This Is A Great Long Shot, But Don’t Bet On It Happening Again [VIDEO]

As I posted on Facebook (FB) yesterday, this buzzer beater was truly phenomenal and entertaining:

But it was a longshot…literally in this case…and I NEVER want any of you guys to bet on long shots.

After all, I’ve made $3 million…see all my trades here if you doubt me…and my trading challenge students have now made over $2 million…see all their trades here if you doubt them…by betting on high odds stock trading setups like the ones you see below.

I’m gonna keep linking these videos over and over until more of you take the hour or two it takes to watch all of them and truly understand why it’s possible for you to get rich off my strategy.

In yesterday’s post I talked about a few people who have watched all my videos and now are making upwards of $30,000/month…no joke, no lie, just profits.

Watch and learn…and profit…don’t bet on longshots, bet on high odds of success trading setups like these:

…from the $5,000/night Roosevelt Hotel penthouse in LA:

…or from a pimp hotel suite overlooking Rome, Italy:

…as the patterns are the EXACT same as in years past as you can see in this video of a pump dropping nearly 50% in the EXACT same fashion that these recent pumps like ECAU and GNIN crashed:

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