The Penny Stock Up 68,000% TODAY [WILD CHART]

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This kind of % gain would takes years if not decades to achieve by even the most successful investors in the world like Warren Buffett (who actually once upon a time traded penny stocks and got into a little bit of trouble…as I’ll detail to my trading challenge students on this week’s webinar)

Penny stocks are looked down on by just about everyone, but stories like this young penny stock trader turning a few thousand into over $100,000 in just over a year are becoming more and more widepsread…and check in on how he’s doing now as he just crossed $200,000 in trading profits, ALL by trading ugly/despised penny stocks.


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  • Josh

    LOL, great way to ignore the facts and promote your point of view. Look at what this exact stock did on February 14, 2003. It went from $1.60 to $690 overnight, then the next day dropped to $1.70 and within a week was at $0.19. Problem is there’s no volume, so even if the stock increased and you were lucky enough to hold it, you’d never been able to sell it for that profit.

  • timothysykes

    ignore the facts? who cares what this stock does, it just shows the explosive potential of penny stocks, quit wasting my time with your ignorance, you’re welcome for my hard work ingrate

  • timothysykes

    and nearly a millions shares traded today, so quit the no volume bullshit

  • Jim J

    Get um Tim!!!! This is beautiful !!

  • Plethola

    team penny stocks!Another China play

  • Nick

    Just started into your strategy Tim and as my first wire of funds to Questrade hasn’t been approved yet, I’ve been watching from the sidelines.

    I had subscribed to the PennyStockProphet free first 2 picks, and it promoted this stock talking about the company’s 30M some odd in cash and how the stock will be 2$ from here on in and to watch it on monday… Also the PUMPTracker showed this stock being promoted from over 8 different newsletters, so I figured I’d watch it on Monday

    Boom up 60k percent right before my eyes and now down 61% on the day.. perfect pump and dump as shown in all your videos, if only I could have been liquid to ride this up and jump off, thanks for everything u do Tim!