A Superb 80-Minute Nassim Taleb Video On Stock Market Predictability & Fragility

nassim taleb

Yesterday I featured a video with one of the best stock pickers of all time…today I have another great treat for you…

Given that the below video is 80 minutes long, it’s likely that only my trading challenge students will be dedicated enough to get through it all, but this is an absolutely fantastic interview with Nassim Taleb who is the author of the world changing Black Swan book which is already a classic. regarding predictability and what fragile and anti-fragile mean.

(I’d be curious to see what Nassim Taleb would think of this video :)

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  • JasonMJ

    This was really good. Will have to check his book out.

  • http://twitter.com/st4096ripe Stanislav Sedov

    Great video, thanks!

  • Martin S.

    Taleb AND Kahneman? #nerdgasm

  • Doug

    Great interview, great watch. I love seeing how ones brain operates.

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