Explaining My Love Letter To Wall Street

When my “Love Letter To Wall Street” video came out, a lot of people were confused…was I being serious? After all, my trading challenge students know I rip on Wall Street quite often so why would I make this video?

Well, I do rip on the finance industry Wall Street in its current state because it is corrupt, manipulated and misunderstood. But, more importantly, with enough education and innovation, I believe it can and will be the great industry it should be and then and only then will people’s perceptions and fortunes change.

Where are all the customer’s yachts? They don’t exist because of what Wall Steet currently is…but slowly but surely, the times, they are a changin’ and I have faith in the future.

And I owe my millions, my freedom and the tremendous opportunities it presents to you all to this great industry

My music video pays homage to a great video by Eminem called “Love Letter To Detroit”, another once-great hub of industry:

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