Is This Trader’s Success Real?

I get all sorts of questions from people hitting me up on my contact page

…those who do thorough research become trading challenge students.

Others are just confused and I have to answer questions like this:

Hi Tim, I have been monitoring you for some time. I spoke to a few people in your industry that teach trading the markets and also run a hedge fund. They say your a great marketer and are 95% sure you never put on a real trade and just a master BS artist. I would like your opinion on this and response. Thank you.

I answered:

Hey I actually suck at marketing, but I wrote this post on why I have haters/non-believers

As for if I’m real I show every single trade HERE so you can see how I’ve made $3 million trading…I also have 800 video lessons, 14 DVDs and 7,000 blog posts explaining every last detail of my strategy.

Here are all my students trades too:

Who have now profited $6+ million in just a few years

And if you still don’t believe me, watch this 30-minute video of how I made 30% in less than an hour

It’s the EXACT same pattern as a live trade I made the other day:

These pump & dumps happen time & again and my students and I make $ on the way up and down…if don’t want to believe me that’s fine, it’s your loss…but if you want to learn signup HERE and stop wasting these golden opportunities which exist whether you take advantage of them or not :)


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