts to make this happen. Dog sitting and day trading are the best things I have done in my life so far. I am eager to learn how to be better at it! Cheers to all who get this opportunity with you. Live in the moment:)

  • Sean S

    Quick and easy. I’m a hard working Brooklyn New Yorker at a dead end 100K a year job, living paycheck to paycheck with a wife who is a waitress in the city. We have 2 kids and we live in this small 1000 sq foot apt. I want out of this life and I want to provide millions to my family and my friends. I want to buy my mom that boxster convertible she always dreamed of. THis trip will push me to my limit. I have not traded any of your stocks but I play heavy in the Mary Jane industry, My biggest gainer was hemp 328% profit

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    good so dont believe it, nobody is forcing you…my first millionaire student was doubtful too, now he’s rich…ignore my trading rules at your own risk

  • http://www.timothysykes.com timothysykes

    trying to get through everyone

  • Brian W.

    Tim, I can’t think of a better way to get started as your student. I recently applied for your CHALLENGE, finished the homework assignments, have been watching as much Sykes as I can get my hands on and am READY TO GO! I am ridiculously dedicated to improving my life and I know you have what it takes to guide me along the way. I don’t have much of a track record in terms of trading on behalf of my own account but I know that a first-class education must come first before I start. I want…no NEED to be a millionaire trader. Only question is, will you be my teacher?

  • Manuel Antuña-Perez

    @tim Dohhhh had to wait for market close to takr care of second ventures well rember to diversify ahahaha the coin is on the air then … good luck to all.

  • Ben Ten

    willing you guys be calling or emailing the selected few?

  • shark

    sounds like a great team building adventure – I would really like to be a part of it this week – can I come? I’ve spoken with Ryan and am a member on Silver right now.

    best regards,
    Brad Foreman

  • John Wayne

    WOW, I have been so busy at work I missed this :( Haven’t looked at my email in a few days. Have fun guys what an awesome opportunity.

  • Jenny Yang

    Don’t even dare to imagine this kind of life!! huge loss from stock trading in the past crushed my confidence, that’s why I come to you now.

  • wizzra

    So, who won Tim?

  • Alton Bell

    Dear Tim,

    I’m just posting again for reasons why I should go on this trip, I was in the military for ten years and just recently got out in January I started trading at the beginning of January as well. I’ve lost $5000+ on trying my hands on the Forex market and found that the stock market was a little more manageable. I found your website after applying for a overseas contracting job where once I start the program I’ll be deploying to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan again. Like I was in the military I would just get paid a little more than usual but not much, I believe in your program and I have an interview this Friday. I want to learn your system of research and trading and become a successful trader not for the prestige of being a millionaire but so I won’t have to leave my wife and child on the way. I’m always away from my family in order to make enough money. I don’t want to be away from my family and risking my life like that just for a few extra bucks but If I could trade with you and learn from you It would change my life and my families life for the better. Even if you pick someone else I will still continue to learn from you. If there is one thing I learned from being in Special Operations was the ability to learn and understand fast. I’ve read your book and a couple of books that you recommended in one of your videos and I’ve learned a lot. My trading has changed since I’ve started learning from you I have just a tiny tiny account of only $715, my bad trades before I started learning from you are too many to count and it would up a whole page. However since I’ve started learning from you I did have a successful trade last week from CTRL I only made $23 in profit. I’ve still got a lot to learn because I make some mistake but the key I’ve learned from you is to not bullshit especially yourself and realize when you’ve made a bad trade and cut your losses. I want to thank you for that. Well, I’ll just message you every once and a while on how my tradings going and what mistakes and successes I’m making. Thanks a lot for helping people like me who don’t want a get-rich quick but want to learn to be successful in the long run.

    Best Regards,
    Alton Bell
    400 Somerset Cove
    Jacksonville, NC 28546
    (910) 546-4625

  • WMC

    Sir, I know that you are going to wealthy with big money as you are already wealthy in so many ways… I have a strong feeling about this,

    “working with Timothy is not just for the daily living but I really want to be a multi millionaire now”

  • Maurice

    Hey Tim

    Make me Believer . Fly my Black Face to trade live on the Yacht

  • kim

    Its actually not that fishy. The strategy works, no one can say differently.
    What doesn’t work, is peoples psychology, since strategy is only 10% of trading. In other words its better yel focus on the guy who made it, focus on him!!… lets not focus on the thousands of students who fail, cause then the picture would be quite different.
    And furthermore lets not kid ourselves – this lifestyle comes from teaching, not trading. You don’t see any students living like this do you – they would clean out their trading accounts if they did – inspire i think not – sell dreams/illusions is more like it. – Not much different than a magician.

  • Tyler Bowman

    Cause I’M AWESOME!!! And I’m up $3248 this Year

  • s3r3nd1p1ty

    Man I wish you were my mentor

  • David Atherton

    You are quite a nice man, really, underneath all that Wolf of Wall St bluster

  • Sebastian D. Anderson

    I invested in Bitcoin when they were only $5 each.
    I then sold all of them when the price SKYROCKETED….
    …to $9.
    I thought I was a savvy investor at the time. A couple years later, those same Bitcoin were worth more than $1000 each.
    Still, I made money and shouldn’t complain.
    I need this trip because I want to live like you, Tim.
    I want to think like you.
    I want to drive your Lamborghini. (I REALLY want to drive your Lamborghini.)
    Teach me.

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