Video Of My $5k/Night LA Penthouse Suite Where My Students & I Made $37k On $ECAU

Best after big win on a trade picture EVER, click like/share with your friends, this is the best feeling in the world!


Please congratulate HERE trading chalelnge student Mark Croock and Inner Circle student Forest on their $10k and $15k profits this morning


I LOVE making $12k in a morning…Check out this video I filmed this morning of this ridiculous penthouse I’m filming from


Here’s the 25-minute video lesson of the actual trade…oh yeah we have ALL angles covered!

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  • Jules

    Love the behind the scenes tour! Great insight.

  • Arturo

    Technically you only made $5,000 then, because the profit was 12,000-cost of suite 7,000 :) I’ll still take that anyday dude

  • Arturo

    I mean, your profit was 7,000….math fail.