Close On This Penny Stock, But Monday Is Cigar Time

I sent this email out to everyone Thursday night and while I was pretty close to GNIN crashing big, it did drop 13%, now I think Monday will be the BIG crash day so I’m glad to be short 26,000 shares…my goal is to make $10,000+ in less than an hour, think I can do it? :)

I should invoice you for this pick, but relax, I won’t because I want you to learn in real-time

These examples HERE and HERE are what GNIN’s chart will look like tomorrow…just watch


I said it would crash in this post, but I was a few days early, tomorrow is the crash day

Because as you see here we’re teammates 

I want to be the mentor to you that I never had…that’s what this program is all about

And this young trader and I are short this stock nicely

I’m his mentor…

…and he watched THIS video lesson on how to short these kinds of stocks

I wish more of you did too


Timothy Sykes

PS How sweet is this video from courtside Miami Heat the other night?

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