These Are The 14 Worst Trading Mistakes To Learn From

One of my most popular blog posts was when I highlighted the 30 best video lessons for penny stock traders out of my then library of 600+ videos.

Well now my trading challenge students and PennyStocking Silver subscribers have access to nearly 800 video lessons and we need to highlight some more of the best.

So here are the direct links to the best video lessons about trading mistakes which far too many traders want to forget instead of taking the time to learn from.

I despise my trading mistakes, but they happen to EVERY trader, here are the 14 best trading mistake videos so at least I can pas down my experiences to you and hopefully you can learn to avoid repeating them:

1. Video Lessons 63-68

2. Video Lesson #76

3. Video lesson 188 and 189

4. Video lessons 319-322

5. Video lessons 338 & 339

6. Video lessons 451 & 452

7. Video lessons 557-559

8. Video lessons 581-583

9. Video lessons 590-592

10. Video lessons 644-646

11. Video lessons 652-656

12. Video lessons 682-684

13. Video lessons 746-748

14. Video lessons 763-765

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